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1. Portal The Flash Version - logic - 1436 plays
Portal The Flash Version
Link: Play
Portal: The Flash Version includes more than 40 challenging, portals thinking levels, which features almost every attribute the real game does. Energy balls, cubes, turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer. It also includes a console to mess around with after finishing the game, or just being frustrated by thinking with portals. Use your Left mouse button to launch a portal. Press WAD keys to move, Q key to launch blue portal and E key for a yellow portal. Press R key to close both portals and F to pick up any object. Use tilda ~ key to open up console and adjust graphics quality with O key. Escape and P key for the quick pause.

Size: 7104190 Bytes

2. Prince of Persia - action - 954 plays
Prince of Persia
Link: Play
An high paced action reflex game in the same vein of Canabalt, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a promotional game for the upcoming console game of the same name. A deadly sand army marches on and the only hope of stopping them is for you to activate four elemental fountains. Unlock the four fountains and use your special powers, your control over time, and lightning reflexes to halt the oncoming sand army. Even ye who hold the key to time can only do so much to save your brother before it's too late… addition of attacks, special powers, and limited time travel give you a great amount of freedom in conquering the obstacles set before you. Prince is automatically running and you must guide him safely to the end of each level. Running into sands will slow you down. Press Up Arrow key to jump (hold it to climb up walls, tap it to jump from wall to wall) over obstacles. Press the Space bar key to attack opposing creatures. Later on you will gain special abilities that can be used with the X key, and if you find that you've gotten yourself in a bit of trouble, you can rewind up to three seconds simply by pressing Down Arrow key.

Size: 5545338 Bytes

3. Paintball Racers - race - 1411 plays
Paintball Racers
Link: Play
A mini car racing contest, with some paintball elements. Play paintball with the racing cars. Go through the obstacles and use your gun to stop the enemies. Can you beat all racers while being bombarded with paint balls? Drive fast and complete all challenges in this fast Paintball racing game. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to control your car, Space bar key to shoot paint balls, Z key for activating boost and X key for jump. Beat and shoot your opponents with a special paintball gun and try to slow down their speed. Collect items and coins on your way to get additional bonuses such as bombs, boosters and even new cars.

Size: 10622185 Bytes

4. Pierre Hotel - logic - 1359 plays
Pierre Hotel
Link: Play
Pierre and his girlfriend were going on a vacation. Find your girlfriend who disappeared while checking into the strange hotel. Try to find out what happened to your beloved girl. Use your Mouse to investigate what has happened. Check all the rooms for clues and hidden objects. Do not forget to check the vampire figure behind the receptionist's desk.

Size: 4080733 Bytes

5. Papa's Pastaria - skill - 2449 plays
Papa's Pastaria
Link: Play
It's a destination wedding in the waterfront town of Portallini, home of Papa's Pastaria. You're in charge of Papa's newest restaurant, where you'll take orders, cook noodles, and add sauces and toppings to craft a perfect plate of pasta and serve the waiting customers. Do your best to provide the best service to earn higher tips. Customers will arrive throughout the day. Use your mouse take their excruciatingly particular orders, making sure not to keep them waiting too long, and cook everything just the way they like it. Get everything done as fast and tidy as you can, prepare and serve various meals and cool drinks and they'll give you a big tip which you can spend towards upgrading the restaurant, with everything from faster cooking to decorations.

Size: 10452814 Bytes

6. Pact - rpg - 1374 plays
Link: Play
Pact is classical turn-based RPG game. A group of adventurers has been assembled to slay a fiend hiding in the forest. Guide them through the gauntlet set before them. Lead your pack of heroes to victories and interesting adventures. Take part in countless battles with enemies from the fantasy realm. Orcs, goblins, dark elves, raiders, thieves, mages and even zombies are waiting for you. You only need your mouse to point and click to lead your heroes to slay the demon and save the world from darkness. Earn and spend your experience points from battles and upgrade the knight, rogue or witch's strength. Empower spirits and use vitality points. If you have gold coins, buy your armour, swords or mana potions from the peddler. You can use your Arrow keys to explore the map.

