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1. Rogue Soul 2 - skill - 4309 plays
Rogue Soul 2
Link: Play
The sequel of the award-winning Rogue Soul is finally here. Everything you were waiting for is now in the game. Campaign with 10 areas, 90 objectives, 3 bosses, 16 trials and challenges to complete. Survival mode with infinite epic running. 5 insane boss fights in Arena. New awesome skills and tons of upgrades and stuff to buy, 42 skins, 16 enemies and 14 types of loot. Slash your way across the land in this amazing running game. New enemies, loot, environments, skills, bosses, upgrades, challenges, skins… Bash enemies and steal their loot as you run, jump and slide through each level - completing missions along the way. Use your Arrow keys to Move, Z key to slide, X key to throw. P/Escape key to pause and R key to Restart the level.

Size: 9452084 Bytes

2. Rogan The Swordmaster - action - 2816 plays
Rogan The Swordmaster
Link: Play
A mighty and dark sorcerer used the Ancient Jewel to open the forgotten Gates of Despair. Then he split the Jewel into four separate pieces and gave these pieces to four mystical creatures so noone will ever can use the Jewel to close the Gates. You have to destroy those creatures and collect all of the pieces to close the Gate of Despire forever. Destroy all evil and collect coins in order to upgrade your weapons and armour. Press WASD keys to walk and Left Mouse button to attack. Use Space bar to activate a fury mode.

Size: 3213427 Bytes

3. Red Planet - shoot - 1122 plays
Red Planet
Link: Play
Top-down alien shooter, fight waves after waves of aliens as you adapt and upgrade your weapons in this cool sci-fi game. You crash land on a strange planet. Choose your class, then destroy aliens with tons of weapon. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Press WASD keys to move, R to reload.

Size: 7098475 Bytes

4. Red Driver 3 - race - 3626 plays
Red Driver 3
Link: Play
Every driver knows there's the slow lane and the fast lane. But in Red Driver 3, there's only the win lane and the crash lane. 3D driving game where you travel from Japan to New York racing through the crowded streets. Try to beat all the objectives in each location. Use your driving skills and hit the nitro when you have a need for speed. Objectives include survival, collection, damaging without killing your car, slalom, dodging explosives and much more. Complete each level on each stage on all three level difficulties to beat the game. Burn through this crash course in crazy driving, shifting from rookie to pro. Press Left/Right arrow keys to steer and avoid incoming cars, trucks or other vehicles. Use nitro to drive even faster in "nitro mode", catch cones in "cone catch" mode, get points in "score mode" by driving dangerously, or simply cause as many crashes as you can in "crash mode".

Size: 5112481 Bytes

5. Remodel Racing - race - 1417 plays
Remodel Racing
Link: Play
Are you a good driver and a good mechanic? Test your skills in this fast paced racing game. Rev your engines, its time Racing got a Remodel. Customize and race your own vehicle to earn cash and advance to better garages and bigger races. Use your WASD or Arrow key to drive and battle against your opponents and win by any means, even if that means taking your enemy down. Press Space bar key to jump. When you win a race you earn cash to make more upgrades to your car and also unlock bigger and better garages that have more parts and equipment to make your race car perform better.

Size: 4964779 Bytes

6. Road Of Fury - shoot - 3399 plays
Road Of Fury
Link: Play
In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits. The road is dangerous, can you survive? While driving along the Road of Fury heavily armed hostile forces are attacking you and your convoy from air and ground. Take them safely across the country before bandits will destroy you. Use your Mouse to drive along the highway and shoot lots of enemies from your minigun placed on the roof of your vehicle. Use your gun to shoot 'em up, but note that the mob will react in a mad fury, dead set on killing you. Use your Number keys for launching air missiles, avoid radioactive barrels, kill bikers with machine guns and gangsters flying with the jet packs. Try to survive as long as possible and use upgrades, unlock new weapons and machines and make additions to your convoy until you can survive to the end of the city.

