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1. Dark II - action - 908 plays
Dark II
Link: Play

Size: 5754416 Bytes

2. Dynetzzle - logic - 1041 plays
Link: Play
Dynetzzle is an original mind bending mathematical puzzle game. Player have to imagine dice from given nets to solve puzzles. Every new level is more difficult for your thinking. You should fill the faces of the cube with numbers in order that the sum of all numbers on each side was the same. Wherein you shouldn't use the same number twice. On the cubes, cycle through different numbers with your Mouse, that for all dice opposing sides equals to the same number.

Size: 662628 Bytes

3. Disposabot - logic - 1322 plays
Link: Play
Escape the testing facility through the creative use of your own corpses. You are a simple, citizen-class robot who has been abducted by Dr. Nemesis and forced through his weapons-testing facility. The good news is that he has replicated you, so with each horrid death comes a renewed hope of escape. Try to pass all 21 of his “anti-hero” rooms in this puzzle-platformer, and he will allow you to escape. But can you acquire the five keys that give you access to Dr. Nemesis himself, so you can exact your sweet, robotic revenge. Lead the robots one by one through a labyrinth at Tyrant Labs full of traps and obstacles. Help the scientists and move and jump with WASD or Arrow keys, making your way to each room's exit. Two types of weapons will impede your progress. Explosions, which will drop your body to the ground (where it can be pushed), and freezers which will halt your motion in midair. These can come in the form of stationary bombs, pewing lasers, or flying trackers. After each death, a new body will be replicated at the start of the level, and if you've killed your way into a corner, R key will restart the level and clear away all corpses. Use M key to to mute/unmute music and press Enter to continue to the next level.

Size: 3561119 Bytes

4. Deadly Road Trip - shoot - 2273 plays
Deadly Road Trip
Link: Play
The police hanged out an announcement that a road gang was wanted. A big reward has been appointed for the gangsters' heads. A biker saw this announcement and decided to help the police. Use your Mouse, Arrow or WASD keys to drive your motorcycle through the desert road and kill all gangsters and criminals on your way. But first deal with his minions, get reward for every killed bandit, collect coins and invest money in numerous upgrades and equipment so you can increase the distance you travel. The faster you will do your job the more reward you will be paid. Use your Space bar key or Left mouse button to fire.

Size: 3126491 Bytes

5. Dino Run - Enter Planet D! - skill - 1101 plays
Dino Run - Enter Planet D!
Link: Play
Dinosaurs are on the brink of extinction and your job is to find a new world known as Planet D. Rescue as many eggs as possible as you try to escape an extinction event and find this paradise. As with previous Dino Run games, you take control of a dino surfing on the edge of doom which is all beautifully rendered and depicted in low-res, retro style graphics which boast stunning, fluid animations. Can you find paradise on Planet D? Find out in this new set of weird Dino Run challenges. You have to navigate your pixelated dinosaur along dreadful tracks to his target before he gets doomed. Enter Planet D and find the paradise for your little runner. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to move, jump or duck. Press Shift key to boost. Earn DNA, which you can use to upgrade your speed, acceleration, jumping ability, and strength.

Size: 10531431 Bytes

6. Douchebag Beach Club - fun - 2237 plays
Douchebag Beach Club
Link: Play
Play another hilarious Douchebag game. It is a social time management game where you have to impress ladies with yourself. Douchebag Beach Club now brings you under the sun, where the girls are in bikinis, muscles are ripped and oiled up and the speakers are pumping bass. Your mission is simple; become a real douchebag by getting big muscles, increasing your swag and flirting with the ladies. Meet new friends and socialise with people who are rich and famous. Use your Mouse and visit different areas on the map. Buy new clothes, bang all the beautiful girls, try to gain enough muscles, so you can enter bodybuilding competitions. Earn the fame and fortune with your body.