Size: 7352885 Bytes

7. Prison Break Out - logic - 1782 plays
Prison Break Out
Link: Play
Escape from jail and make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. Sneak up behind guards to trick them out. Break out from this filthy prison before your new cellmate arrives. Use your Mouse to collect and combine various objects around. Try to escape and find your freedom. Do not alert security guards.

Size: 1975125 Bytes

8. Pixvader - retro - 1393 plays
Link: Play
Pixvader is a retro classic 2d shooting game. Control your tiny pixel ship and protect humanity from hordes of space invaders. Blast those pesky enemies who wants to invade the Earth. Shoot with your over powered armaments and upgrade your little spaceship to its full potential. Your mission is destroy all bosses. Use WASD or Arrow keys to fly your plane. Press Space bar key to shoot. X key to deploy a nuclear bomb, but you can use it only once in each level. You can press Space bar twice to turn off/on auto fire mode. Upgrade your ship and set more powerful weapons from crystals from destroyed vessels. Wipe out all bosses and make them pay.

Size: 251901 Bytes

9. Pirate Bullets - shoot - 1317 plays
Pirate Bullets
Link: Play
The pirates are here… for treasure and they serve as bullets in your cannon! Knock down the wooden crates off the platform with three sized pirates bullets. Aim for the best shots in this nice and polished physics block shooting game. Use your Mouse to fire your cannon on golden boxes. Enjoy pushing off the unsuspecting wooden boxes off the edge, but avoid the red boxes. Try to get as many points as you can. The pirates are in three sizes, press 1-3 number keys to select them. The bigger the pirate, the more points you lose.

Size: 5092245 Bytes

10. Pirates Save Our Souls - skill - 1452 plays
Pirates Save Our Souls
Link: Play
Save the souls of a bunch of pirates who have been trapped in rum bottles by the monstrous captain. You play as a well-armed parrot in this cute little physics ricochet shooter. Use your Mouse to aim and fire and try to free all of your trapped comrades souls. Don't forget that you have limited amount of projectiles. Try to shoot bottles of alcohol, skulls and treasure chests for better score.

Size: 3020155 Bytes

11. Persofishnation - skill - 838 plays
Link: Play
Can you dress a fish as a sailor, an engineer or a doctor? Only a foolish can play this game to the final level. Help fish to be appropriately dressed while listening her job wishes. Use your Mouse to click on arrows to dress the fish to her wish.

Size: 4210995 Bytes

Pre-Civilization: Stone Age
Link: Play
Create and lead your own tribe from first human-primates lived 4 million years ago to the first civilizations of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Develop your primitive encampment to a full city. Grow you neanderthals population, manage your workers, research technologies. Build, evolve, fight and survive. Use your Mouse to fish on your lakes and garden your fruit trees. Don't forget to defend the village from vikings attacks or prosper from stone mines. Build, evolve and fight to survive. Utilise new technology, upgrade and level up with your population. See in-game tutorial when you need help.

Size: 3907425 Bytes

13. Pathologic - logic - 1469 plays
Link: Play
Attempt to find your way through a maze constructed by this very attempt. Every step brings you closer to a dead end or to the triumph of your intellect. Try to collect all the empty white rings without stepping on squares that you have already visited. Browse 50 puzzles in various difficulties, 10 of which (extremely difficult ones) can only be unlocked by proving your mental superiority over previous levels. Press Arrow keys to move your white circle. Once you have completed all the beginner, challenging, advanced and difficult levels you'll be able to unlock the extra hard puzzle levels.