Size: 3617528 Bytes

Roly-Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack 2
Link: Play
The monsters are back! Shoot your cannon in 50 different levels and try to send off all the scary monsters, zombies, vampires and other creatures which have appeared during halloween. Aim and launch bombs from your cannon, and destroy all the monsters in a variety of creative ways. Use your mouse to aim and shoot bombs from your cannon. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse away from your weapon. Space bar or R key to restart the level. Damage platforms, buildings, structures, ice blocks or chains and do it with as few shots as possible to get the best score. Collect all 20 achievements and create and share your own levels.

Size: 6334694 Bytes

8. Rektagon - skill - 1225 plays
Link: Play
Your goal in Rektagon is to avoid getting crushed by the moving walls. Move your little weird thing to a safe spot. Be quick and sharp to proceed to the next level. Super addictive reflex game with endless trance colours and a hypnotic chiptune sound track by Adhesive Wombat, coupled with an irreverent sense of humour. Hyperintense game that captures the essence of flash gaming. Avoid getting smashed by walls as they closing and crashing down. Use your Mouse to safe yourself as quickly as you can inside the spaces, so you will not get squished. The wall blocks will move quicker everytime, so hurry up. Click to force smash. Try to get various achievement titles for your skills like turkey, moose, horse, microchip, marble statue or others.

Size: 5632533 Bytes

9. Rocketeer - skill - 1467 plays
Link: Play
One penguin was curious, "what's that shiny ball in the sky?" Penguin started the rocket and needs your help. Help him to discover the way to the moon by shooting up in rocketeer. Jump on clouds, collect coins and diamonds. Upgrade your equipment and improve your skills to conquer the moon. Use your Mouse to move the penguin in the air, get coins and buy upgrades. White and rainbow clouds help you jump higher, stormy clouds will slow you down. Click your Mouse anywhere to wave your wings. You need to click as fast as you can to gain height. Remember to upgrade it, it will cost less energy.

Size: 3374388 Bytes

10. Raven Crime - logic - 1660 plays
Raven Crime
Link: Play
Solve a mysterious crime, the murder of a beautiful young girl with a tattoo of raven. Use your detective skills and abilities to uncover clues which stem multiple investigations and lead you down on a challenging path! This point and click escape game is uniquely developed with 3 long winded stages which will test you logic and problem solving skills. Embark this journey as John Anderson, a detective that has come back from an extended break on the task force. The detective arrived to the city from a vacation. Suddenly he received an urgent message that there was a girl murdered in the street. Go there immediately and investigate this terrible crime. Good luck solving the crime, and be careful… the streets of New York City are dangerous! Use your Mouse to move the detective, main character, John Anderson. Examine evidence and question witnesses and police officers in order to gather as much information as you can. Activate switches, pick up objects, use your cell phone and read text messages and talk to police officers at the scene of the crime to gather more information to piece the crime together. Track down a serial killer, over 50 items to find, travel throught beautiful maps, collect various objects and combine them to dive deep into the evidence. Play through the in game tutorial to learn quick commands and learn the skills you need to catch the culprit and to solve this mysterious case. You will get hints and material evidence during the process of investigation.

Size: 10775215 Bytes

11. Refraction 2 - logic - 2596 plays
Refraction 2
Link: Play
Refraction is a puzzle game originally built for teaching refractions. Split and bend lasers to save aliens who have gotten stuck in space. The player must change the path of lasers in order to power the rocket. Use your Mouse to place laser benders and splitters and alter the way of the laser.

Size: 4262966 Bytes

12. Ragdoll Achievement 2 - skill - 3584 plays
Ragdoll Achievement 2
Link: Play
You have to do some test in a new version of the game. Use more weapons and your imagination to unlock all ahievements! Dummy don’t feel any pain, really! Use your Mouse and follow ingame tutorials. Buy new weapons and use buttons on bottom of the screen. Put various weapons to the test on an unfortunate dummy in order to earn achievements. Place all sorts of torture devices to get the job done.

Size: 8358608 Bytes

13. Red Extinction - skill - 1356 plays
Red Extinction
Link: Play
Control a powerful virus and annihilate all enemies. Attach and detach spikes, axes and powerful cannons to your body as you become the perfect. Help the blue cell eliminate all dangerous bacterias before they damage the body. You are part of the Blue race of creatures whose life long enemies are the Reds. Use your Mouse to move the blue cell in the blood stream. Use your DNA points that you earn from killing Reds to create the ultimate Blue warrior who will hopefully destroy the Red for good.