Size: 6645670 Bytes

7. Diggy - skill - 4998 plays
Link: Play
Dig your way to the center of the earth in search for great treasures. Try to help the young miner to find a rich, diamonds and jewels before the lithium batteries lose their charge. Use your Mouse to dig, WASD or Arrow Keys to move. E key to use the treasure radar. Upgrade your tools and the equipment at the hardware store to help you along the way to the center of the Earth. Collect different achievements and great or rare exclusive objects.

Size: 4506069 Bytes

8. Daymare Town 4 - logic - 1531 plays
Daymare Town 4
Link: Play
The day the mare stood still… Here we are again, the daymare town welcomes you with open arms. Point and click your way through the adventure. Explore landscape called the sea of smoke as you try to find a way out of the nightmare reality. Use your Mouse to move across the abandoned land and to collect items.

Size: 13906219 Bytes

9. Dragon Ball Z Devolution - fight - 13487 plays
Dragon Ball Z Devolution
Link: Play
A manga anime fight game where you listen to Master Roshi's instructions in dojo. He teaches you the art of kung fu. Start your 23rd tenkaichi budokai and challenge Piccolo in the world martial arts tournament. To perform a kamehameha, hold the charge button until the bar is full and then press X key to release a devastating energy blast. Learn control with a in-game training at the beginning. Press Arrow keys to move Goku. Double tap with a directional key to dash. C key to put up your defences to block attacks and to charge up your KI, X key to punch or kick.

Size: 6295713 Bytes

10. Dino Basketball - sport - 1139 plays
Dino Basketball
Link: Play
In prehistoric Dino basketball you have to select your own fossilised creature and try to be the best player in the upcoming sport tournament. There are three modes, playing tournament with other countries, score game to collect maximum points and player against player game. Use your Mouse to throw the ball while adjusting the angle in your launch. Get your ball to the basket without missing the metal ring hoop.

Size: 5670982 Bytes

11. Dwarf Coins - logic - 1308 plays
Dwarf Coins
Link: Play
The dwarf went on his daily work of mining coins and gems. Excavate underground stones to retrieve all the treasure and help the miner to collect coins. Destroy stones and detonate TNT to guide the golden coin into the dwarf's cart. Try to collect the red gem in each level. Use your Mouse to help the dwarf and roll a coin direct into his trolley and collect gems on the way. Remove excess things so nothing could interfere your work. Click on boxes of explosives to clear areas or launch the loot at your direction.

Size: 5501014 Bytes

12. Don't Escape - logic - 1826 plays
Don't Escape
Link: Play
You woke up in a room… It is not locked and you remember everything. You are a werewolf. Tonight you will turn and people will die, unless you find a way to prevent yourself from escaping this place. Use Mouse to interact with the environment. Inventory is by the upper border of game screen. Potion recipe is written in game. Remember, close the window doesn’t mean lock the window, neither block does.

Size: 6729344 Bytes

13. Daymare Cat - logic - 2002 plays
Daymare Cat
Link: Play
Help the little girl get out of this nightmarish town… Find a way out of the nightmare reality she has accidentally stumbled into. Press Arrow keys to walk or jump onto ledges or elevators. You can interact with objects within the environment by pressing the up or down key next to them. Try to find all the vinyl record discs for the old gramophones within the building.

Size: 6555965 Bytes

14. Dead Paradise 2 - race - 2198 plays
Dead Paradise 2
Link: Play
The Paradise that we had dreamt about has been destroyed. The city has been looted and captured by raiders. The only chance of survival is evacuation to Zone 51. But the way is dangerous. If you stop you die. C’mon, let’s get out of here! Drive your modified armoured vehicle over a nuclear landscape as you attempt to reach a safe quarantined zone free of zombies. Press Arrow keys to steer or balance your car whilst driving up ramps, Z or X key to change your mounted machine gun turrets position, Space bar key to launch a homing missile and C key to dump ignition fuel to damage chasing motorbikes or tanks. If your motor gets blown up, buy a new one and upgrade its engine and weapons at the mechanics shop.