Size: 998024 Bytes

14. Paintworld 2 – Monsters - logic - 1085 plays
Paintworld 2 – Monsters
Link: Play
Easy relaxing puzzle with liquid paint-heroes. Monsters throw heroes away but you have to collect all heroes in one. Game where you help the ink people reunite with one another with the aid of the strange looking creatures. Use your Mouse to select an ink blot and then drag the arrow towards a beast so he can throw it. Try to complete each level with as few shots as possible to earn three stars. Be careful with spikes and bombs.

Size: 6173787 Bytes

15. Paper Venture 2 - logic - 1251 plays
Paper Venture 2
Link: Play
After escaping from the pit, tiny alien sucked himself into a portal and now stuck in another new world full of dangers and you need to help him to get out of there. Figure out ingenious ways of getting the little blue man to the exit door without squishing him or losing him off the side of the yellow platform. Use your Mouse to control the yellow block to allow him to walk across it and left Mouse button to make tiny blue man move. Guide him to the door, use rebound to get him to the door and blue walls vanish when collided. Don't let him get out of the screen. Collect stars to mark each level as fully complete, watch out for spikes and rotating chain saws.

Size: 3568680 Bytes

16. Pop Em Up - logic - 1235 plays
Pop Em Up
Link: Play
Match 3 based board game where you feed the hungry little monsters with their favourite food by matching three or more coloured blocks. Use your Mouse to select a group of similar coloured squares to remove them. Try to achieve the minimum required number to clear the level. You can spend points earned in the shop to buy upgrades that will help you clear stubborn squares.

Size: 856129 Bytes

17. Push Me - logic - 768 plays
Push Me
Link: Play
Push me is a block sliding based logic game where you try to get the red square through to the exit by moving the green shapes around to pave a way for it to leave. You cannot touch the red square, you have to use green blocks only. Push, pull, lift, slide, drop and carry the red block to freedom. Use your Mouse to slide each of the green objects, remember various pieces can only be moved horizontally or vertically depending on the way they are positioned. Try to complete each level in as few moves as possible.

Size: 2568695 Bytes

18. Parking Hooligan 2 - skill - 1140 plays
Parking Hooligan 2
Link: Play
Use your extremely bad driving skills to plough into parked cars to incur a fine from the local authorities by causing as much destruction as possible. Destroy everything and use your car to hit everything on the road/platform, do not leave a single tree standing… Use your Mouse to set the angle and power of each launch. Try to match or exceed the fine level by causing as much damage as possible to telephone boxes, ATM cash machines, ambulances and motor cars. Keep an eye out on your fuel level, each launch decreases it.

Size: 2134883 Bytes

19. Piggy Wiggy Seasons - logic - 1526 plays
Piggy Wiggy Seasons
Link: Play
Help the hungry pigs fill their empty bellies by feeding them delicious acorns. The pigs are back, with even more acorns to collect! Use your Mouse to drag and create a rope to allow the animal to reach the food, you can also use the Mouse again to cut the rope to make the pig swing. Complete the level as quickly as you can to earn extra points. Watch out for sharp pointy icicles and other hazards in and around the North Pole.

Size: 5057314 Bytes

20. Pentomino Puzzle - logic - 1870 plays
Pentomino Puzzle
Link: Play
Pentominoes are objects made up of 5 equal size squares joined together along their sides. Board based logic game where you completely fill the grid area with colourful blocks of different sizes so they all fit snugly into a nice pattern. Your goal is to place the given shapes to fill all the available cells. 132 fun levels, two difficulty modes – classic and casual and level editor included where you can save and play your own levels. Use your Mouse to grab a piece from the right hand side, rotate it using Mouse wheel or A, D keys and Space bar key to turn it upside down. If you get stuck, click on the solution for a glimpse on how to solve the puzzle.

Size: 374348 Bytes

21. Pour The Fish – Level Pack - logic - 1112 plays
Pour The Fish – Level Pack
Link: Play
The fish sucked into the tube again… Dig tunnels through the soft sand to allow water to reach the poor starving creature that was unfortunately sucked into a sewerage drain in the ocean. Use your Mouse as a spade to scoop away at the soil to make a path for the water to flow. You can use copper pipes to shift the water around the area so it reaches it's target. Fill the bottles for bonuses.