Size: 7137722 Bytes

14. Reverse Boots - logic - 1144 plays
Reverse Boots
Link: Play
The boots were made for walking…and magic and adventure, too. Help the dashing knight rescue the princess captured by a flying dragon before he gobbles her up for lunch. Press Arrow keys to move left or right, Space bar key to advance menu boxes and Up key to jump onto brick support beams within the castle. Use the magical boots given to you by the wizard to change the structure of the castle with each leap. Watch out for spikes and hot boiling lava pits.

Size: 3238131 Bytes

15. Rolling Ghosts - logic - 1643 plays
Rolling Ghosts
Link: Play
Ghosts aren’t scary once you bring them back to life. Except for evil ones which must die. Vanquish the evil magic that is turning all the friendly blobs into spooks. Click ghosts to make them colorful and solid again. Make sure they don’t overlap with each other. Use your Mouse to turn invisible spectres back to their living normal forms. In later levels you'll come across dark blobs, try to knock them off the platforms to get rid of them. Try not to let any of the good shapes fall off the side of the screen.

Size: 2928891 Bytes

Run Ninja Run 3 – Unexpected Road
Link: Play
Ninja wolf-whistles the wrong girl and has to run for his life again! Use your Arrow keys to jump, slide, dash and try to escape your assailants. Keep jumping obstacles and collecting bonuses, but whatever you do... don't stop running!

Size: 5011942 Bytes

17. Rocket Pets - skill - 1404 plays
Rocket Pets
Link: Play
Explore beautiful planets in this action platform distance game. Collect coins, customize and upgrade pets, boost your way to glory. Try to get each of the cute animals as far as you can without crashing them into the ground. Use your Mouse or Space bar key to steer and guide the animal once it has been ejected from the cannon. Collect coins (spend them on upgrades in the shop), paw tokens and coolant packs to prevent the device from blowing up in the sky. Watch out for spikes, bottomless pits and deadly homing missiles. Keep an eye on your rocket temperature.

Size: 7102403 Bytes

18. Realms Gate - strategy - 1145 plays
Realms Gate
Link: Play
The battle between heaven and hell is raging on. Your goal is to strategically set up your tower defense units so you can defend the portal between heaven and hell. Stop monstrous aberrations from traveling through a portal from hell into earth. Use your Mouse to place fire, ice and poison attack towers to counter the creeps as they stumble forward. Watch out for flying demon bats and sword wielding skeleton warriors. Upgrade your towers once you've accumulated enough gold resources to make them more powerful.

Size: 12411938 Bytes

19. Resort Empire - strategy - 3890 plays
Resort Empire
Link: Play
Build your own resort from the ground up making sure that all visitors spend quality time pampering them in a supportive, caring environment. Keep the park financially healthy and work your way to the top by unlocking and buying new facilities and treatments. Time management based tycoon game where you become an instant millionaire as you build holiday facilities for tourists as they travel towards your small tropical island. Use your Mouse to construct saunas, guest bedrooms, ice cream parlours, fitness centres, hotdog or taco stands, japanese or indian restaurants and medical hospitals to care for sick or injured guests. WASD or Arrow keys to scroll the screen and Esc key to cancel action. Don't forget to hire employees such as janitors to clean up rooms. The more stars your hotel earns the more upgrades you can unlock and apply to your business.

Size: 2777262 Bytes

20. Renga Samurai - logic - 899 plays
Renga Samurai
Link: Play
As a Samurai, you have mastered all skills except intelligence. Slice-n-dice based logic game where you help the warrior complete his masters training by completing his final test of intelligence. Solve all levels of brick-slashing puzzles to become the greatest Samurai ever. You have limited cuts to slice the bricks to fit into the shape on the right, so choose your moves wisely… Use your sword to cut wooden blocks into pieces to make them fit within the dotted areas. Slice the brick by clicking on the top and left bars. Once you think you have a perfect shape fit press the submit button to allow the sensei to check your final work.