Size: 11273307 Bytes

15. Duty Hill 2 - shoot - 1657 plays
Duty Hill 2
Link: Play
Defend the supply against waves of enemies. As the last soldier standing, it's up to you to protect the military supply boxes from destruction at the enemy's hands. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, Q to sprint, Mouse to aim and fire your AK47 assault rifle. At the end of each attack wave you can upgrade your trooper's skill points and place defensive turrets around the perimeter to target and destroy inbound enemy soldiers.

Size: 8797880 Bytes

16. Dr Lee UAssault - strategy - 855 plays
Dr Lee UAssault
Link: Play
The robot invasion is under away. Assist Dr Lee in leading his own mechanical army, using your tactical wit to take down machine menace’s base, and to defend your own. Dr Lee is no coward, though: pick from a selection of weapons, and control the good doctor himself to blast the enemy to smithereens. Use WASD keys to move around, number keys to select weapons. To shoot, aim and click using the Mouse button. To reload your weapon, press R. Press G to switch through command options. Press F to switch through AI options. Space commands your troops to perform the current command within the player’s radius. Press E to trigger your super move.

Size: 6179413 Bytes

17. Dot Dot Dot - skill - 1774 plays
Dot Dot Dot
Link: Play
A game consisting of a lot of dots. Move a dot through the various mazes. Along the way are colorful walls, which you can not pass without getting to the special squares whose colors you need. Use your Arrow keys to move. Collect green and yellow key dots to open doors and walls, avoid harmful red dots and reach the purple exit dots.

Size: 1420025 Bytes

18. Disaster Will Strike 2 - logic - 1758 plays
Disaster Will Strike 2
Link: Play
The power of destruction is in your hands! Create earthquakes, landslides, viruses and other crazy disasters to destroy all the eggs in each level. Cause havoc amongst the nasty eggs by causing natural calamities to make them explode. Use your Mouse to pick up an earthquake, wind, insect or nuclear symbol and place it near the eggs to make them go splat. Contains 40 mind numbing levels try to complete them all as fast as you can. If you get stuck, press the question mark symbol for an offsite solution.

Size: 5871110 Bytes

19. Doctor Acorn - logic - 1539 plays
Doctor Acorn
Link: Play
Join the great adventure of Doctor Acorn, it is a fun adventure game, where you have to solve the puzzle in order to move on in your adventure. Help the oak nut get back into his tree house after being blown out of the window by a sick patient. Use your Mouse to manipulate buttons, switches, levers and hot air fans to get the surgeon to the top of the tree. Watch out for spikes, giant hungry birds and other harmful hazards. Click on golden acorns to unlock a bonus mini game. Press R to restart the level.

Size: 4779273 Bytes

20. Douchebag Workout 2 - rpg - 1824 plays
Douchebag Workout 2
Link: Play
Tired of being rejected by the ladies? Get the ultimate douchebag workout super duty master flex! A micro simulation based game where you help another weak skinny ectomorph hit the gym to improve his frail frame so he can impress the lovely bikini models with his bulging biceps. Increase your mass, get swag, be popular and get chick. Use your Mouse to improve your muscle mass by training hard at the health club, earn lots of money, become popular around town and woo the lovely young ladies.

Size: 3736479 Bytes

21. Divide - logic - 1498 plays
Link: Play
Divide the figure into the required quantity of pieces with the limited number of cuts. Board chopping logic game where you cut the wooden blocks into various pieces to complete the objective. Use your Mouse to draw a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line through the piece of wood to cut it into two or more shapes. The I symbol indicates how many cuts you have per level and the box shape indicates how many pieces are required to complete the level.

Size: 921533 Bytes

22. Dungeons and Puzzles - logic - 965 plays
Dungeons and Puzzles
Link: Play
This time your master has gone too far. The attack on the kings castle has faild and now the army of the king is approaching your dungeon. Soon the battle is raging everywhere. As the king and his Paladins finally have found you and your master they immediately start attacking your master. You take the chance and tranform into a spider and hide in the darkness. As your master falls to the ground you know this is your great chance! Defeat the king and the Heroes of Light in the puzzle rpg mixture. Left Mouse Button to mark items, move the Mouse to form chains, hold down the left Mouse button while moving. Release Left Mouse Botton to collect items. Match at least 3 swords to attack, bottles to add health, shields for better defense, gold to increase time and magic for magic attack. Level up and improve your skills while your gold is decreased every second.