Size: 7997523 Bytes

22. Penguin Stack - skill - 714 plays
Penguin Stack
Link: Play
Balancing based game where you add cute little arctic birds on top of one another without letting them fall of the platform or off the screen. The differently shaped penguins must be stacked stable that no one falls down and the construction stops for at least six seconds. Use your Mouse to move the animal shape onto the flat surface and then add each subsequent shapes on top. Wait for the timer to stop to mark the level as successful.

Size: 801670 Bytes

23. Pike Club 2 - casino - 1286 plays
Pike Club 2
Link: Play
Play memory matching based puzzle game and having owed a substantial amount of money to the card gambling establishment you now face yourself at their mercy. Complete their mini tests to earn back your life and clear your outstanding debt. Memorize the positions of each symbol before it disappears and then use your Mouse to select them by matching the objects. Keep an eye on the timer if it runs out then so does your luck.

Size: 6786939 Bytes

24. Penguin Quest - logic - 867 plays
Penguin Quest
Link: Play
Play penguin quest a series of mini based games and help the arctic bird jump as high as he can using the balloons, trap him from escaping by building ice fortresses around him or make him snowboard downhill and avoid the trees. Use your Mouse to control the cute little animal. To unlock more levels complete the preceding ones first.

Size: 5251914 Bytes

25. Pocket Platoon - action - 1238 plays
Pocket Platoon
Link: Play
Sarge, it's those aliens again. They're invading again! Lead Sarge and his faithful platoon on their quest to repel the alien invaders! Help the military sergeant and his band of soldier’s fight off an alien invasion before it is too late. Collect crystals from dead aliens to upgrade your gear at the hardware store or to increase your soldier’s vitality or accuracy points. Use your Mouse to guide your squad and to make them shoot their currently equipped weapons. The squad leader "Sarge" will follow your Mouse pointer and the squad will follow him in single-file. When you press the Mouse button the squad will stand and fire towards the pointer. Hold down Space bar key to stand still and aim. Use number keys to switch between your bazooka and your machine gun.

Size: 5021587 Bytes

26. Pack Up The Toy - logic - 866 plays
Pack Up The Toy
Link: Play
Toy Factory needs an assistant. To do this, the best engineers have created a cute robot that will help run the packaging machine. But he alone can not cope. So, the robot can do his work properly without getting destroyed or stuck. Help him get to the button. Features a great graphics, 48 levels, 3 branch with levels and 4 unique soundtrack. The innovative game mechanics and lovely character. You can control the speed of objects. Your goal is to run the packing machine so the robot get to the button. The robot moves itself. Save energy to get more cogwheel.

Size: 2834771 Bytes

27. Protect Tommy - logic - 790 plays
Protect Tommy
Link: Play
Place objects around Tommy to protect him from bad boys. Click and hold left Mouse button to move objects around the screen. Try to place them so the bad boys do not touch Tommy.

Size: 2073536 Bytes

28. Physics Symmetry 2 - logic - 813 plays
Physics Symmetry 2
Link: Play
Try to achieve symmetrical pictures by clicking and removing certain shapes in the right time in the sequel of the physics puzzle game. Click with the left Mouse button to remove the correct shapes in the scene to achieve and establish a symmetry. Click to remove some red shapes in each level to achieve the symmetry.

Size: 1803785 Bytes

29. Pocket Creature PVP - strategy - 1157 plays
Pocket Creature PVP
Link: Play
Queen Juliet is corrupted by mysterious evil power and World of Pocket Creature has become a world of chaos, fear and slaughter! Again, you are the one to save this world! Build your own team of monsters to fight for your people's freedom as you attempt to take back the land from a corrupt and evil queen. This PVP version has even more creatures, a new gem system and you can now challenge others’ armies! Use your Mouse to purchase dragons, corpses and other fighters from the shop menu before venturing forth into battle. Don't forget to spend skill points on gems with experience earned and to feed your team members to evolve and upgrade them into more powerful versions of themselves.