Size: 4210445 Bytes

21. Revive - retro - 986 plays
Link: Play
Platform based puzzle game where you control a test subject as you collect jars of eternal life revival syrup in different rooms within a giant test chamber. Press your Arrow keys to walk, A to jump onto ledges, fly or advance some dialogue boxes, Q to quit a level and go back to the menu and R to restart a level. You can fly or pass through wooden flooring once you become a ghost. Use it to get to grapefruits or keys as you will need a key to open the door to the next level. If your A key is not working, try another browser or new flash version.

Size: 5190247 Bytes

Ricochet Kills 3 – Level Pack
Link: Play
Bounce your bullets off the walls to kill all bad guys. They will die beautifully. Shooting target based game where you have to bounce more bullets around the room to hit the gangsters where they stand. Use your Mouse to aim and fire your gun, you only get limited amount of bullets per scene so try to conserve your ammo. You can hit explosives to kill those bad men. To receive the bonus levels you will need to earn 2400 points or more to unlock it.

Size: 3062455 Bytes

23. Renegade Racing - race - 4270 plays
Renegade Racing
Link: Play
Side scrolling based action game where you compete against a medley of different vehicles in a dash to get your mini morris to the finish line. With amazing stunts, cool missions and crazy AI cars across 18 challenging levels featuring 6 visually stunning environments. 12 different vehicles to drive including: a Mini, a London bus, Monster trucks, and even an ice cream truck. Each vehicle has its own specs, physics, handling, engine sound, and horn. A garage where you can purchase new vehicles, change your paint job and upgrade different specs. Use your WASD keys or Arrow keys to accelerate, brake or perform front/back flips and X key or Space bar key to jump over obstacles. W key or UP arrow key to accelerate. S key or Down arrow key to brake and reverse. A key or Left arrow key to balance the car and preform back flips and back wheelies. D key or Right arrow key to balance the car and preform front flips and front wheelies. Possible stunts - INVERT: Hold your car upside down while in mid-air for more than one second. BACK WHEELIE: Drive your car on its back wheel for more than one second, hold A key or Left arrow key while accelerating or reversing. FRONT WHEELIE: Drive your car on its front wheel for more than one second, hold D key or Right arrow key while accelerating or reversing. BACK FLIP: Rotate your car anti-clockwise 360 degrees while in the air. Do multiple flips to gain extra turbo and money. FRONT FLIP: Rotate your car clockwise 360 degrees while in the air. Do multiple flips to gain extra turbo and money. PERFECT LANDING: As your car lands, make both the wheels touch the floor at the same time. Each competition you enter has different objectives such as finishing within the last 6 places or performing N amount of backflips. The more aerial stunts you perform the more turbo boost bonuses you'll get. To complete the game, you must complete all of the achievements.

Size: 6885370 Bytes

24. Ring Chain - skill - 608 plays
Ring Chain
Link: Play
This is a knock-on effect game. Click the red color ring chain and it will split into four small red ones, then they will impact other ones which will split again. If splinters hit big ring chains, they will once again split. Just move the red circle with the Mouse and click to start the chain reaction. You have to split specific amount of green circles in each level. You should not touch blue circles in higher levels. Together there are 4 various types of circles and 20 levels.

Size: 231501 Bytes

25. Rawr - strategy - 1955 plays
Link: Play
Prevent an evil executive and his sinister corporation from destroying a beautiful forest by taking part in a monster fight tournament to the death. Fight evil creatures for justice! Help Hayley to save the forest from dirty businessman. 51 skills, 40 ingredients and recipes, 54 mutations and 11 bosses! Use your Mouse to train, feed and select new skills for your cthulhu creature to prepare him for the final battle. The combat system is automatic, although there are some buffs you can get such as extra health or damage if you click the right icon twice during the fight.

Size: 12987976 Bytes

26. Red Ball 4 - skill - 2043 plays
Red Ball 4
Link: Play
Roll and jump your way through 15 new Red Ball levels as you embark on a mission to save the world from turning square! Prevent the evil blocks from turning all the round folk into square versions of themselves by bouncing them into oblivion. Use your Arrow or WASD keys to roll the hero around, push wooden crates or jump onto grassy platforms. Collect as many shiny stars as you can within each level, you may have to pick up your momentum to reach some of the hard to get ones.