Size: 2733650 Bytes

23. Decay Of Men - shoot - 1444 plays
Decay Of Men
Link: Play
A post apocalyptic shooter game where you are the anti-hero on a mission to find the truth. You have to find valuable resources before rival gang's gun you down. Use your Mouse to aim or shoot, press S to take cover behind rocks, W to aim your rifle, 1-3 number keys to swap out weapons, R to reload more ammunition into the firearms chamber, A or D to look left or right and P to pause. Collect food and materials to complete the objectives, try not to waste any ammo by blindly firing all over the place.

Size: 9275194 Bytes

24. Desktop Racing 2 - race - 876 plays
Desktop Racing 2
Link: Play
Desktop Racing is back, for the second time! Drive more cars, earn more upgrades and perform crazy stunts. Try to get your little red toy car to the finish line as fast as you can. Press your Arrow keys to accelerate, balance or apply the cars emergency brakes, Z key to activate turbo speed and Space bar key to perform stunts like jumping over office stationary. Make a note of the to-do list before starting off so you can earn more coins by completing all the objectives. Spend your money at the end of each race by visiting the mechanics garage to buy upgrades.

Size: 6380284 Bytes

Divoshi – The Spirit Of Battle
Link: Play
Use your brutal intellect and savage intuition to capture the enemy chief. Use your Mouse to play this innovative board game which can be played in two modes: either turn-based, or real-time. You need to be either smart, or quick + smart. A piece can be moved up to two squares in any of 8 directions. Goal is to capture the chief. To capture, you have to move into an enemy piece to displace it. Pin a piece against an obstacle to caputre it.

Size: 1476386 Bytes

26. Doodle Roll - logic - 1038 plays
Doodle Roll
Link: Play
Physics based skill game where you have to get the ball to bounce onto the chequered platform without falling off the screen. Twist and turn the platforms to guide the doodle ball home. There are 30 levels of thought provoking fun. Use your Mouse to rotate ledges and portals to allow the ball to flow through or bounce off them. Later levels introduce buttons, which need to be pushed before opening the way forward.

Size: 2242785 Bytes

27. Dwarf Mine - skill - 846 plays
Dwarf Mine
Link: Play
Slicing based action game where you have to help the miner reach the bottom of the cave so he can line his pockets with all the loot in the treasure chests. It's a game launcher, the adventures of a dwarf in a dungeon full of treasure and also enemies. Press your Arrow keys or Mouse to move and to slice through enemies with your pickaxe. Begin the digging machines initial launch sequence by pressing the down key or left Mouse button. Gather enough gold coins to buy useful upgrades at the shop.

Size: 3373501 Bytes

Dibbles IV: A Christmas Crisis
Link: Play
The Dibbles return once again, but this time our King is on a new Christmas themed mission. Command the Dibbles and help their king safely cross 33 Xmas themed levels. What’s so important to him that he needs hundreds of his loyal subjects to lay down their lives this time? You’ll just have to complete the game and find out! New features include Slippy, slidey ice, new Xmas pressies that get in the way and can be moved around to form part of the solution. Also new “Swan Dive” and “Ramp” command. Multiple start and finish locations on some levels. Use the Mouse to select from the available commands and place command stones on the level. The first Dibble to encounter the command will pick it up and when the opportunity arises, he’ll carry it out – even if it means sacrificing his life.

Size: 4186450 Bytes

29. Dead Paradise - skill - 1498 plays
Dead Paradise
Link: Play
The city in a future was destroyed by a technological catastrophe. Fast forward 10 years later after a nuclear catastrophe struck your beloved city with deadly consequences. The people are isolated from the outside world. But you have a last chance to survive and get ticket to a safety zone “Paradise”. Travel with your navigator as she sits in the passenger side of your car to reach a land free of nuclear radiation. Press WASD or Arrow keys to steer and control your vehicle, Z or < key to aim your turret left and X or > key to aim right. Space bar key to launch a rocket. Collect gas cans, toolbox repair cans and ammo crates littered around the streets to replenish what you have lost. Drive over skull icons and cash to buy better upgrades at the service station once you reach it. Watch out for machine gun motorcyclists patrolling the highway.