Size: 10767741 Bytes

30. Penguins Attack 4 - strategy - 1962 plays
Penguins Attack 4
Link: Play
Evil penguins are back for more action. Those "Pesky Penguins" have returned yet again in a vein attempt to take over the world. Help restore peace to the land with an array of awesome weapons. Line up your tower defences to counter an angry arctic invasion force before it's too late. Use your Mouse to buy and place cannons, flame throwers and electro blasters in the path of the armoured flightless birds to neutralise them, to keep penguins at bay. You have 25 lives, each time one of the enemy breaches your defences you'll lose a life. Don't forget to upgrade each turret when you've collected enough cash. Number keys 1 - 8 for fast tower build. Space bar key to send next wave.

Size: 5552743 Bytes

31. Portal 2D - logic - 932 plays
Portal 2D
Link: Play
A tribute to Valve’s popular console puzzle game Portal 2, which uses almost every feature from the original in 25 epic levels! WASD or Arrow keys to move character, Q to shoot primary, E to shoot secondary, F or Shift key to use object. Use K for Restart.

Size: 4314283 Bytes

32. Pour The Fish - logic - 1352 plays
Pour The Fish
Link: Play
The fish had a carefree life until they were sucked down the drain. You must help them. Dig through the dirt and move objects to guide the water to the fish, filling up bottles along the way. Similar to Where's My Water. Each level contains three bottles, which you're not required to fill with water, but doing so will result in a better score. Keep the water away from thirsty monsters and make sure that the fish are supplied with only clean water.

Size: 8053285 Bytes

33. Planet Juicer - strategy - 806 plays
Planet Juicer
Link: Play
The Core Juice Corporation is counting on you to defend their drill as they mine planets of their cores. The planet cores are used to produce Core Juice. Do you have the skills needed to defend the drill by building units and researching new technologies? Nice cartoon graphics, original retro soundtrack, 14 in-game achievements, deep research tree for acquiring new units and upgrades, voice acting performed for characters / in game speech. Use your Mouse to recruit armed soldiers to defend the mining drill as it cuts through stone. Shoot attacking aliens as they approach to earn cash to spend in your laboratory to research better upgrades for your troops. There are 3 worlds waiting for you with 10, 15, 20 waves and big bosses.

Size: 9071580 Bytes

34. Penalty Shootout 2012 - sport - 3153 plays
Penalty Shootout 2012
Link: Play
Take your countries football team to the semi final by beating the rival team goalkeeper. To make your striker score a successful goal use your Mouse or Space bar key to control the height, width and power of each kick. When defending as a goalie click the image of the keepers gloves just as the opposing teams striker takes a kick. Beat all the other nations in the group to reach the final stage.

Size: 5016879 Bytes

35. Pyjaman - logic - 1277 plays
Link: Play
During the day he is a common boy, but at night he is Pyjaman. He fights with bad dreams and nightmares and brings peaceful sleep to the others. Use your Mouse to direct the boy and his pet pillow where to go. Solve all the puzzles, if you get stuck click the question mark icon in the top right corner for an off site walkthrough.

Size: 2513672 Bytes

36. Pharaoh’s Second Life - logic - 1177 plays
Pharaoh’s Second Life
Link: Play
After suffering from a terrible conk on the head, help the young egyptian ruler rise from his tomb to and find his way out of the locked pyramid. Before pharaoh can explore his new life, you have to escape the pyramid first. Use your Arrow keys to make the bandaged king walk or jump onto platforms. Watch out for boiling pits of lava, spikes and other hazards left by the pyramid builders to thwart looters. Sometimes Space bar key can be used, everything shown with beautiful drawings.