Size: 7598174 Bytes

27. Rogue Soul - skill - 1952 plays
Rogue Soul
Link: Play
Rogue Soul is a continuously side-scrolling platformer in which play as a thieving soul. Raise your bounty as you jump over or slide under obstacles, dodge attacks, slay enemies, and collect treasure. Run, jump, fight guards, steal treasures, escape through the city’s streets and become the most wanted Rogue in town in this Epic Soul Adventure. 7 unique enemies, Infinite town to explore, Loot room to fill with 44 Loots, 2 Trophies and 5 Medals from epic challenges. 750 – Bronze / 1000 – Silver / 1400 – Gold / 1800 – Platinum. Pick up daggers that you can throw at enemies and pick up parachutes that will allow you to clear huge ditches. You can also earn double jumps by collecting flowers and giving them to the girl. Move with Arrow keys, Slide with F key, Parachute with D key, Use Dagger with G key. Pause with P or Escape key. You can customize controls in the options.

Size: 5509897 Bytes

28. Resistance Is Useless - shoot - 652 plays
Resistance Is Useless
Link: Play
UFOs are attacking earth. They have one goal in mind - total world domination. Play as Bruno, a humble delivery boy, and help destroy the alien invasion. Upgrade your ship with homing missiles, slow motion and triple fire, as you play through 15 levels in this beautifully illustrated side scrolling shooter. Use your mouse. Space bar key for slow motion (if available). Esc to pause. Double click or Enter to turn on/off autofire. Shoot the alien ships as you fly threw their armada. Collect gears as you fight for survival.

Size: 4660279 Bytes

29. Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 - logic - 1076 plays
Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2
Link: Play
Railway puzzle. Connect the locomotives and wagons and bring them each to their station. Use the Mouse to direct the locomotives and choose the right way to get the trains to their stations as soon as possible!

Size: 4972654 Bytes

30. Robots - skill - 1295 plays
Link: Play
Roll the robot heads through the underground tunnels of a factory. As a cheerful tune plays in the background, dodge circular saws, destructive spikes, exploding bombs and even traps that defy the laws of physics… Use Space bar, Mouse or Tap the screen (on iPhone version) to give the robot head speed, steering it around dangerous obstacles. Getting the right momentum is the biggest challenge in this game, and earning all 3 stars gets more difficult each level.

Size: 5039544 Bytes

31. Reign Of Centipede - shoot - 741 plays
Reign Of Centipede
Link: Play
Defend the floating island from the reign of centipedes and other monsters while building your civilization. A shooter and strategy game mix! Use the Arrows or WASD to move your character. Hold down by pipes to travel through them. Aim & Shoot with Mouse, Jump with W or Up, travel through pipes and create buildings with S or Down arrow.

Size: 2163555 Bytes

32. Roll The Monster - logic - 1402 plays
Roll The Monster
Link: Play
Do you hate monsters? Well, here is your chance to kill them off for good! In this fun and exciting physics game, all you have to do is make sure that monster hits the street. Because then Mr. Steam roller can come along and squeeze him into mush. This game is bound to bring laughter to anyone who plays it. But the more levels you finish, the harder it becomes to force that monster on the street. Use your Left Mouse button to remove green blocks and interact with environment to get the monster on the ground.

Size: 1305997 Bytes

33. Run Robo Run - skill - 1173 plays
Run Robo Run
Link: Play
Escape an oppressive robot factory in Run Robo Run, an addictive jump-and-run game from Kano Games! Leap platforms, smash power cells, upgrade your robot and collect energy orbs to run farther and escape your evil human masters before they slag you! Run Robo Run delivers intense, fast-paced jump-and-run fun! Any button to jump. Upgrades and additional controls: Butt Drop – tap a key while in air to slam down, butt drop on the crates to gain major air! Anti Gravity – hold a key in air to delay descent. In workshop, hover over all upgrades to learn more about them.

Size: 12888634 Bytes

34. Roads Of Rome 3 - strategy - 5600 plays
Roads Of Rome 3
Link: Play
Romantic love story, challenges set by the wise and cunning Caesar, barbarian lands with the wild forests, fame and success are waiting for you the Conqueror! Bring Roman spirit and culture to Barbarians, build roads and prove that you are the best Roman legionary in peace and war. Get ready and start traveling right now! Use your Mouse to issue commands and other instructions to your busy work force as you manage their time.