Size: 9161176 Bytes

30. Doors Out Of Office - logic - 1174 plays
Doors Out Of Office
Link: Play
Help the poor nerdy get out of the office! There's something weird going on. Open a lot of doors to get to the right door! Help lazy Dave find his way out of his current predicament by guiding him through a maze of strange doorways. Press WAD or Arrow keys to move or jump and Space bar key to interact with certain objects like switches or levers. Avoid security guards, police officers and sharp spikes as your try to find the exit. Be careful some blocks may disintegrate beneath your feet.

Size: 660601 Bytes

31. Dolly The Sheep - logic - 1291 plays
Dolly The Sheep
Link: Play
Help little Dolly to escape from evil scientists and lead her to the exit. Help the poor farm animal escape from the laboratory before the eccentric scientist performs experiments on her. Contains 30 scenes with a further 10 bonus levels, which can only be unlocked after completing the original levels. Use your Mouse to click on wooden boxes to attach balloons to them to make them or the woolly animal float away. Eat yummy fruit littered around each cell to earn bonus points.

Size: 6083060 Bytes

Dark Soul: Path Of Awakening
Link: Play
Once in a while the living have rare dreams. They dream of the secret passageways in the bowels of reality and the Darkness guarding their reverie. The passageways are winding and deceitful. The Darkness is hungry in its thousand forms. Yet a man of spirit will challenge them and, in the chaos of bleak mazes, he will find the way to the Scarlet Door, and behind it - Freedom. A breath-taking adventure where you gain money and health by fighting the hordes of horrible monsters and destroying crates. The monsters will attack if they get too close to you! Use your left Mouse butotn to shoot pulsars to fill up your rage bar and automatically kill anything in your path. Reach the door at the end of the tunnel to complete each level. Unlock weapons and abilities that will help the brave men to dominate the battlefield. You can toggle weapons using Mouse wheel or number keys 1-4 or Spacebar.

Size: 16485811 Bytes

33. Demon Destroyer - skill - 859 plays
Demon Destroyer
Link: Play
Demons escaped from the Hell... Bring them back home! Destroy evil demons using your destructive balls. These balls have different attributes that allow you to accurately demolish all demons on the screen. Collect the stars and unlock bonus levels. Use your Mouse to click and drag your ball. Aim the direction and velocity of your shot and knock off the demons.

Size: 2860657 Bytes

34. Destructo Dog 2 - action - 869 plays
Destructo Dog 2
Link: Play
This is the 2nd part of the Destructo Dog story. He is from the Mars. He can fly! And he is brave! He came to this planet to help the residents and defeat the evil cats! Help the dashing pup free Earth from the clutches of an evil cat race. Use your WASD keys to move, W is for activate your flying jet pack, P to paws, Mouse to aim or shoot and Q or E to cycle through various weapons. Collect enough coins to spend in the shop on health, guns and various other upgrades. Don't let the nasty fur bags get the better of you.

Size: 15488452 Bytes

35. Death vs Monstars 2 - skill - 936 plays
Death vs Monstars 2
Link: Play
Death returns in this manic arena shooter with more monsters, upgrades, weapons, outfits. Fight with tons of enemies and try to defeat the boss. Do not forget to improve, you need to gather as much money as possible. Use your Mouse to move around and hold Left Mouse button to strafe. Don't collide with enemies or bullets. Collect money! Pause with P key.

Size: 4659024 Bytes

36. Demon Shift - skill - 1562 plays
Demon Shift
Link: Play
You are a demon and lost all souls of the devil. Switch between dimensions to get them back. Demon Shift is a platformer with fine controls, highly polished graphics, wall jumps, achievements, medals and the ability to switch between dimensions. Arrow keys/WASD to move, Space bar key to switch dimensions. Coolect green souls, but be careful, red objects are deadly.