Size: 8247470 Bytes

37. Pothead Zombies - shoot - 968 plays
Pothead Zombies
Link: Play
In the shooting game you need to kill all zombies, wave after wave in order to fight against their boss. Earn cash and buy new weapons or upgrades to succeed. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. R to reload, try headshots for extra damage while killing the invasion of pothead zombies. Earn money to purchase new weapons and upgrade them, crush your enemies.

Size: 16288722 Bytes

38. Park My Big Rig 2 - skill - 1268 plays
Park My Big Rig 2
Link: Play
You just acquired your truckers licence, your new drivers job as part of the cargo transport company is to drive trucks into parking zones without crashing into any trailers or objects. Park the trailer truck so as to achieve maximum points. The main goal of this game is to park truck in designated areas in a short time to pass to the the next level. To manage the most spectacular parks, you will have to use rear or side parking. Use WASD or Arrow keys to drive the truck. Keep an eye out on the the timer if it reaches zero your fired. Avoid crashing into other vehicles, fences or other obstacles. The player has a maximum of five lives. You get a bonus life each 5 levels.

Size: 3021400 Bytes

Pirates Of The Stupid Seas
Link: Play
Join Captain James T. Stinkbeard and crew as they ply the high seas for adventure and silly treasures. Pirates are a ruthless lot. Do the piratey thing by sinking ships before they can reach safety! Sometimes your booty is a bit dodgy. But the real reward is sinking those ships! Terrorize your fellow sailors with a few well-aimed cannon volleys! Limited cannonballs and scurrying victims only make your illegal reward sweeter. And be sure to explore the pirates hangout. The Magical Singing Flounder will reward your every deepest wish. Battle merchants, the royal navy, other pirates, and creatures too horrible to mention! Plunder the gold, upgrade your pirate ship and collect all the treasures! Use the mouse to aim your cannons, hold down your left mouse button to make your shots go longer! Quick and easy in-game tutorial will help you to play the game.

Size: 5673021 Bytes

40. Pocket NT Creature - strategy - 1018 plays
Pocket NT Creature
Link: Play
Buy monsters and feed them to make them stronger. You must buy baby creatures and evolve them with money earned during different fights. Build your creature army to overthrow the King with 28 different creatures. Each of them has different abilities, try to combine them effectively. Create the best monster team to combat enemies. During the fight, you can't do anything but look. Use the mouse to play.

Size: 6010136 Bytes

41. Physics Symmetry - logic - 1179 plays
Physics Symmetry
Link: Play
Try to achieve symmetrical pictures by clicking and removing certain shapes in the right time in the physics puzzle game. Click with the left Mouse button to remove the correct shapes in the scene to achieve and establish a symmetry. Click to remove some red shapes in each level to achieve the symmetry.

Size: 1802053 Bytes

42. Pyramids - logic - 623 plays
Link: Play
You are inside the Egyptian pyramids and you should find to destroy ancient artifacts. Push the artifacts to get three or more in a line and get the super power so you can take all the artifacts treasures with you! Beware of mummies, sarcophagus and ghosts... Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, P to pause, R to restart a level. Press M to mute/unmute the music, N to mute/unmute the sound.

Size: 3247296 Bytes

43. Pipe Riders - race - 2030 plays
Pipe Riders
Link: Play
Fast paced racing game based in 3025. Feel the adrenaline as you spiral at top speeds through the everlasting twisting pipes avoiding the head on collisions and obstacles. Only Pipe Riders know how to race in extreme conditions and live to do it all over again! To get started, choose between timed or survival mode. Avoid obstacles on the way, but pick up the green boxes for extra health. Use the arrow keys to control the motorcycle. Pipe riders will have you second guessing your decisions, and will improve your reaction speed.

Size: 917660 Bytes

44. Parasheeps - sport - 2111 plays
Link: Play
Sheeps are jumping off of Rocking Cliff and risking their lives to find out the best cliff jumper & win the attention of lovely girl in the closest villages. Compete against other sheep in an intense base jumping competition. Be the first to jump off the cliff without false starting and deploy your parachute at the right time so that you quickly, but safely land on the ground. Use your mouse left click to jump and deploy parachute.