Size: 5360949 Bytes

35. Robotic Arm - logic - 1847 plays
Robotic Arm
Link: Play
Every robot have a goal even if it is a robot arm. It will make the impossible to achieve it with the shortest path. Try to teach the robot arm how to move to reach his goal in minimal number of moves. You'll have to rotate robotic arm at the joints to capture the yellow orbs. Enjoy robot quotes in between levels. Use Mouse to do everything in the game. Shortcuts: Left / Z for undo and going left. Right / U for redo and going right. Space bar key / Enter for action. Press M to mute / unmute sound and Esc for going back.

Size: 4048703 Bytes

36. RectRot - logic - 566 plays
Link: Play
Rotate and jump your block through 40 challenging levels in this brain-teasing puzzle game. Play and use your problem solving skills to complete 40 arduous levels involving a block, pills and a intergalactic portal. Use your Arrow keys to slither your block around the metallic surface and Up arrow key to shoot your laser beam eye through the wooden blocks. Try to grab all the blue pills/keys before making a bee line for the exit portal. There is in-game tutorial available.

Size: 1328107 Bytes

37. Ragdoll Achievement - skill - 2574 plays
Ragdoll Achievement
Link: Play
You have to do some test today. Use weapons and your imagination to unlock all ahievements! PS Dummy don’t feel any pain, really! Use Mouse and follow ingame tutorials. Buy weapons and use buttons on bottom of the screen. Put various weapons to the test on an unfortunate dummy in order to earn achievements. Place all sorts of torture devices to get the job done.

Size: 5784370 Bytes

38. Rolling Home - logic - 542 plays
Rolling Home
Link: Play
Your goal is to bring the friendly yellow ball to his home safely. You can enable or disable all elements on the screen but you have to do it in correct order. Use your Mouse in 25 levels to activate the objects in each level in the right sequence to finish this physics job. Click in the right order to pass a level.

Size: 1737546 Bytes

39. Rollercoaster Creator 2 - logic - 1203 plays
Rollercoaster Creator 2
Link: Play
Use your drawing and joyride creating skills to create the ultimate roller coaster ride. The game makes loops, climbs, steep drops and steep inclines as well as allowing free drawing. Select a drawing tool and create your own custom coaster! Get your riders to the finish line and collect as many gems as possible. Check out How to Play for construction tips.

Size: 3769294 Bytes

40. Rocket Rush - skill - 1075 plays
Rocket Rush
Link: Play
Your goal is to reach the grey rocket to complete each level. Accelerate past 30 levels of obstacles to win. The game has level select and will save your best scores so you can try to set new records. Entirely one button gameplay, with beautiful and original graphics. Press and hold your Mouse down anywhere on the screen to accelerate upwards. Release at anytime to fall back down. Press the pause button in game anytime to access the options and go back to level select or the main menu. There is also a mute button in game for any players who don’t want to hear the music or sound effects.

Size: 2943751 Bytes

41. Run Ninja Run 2 - skill - 2929 plays
Run Ninja Run 2
Link: Play
Action packed game of reflexes and skill is back. Run ninja run again! You are trying to escape your assailants. Jump, slide and attack at the right moment. Up key to jump, Down to slide, Space bar key to attack, kick or slash. You must punch enemies while running, jump higher than anyone, slide under rocks and survive the escape while upgrading your great ninja.

Size: 2386785 Bytes

42. Rune Raiders - strategy - 1687 plays
Rune Raiders
Link: Play
Epic adventure to rid the kingdom of the evil seeping through the lands. The concept of this game is very simple, you move your guys around with your finger. And when you do, they come alive and fight the bad guys. Rune Raiders a simple adventure game that takes few seconds to learn, but provides hilarious action for all. Ultra simple game play. No complicated tutorials or reading, 13 heroes, each with 6 levels of upgrades and 19 unique enemies. Hysterical quips that will make you smile. With a purse full of gold carefully choose your team mates from the local tavern in this turn based RPG and strategy game. Hint go for the elven archer, the female assassin and the barbarian dwarf. Use your Mouse to position your heroes on the tiles and set their formation. Grab gold coins when slaying orcs or other monsters you encounter and upgrade each hero to gain more battle skills.