Size: 4187275 Bytes

37. Decision 2 – New City - shoot - 6435 plays
Decision 2 – New City
Link: Play
Your objective is to stay alive and kill as many zombies as you can. Survive as long as you can. Angry zombies will attack you from everywhere. Use different weapons to kill them in this abandoned city. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Use your Mouse to aim, fire and look around.

Size: 13270322 Bytes

38. Dynamite Train - logic - 1444 plays
Dynamite Train
Link: Play
Place sticks of dynamite at key locations of the bridge or various other structures so that when the train drives over it you can detonate them at the right time and make the train and all its cars fall into the river or cliffs below. Use your Mouse to place and explode bombs. The train has been taken over by hostiles and they are headed straight for the city with high explosives. All diplomatic approaches to the situation have bee exhausted and the only resolution now is to take the train out now that all the civilians and hostages have been removed. Do not let the train reach the city!

Size: 2882735 Bytes

39. Dynamite Snake - skill - 1517 plays
Dynamite Snake
Link: Play
Lasers, dynamite sticks, crates full of explosives and recently eaten TNT – don’t leave time to be bored. Play dynamite snake game and help the green reptile gobble as many coins as it can get down it's throat before it's explosive tail catches up with it. Use your Arrow keys on your keyboard to slither around. Try to reach the exit sign before you ultimately go kaboom.

Size: 3787172 Bytes

40. Daily Life 2 - fun - 1204 plays
Daily Life 2
Link: Play
The second installment of Daily Life is here with lots of improvements, like cars, new missions and Free mode! Eat, sleep, learn, work and don’t forget checking the status bars or you will get sick! :) Playing tutorial is highly recommended! Get your Mouse, start your daily life and see if you can make the right decisions! Find work, graduate the university, visit malls and buy cool stuff for your house, go out to night clubs and many more as you try to complete all the challenges of the daily life! Play with different missions and goals in mission mode or choose the free mode.

Size: 3528022 Bytes

41. Dibbles - Pro pack - logic - 994 plays
Dibbles - Pro pack
Link: Play
So you think you're a Dibbles expert? Well now is your chance to prove it. Dibbles Pro Pack is a level pack that revisits the original Dibbles setting with 33 all new levels. With ramped up the difficulty and removed tutorial levels, except very first one, so it's straight in to it. Help the Dibbles safely guide their King to the next level. Dibbles will gladly make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve this goal. Click the icons at the bottom then lay the stones down in the play area, the first Dibble to arrive at the stone will perorm the action instructed on the stone. Use the Mouse to select commands at the bottom, place the command stones in the path of the Dibbles. Lay the stones and the first Dibble will perform the action instructed on the stone.

Size: 2495752 Bytes

42. Dibbles 3 – Desert Despair - logic - 1446 plays
Dibbles 3 – Desert Despair
Link: Play
The Dibbles are back with 44 all-new levels to solve. This time they are in the desert and the king has come specially dressed for the occasion, donning a natty Pharaoh outfit! Brand new swamps and Melt command, New Rocks and Clear command, Multiple start and finish locations. Help the Dibbles safely guide their King from one pyramid to the next. Dibbles will gladly make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve this goal. Click the icons at the bottom then lay the stones down in the play area, the first Dibble to arrive at the stone will perorm the action instructed on the stone. Use the Mouse to select commands at the bottom, place the command stones in the path of the Dibbles. Lay the stones and the first Dibble will perform the action instructed on the stone.

Size: 4249756 Bytes

43. DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4 - fun - 3608 plays
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4
Link: Play
This is not a game, but it’s a musical toy to have some fun with. It’s the 4th version of the famous Sheepwolf Mixer series. Train your DJ skills and hit the tunes you like best. Play new loops, beats and tones, customize your equipment and more. In addition to cranking out tunes using your electronic keyboard use the turntable to scratch old vinyl records. Use the keyboard keys to strike notes on the piano and Mouse to select different musical modes such as bass, snares, kicks or to choose background melodies from the record menu. Close other games or videos otherwise you may encounter synchronization problems.