Size: 3436258 Bytes

45. Pick And Dig Episode 3 - action - 1625 plays
Pick And Dig Episode 3
Link: Play
Pick and Dig is back again in 3rd version with even more fiendish puzzles to solve! Grab the tools to help you get past obstacles, just watch out for the caterpillars, they're nasty creatures looking to kill you! Grab ladders, shovels, and picks to reach the keys and exit without getting stuck. You will have to collect the coins on the way in order to learn new skills and pass the different levels. Use Arrow keys to move. 1-3 Number keys or ZXC keys to use tools. If you are stuck in the hopeless situation, use R key to restart the level.

Size: 3414600 Bytes

46. Penguin Slice Ice - logic - 895 plays
Penguin Slice Ice
Link: Play
Slice up towers in new Penguin Slice Ice Worlds! Solve 60 new physics-based puzzle levels as you cut multi-color ice, wood and stone structures. Pop those pesky penguins and protect the funny little babies. Use less slices to earn stars and more points and collect presents for bonus score! Use your Mouse to play. Left click, hold and drag to create a slice line. Let go to perform the slice. Characters will pop if something falls on them, if they fall over or are hit from sides. Remember, the babies must survive.

Size: 9932 Bytes

47. Pinata Hunter - skill - 2878 plays
Pinata Hunter
Link: Play
In Pinata Hunter it is your task to beat so much candy out of this cute little elephant pinata that you utterly destroy it. Collect as many candies as you can. You start out with just a paper bag to catch the candy and a stick to beat it out of with. You can then upgrade your stick to a hammer, then a morning star, all the way up to a chainsaw. The same with your bag, it gets upgraded eventually into a vacuum cleaner which sucks everything up. Test your pinata hunting skills by competing for the fastest time and submitting your time to see how you did among other players. Use the mouse to control the wooden stick, swing it back and forth but keep an eye out on your pain threshold meter at the top. Earn enough cash to purchase upgraded and more powerful weapons in the candy store.

Size: 2607368 Bytes

48. Paper Pirates - logic - 1815 plays
Paper Pirates
Link: Play
Pirates are dangerous sea hunters and we must get rid of them in this free online puzzle game. Use your mind to find out what items can you remove, inflate or modify to make the pirate food for sharks. Sometimes pirates floating on sea took with them some crew members of the ship. You must take care of them and make sure you throw only pirates in the water. The shark can't wait to eat pirates. Use your mouse to control the game, remove wooden boxes, activate the bomb, use life buoy, shoot the cannon, or the bird in the right time to kill all pirates and save good seamen.

Size: 4017136 Bytes

49. Pixel 2 - shoot - 1103 plays
Pixel 2
Link: Play
Pixel 2, the sequel to our hit shooter Pixel, features even more colorful explosions! Featuring four worlds with unique enemies, Pixel 2 takes the original game in a new direction with powerful new abilities! Freeze, burn, shock, and unleash other powerful abilities on your enemies! Collect points by destroying enemies and collecting pixels. Hitting a pixel will cause it to shoot back out of your ship. Move the mouse to aim and shoot. Hold spacebar to lock your position. P key to pause and bring up a menu.

Size: 2213005 Bytes

50. Pick And Dig – Episode 2 - skill - 832 plays
Pick And Dig – Episode 2
Link: Play
Pick and Dig is back with even more fiendish puzzles to solve! Grab the tools to help you get past obstacles, just watch out for the caterpillars, they're nasty creatures looking to kill you! Grab ladders, shovels, and picks to reach the keys and exit without getting stuck. Use Arrow keys to move. 1-3 Number keys or ZXC keys to use tools. If you are stuck in the hopeless situation, use R key to restart the level.

Size: 3826871 Bytes

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