Size: 7406919 Bytes

43. Robot Legions - shoot - 1417 plays
Robot Legions
Link: Play
Blast your way through the legions of robots to liberate your homeplanet! Pit your mechanical machine against hundreds of adversaries in close knit arena. Collect screws and bolts dropped by each droid to convert into cash to purchase upgrades from the weapon shop. WASD or Arrow keys for movement, Mouse for aiming, Left Mouse button to fire. Tab or Control to toggle autofire mode, Esc or P for pause and menu.

Size: 5107742 Bytes

44. Ricochet Kills 3 - shoot - 3007 plays
Ricochet Kills 3
Link: Play
Ricochet Kills is a physics-based shooting game where you fire super-bouncy bullets to eliminate all the targets in each level. You have limited number of bullets in each round so, try to kill as many men as possible with a single bullet to score maximum points. Please remember that you will lose level if your bullet runs out. There are several variants of this popular game. New opportunities to kill your enemies. More bangs. More kills. More blood. You should be smarter than you enemies. Use your mouse, ricochets and kill them all!

Size: 3581777 Bytes

45. Rabbit Sniper 2 - shoot - 1904 plays
Rabbit Sniper 2
Link: Play
Mission of the game is to kill all the bad guys in each level and at the same time use as least bullets as you can to have a high score and go to the next level. Take pot shots at suspected terrorists using your rifle, be warned you only get 12 rounds of ammunition so make sure each bullet counts. This rabbit here realy now how to shoot. Use the mouse to aim, left click to shoot and snipe all people through each level. Please remember that you will lose level if your bullet runs out. Hitting explosives or balls attached to chains can cause a knock on effect. Ricochet bullets off walls to hit your targets.

Size: 6302628 Bytes

46. Ragnarok Eternal - rpg - 7484 plays
Ragnarok Eternal
Link: Play
A fun adventure game where you go through the land and kill monsters. Explore a sinister underground lair in search of a wizards loot said to contain some of the most powerful artefacts in the whole world. Save your progress at giant translucent crystals or modify the controls. Upgrade your skills and powers using experience after each battle. Use the Arrow keys to move your hero, A to unsheathe and use your sword to attack, S to jump and E to swap. Download latest plugin when the game is not working properly.

Size: 6753882 Bytes

47. Ruder - logic - 849 plays
Link: Play
Ruder is a fun filled shooting logic strategy game. Shoot the color boxes to merge with the same color. Control the power of the cannon while holding the mouse. Reset to restart level. Complete level in less time to score bonus stars in each level. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Control the power of the cannon while holding the mouse. Reset to restart level.

Size: 635474 Bytes

48. Rocket Toilet 2 - shoot - 1961 plays
Rocket Toilet 2
Link: Play
Shoot your toilet stone age man to the sky as far as possible in this funny upgrade shooting game. Help the dumb idiot by earning money to buy better bathroom upgrades. This cool distance game will leave you laughing. Launch and upgrade your toilet to get to the future. 5 different eras ahead! Play with youg Mouse and left click to launch. Use Right and Left arrow keys or A and D key to balance. Keep your wheels down to earn bonuses.

Size: 6308682 Bytes

49. Retroid Reloaded - shoot - 709 plays
Retroid Reloaded
Link: Play
Retroid Arena is a full 3d shooter game based on a custom build 3d engine. Blow up various enemies and 4 end-level bosses. Blast enemies in each new arena in this 3D-ish, isometric shooter. Build a bigger and stronger spaceship by collecting power coins and use those to unlock new skills, armor and better weapons. Fly around using the WASD keys. Use the mouse cursor to aim and left mouse button to fire. Q and E to switch weapon. You can also use numkeys 1-9 to change weapon.

Size: 8558318 Bytes

50. Rocket 2 - skill - 6214 plays
Rocket 2
Link: Play
Fly past the moon as you attempt to reach the planet mars with your custom built space rocket. Your goal is to reach for the moon with your home built rocket. Collect enough money to buy upgrades at the store. Use the mouse to countdown and initiate the launch sequence and Arrow keys to steer the spacecraft through coins and dollar bills.

Size: 2848261 Bytes

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