Size: 4046583 Bytes

44. Disaster Will Strike - logic - 1528 plays
Disaster Will Strike
Link: Play
Prepare to cause absolute destruction as you create natural disasters to destroy all the eggs in each level. Disaster Will Strike you manipulate the blocks by harnessing natural disasters. These include tornado, landslides, earthquakes, plague and fire. You can imagine how each of these disasters will affect the environment. Use Mouse to create natural disasters. Space bar key or R key to reset.

Size: 3866052 Bytes

45. Destrocity - fun - 956 plays
Link: Play
Destrocity is a game where you take control of a giant in a populated city and nearby neighborhood. You can slam the ground with your fists causing explosions and damage to anything nearby. Explosions will send the city's inhabitants and vehicles skyward. Climb the city buildings and knock them to the ground. Feast on the people to boost your stamina. Pickup vehicles or vendors and toss them into oblivion. Or maybe you want to perform a devastating elbow drop from the top of a skyscraper. Depending on which gamemode you are playing, you will be able to purchase skills, collect achievements and buy upgrades to help you along your way. Be wary though, as the city's military will be sent to kill you. Movement with WASD or Arrow keys, attack with Spacebar or Left mouse click, Interact with E key, Sprint while holding Shift key, use skills with 1-3 number keys. There’s an in game tutorial that briefly shows the controls.

Size: 5243910 Bytes

46. Defend The Castle - strategy - 1984 plays
Defend The Castle
Link: Play
Your Kingdom is under the onslaught of an invading enemy zombies, and you must defend your castle. Shoot the zombies with arrows as you defend your castle from the undead invaders. You must command the archer to shoot several arrows in every zombie to kill them all and advance to the next siege day. Wonder how many days can you survive before they take your castle down. You must grow your character's level, add new talents to improve the combat power of your archer and kill zombies all the way. Aim with the mouse and click to shoot zombies with your archer. 1-6 number keys to change attacks.

Size: 6771973 Bytes

47. Ducklife 4 - strategy - 1461 plays
Ducklife 4
Link: Play
Train your team of ducks to reach the top of the duck racing championship in this long-awaited sequel. Manage your hatched chicklets as you train and upgrade their abilities to win races and earn money. You can buy hats or even new ducks in the shop. Windmill in the distance is the tournament room with sets of three races in a row without breaks. Try to unlock new areas on the map. The instructions are in the game. Mainly play with the Arrow keys, Mouse and Space bar for start. You have to train before racing. When you are ready, just click on other duck to race.

Size: 8872475 Bytes

48. Desktop Racing - race - 1005 plays
Desktop Racing
Link: Play
Reach the finish line of this funny race with a miniature car, driving on a cluttered desktop. Do not be a slave in the office. Drive a car on the mini desktop, dodge all the obstacles and collect all the stars you can. Use nitro for speed and to reach some objects. Use car at full speed doing special tricks for more bonus points. Use the arrow keys to control your car, Z to turbo, Spaca bar to jump, Esc to pause.

Size: 6963890 Bytes

49. Doodle Draw - fun - 701 plays
Doodle Draw
Link: Play
Draw great and fantastic shapes in doodle style! Everybody can draw and you can draw too. The faster you will draw, the highest score you will get. Don't worry about save your progress, game use autosave system and make everything for you! Just move your mouse over points and when stars appear, collect them to get more time or other bonuses. Don't forget about restart button and menu!

Size: 893424 Bytes

50. Duck Hunt Reloaded - retro - 2676 plays
Duck Hunt Reloaded
Link: Play
Duck Hunt Reloaded is an awesome remake of the classic with 3 new game modes. Shoot all kind of ducks, protect doggy from maniacs and unlock new game modes. Use your pump action shotgun to take down flying birds as they whiz around the sky. Use the mouse to control the cross hair, try to complete the minimum percentage to pass the level.

Size: 780874 Bytes

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