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1. Viaduct Designer - logic - 1559 plays
Viaduct Designer
Link: Play
Unique action puzzle game in steampunk style. Design bridge, deliver cargo. Control the train and build viaducts where it is necessary to pass on. Arrow keys to change your speed. Space bar key to enter designer mode, to kick away animals. B key to beep, R key to restart level.

Size: 4540569 Bytes

2. Virus Wars - strategy - 2216 plays
Virus Wars
Link: Play
This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. You got the chance to control the viruses, which can inject DNA-code into a living cells. Your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war. Inspired by Phage Wars/Tentacle Wars/Civilization Wars. Your objective is about getting rid of all enemy viruses and saving the organism. Use your Mouse and drag cells from home base to invade and conquer your organisms. Protect organism from hostile invasive cells, finish more levels, collect evolution points and you will be allowed to modify your virus to improve any of these characteristic: Strength – increase virus strength; Speed – better virus moving speed; Reproduction – improve cells reproduction speed; Defence – increase cells ability for defence.

Size: 1207751 Bytes

3. Vortex Point 2 - logic - 1409 plays
Vortex Point 2
Link: Play
The chief of police needs the paranormal investigators team once again. Last night two teenagers were taking their photos inside a photo booth, one of them disappeared ever since… Puzzle game where you help the team of paranormal investigators uncover the mystery of the disappearing teenager. Use your Mouse to roam the city via the map, ask questions and find clues that will lead to the kidnapped 16 year old girl. Don't forget to visit the crime scene to piece together the events leading to her disappearance.

Size: 5079770 Bytes

4. V8 Muscle Cars - race - 1673 plays
V8 Muscle Cars
Link: Play
Race around various tracks across the USA in classic V8s. Unlock new cars, upgrade, and try to get all the achievements! Use your Arrow keys to drive. Upgrade your engine, grip turbo boost and suspensions. Use turbo with X key.

Size: 5503050 Bytes

5. Viaduc Designer - skill - 1975 plays
Viaduc Designer
Link: Play
Unique action puzzle game in steampunk style. Build bridges across chasms and abysses so that you can drive your locomotive over them and deliver the cargo. Complete missions quickly to earn the maximum number of stars. Use your Mouse or keyboard to design bridge and deliver cargo along the way to succeed. Arrow keys to change speed. Space to to enter designer mode, to kick away animals. B for beep and R to restart level.

Size: 4540569 Bytes

6. Viking War - shoot - 900 plays
Viking War
Link: Play
Load the catapult and shoot down the Viking buildings. Challenge 33 levels and show all your strategic skills to get the best score and all the gold medals. Use your Mouse to aim and fire your cannon as you destory the structures. Click left Mouse button to aim and relase button to shoot. Use various weapons and upgrades, wood burning fires & explosions for bigger destruction.

Size: 4740008 Bytes

7. Versus Umbra - action - 872 plays
Versus Umbra
Link: Play
Light up your enemies by blowing their brains out and upgrading your epic weapon set. Unlock a black hole gun, railgun, and unique plasma rifles! Travel through worlds as you progress towards full retaliation. Fight hordes of enemies and finish important missions. Collect inventium and loot, craft crazy weapons, impractical armor and improbable gadgets. Level up your character and pick from a wide selection of perks. Upgrade your weapons and watch them evolve new stronger and stranger features. Complete challenges and achievements to unlock secret weapons and relics. A and D keys to move, W to jump. Mouse to aim and shoot, Shift to open weapon backpack, Tab to open relic backpack, 1 to 9 number to quick-switch weapon and gadgets, F to use gadget, Q to equip last weapon, E to equip last gadget, P to open overlay.

Size: 9936 Bytes

8. Volcania - action - 861 plays
Link: Play
Play Volcania flash game and help the blue inhabitant of an unusual but violent world find his way to the exit door. A volcanic, harsh and unwelcome planet. Oddly enough, creatures live here. Watch out for boiling hot lava pits. Search for the exit, don't look for the obvious, sometimes it pays to think outside of the box! Use the arrow keys to move either left or right and up and down key to jump/fly on rocky ledges.

Size: 6197621 Bytes

Vehicles 2 - Municipality Unleashed
Link: Play
Second version of the game, created by Dmitriy Fyudorov and Dmitriy Zaletov. Bad vehicles are causing havoc on the streets. Use your vehicles to ram them off the screen and restore peace to the streets. Click on the vehicle to make it move. Click on it again to stop it. Bad vehicles cannot be driven by click. Bad vehicles are black and they do not care about the rules, they do prohibited things. Try to ram the bad vehicles off the screen and restore the law & order. Every municipal vehicle has a unique ability, to activate it press power and then click on the vehicle. Police special ability is U-Turn. Ambulance can make reactive jump. Firetrucks can use reactive engine and they cool down everything what is hot. Purple cars are neutral. Use mouse to control the game, watch in-game tutorial to learn and R to reset the level if you are stuck.

Size: 4704184 Bytes

10. Verminator - logic - 1562 plays
Link: Play
It's time to exterminate some Vermin! Your home is filled with hordes of rats from basement to roof. Your mission is to cleanse this family home from the rat infestation. You'll have to plan your attack carefully if you want to exterminate all of these hairy vermin. You have their favorite cheese which attract them recklessly and stinky cheese which they try to avoid. Arrange the slices of cheese in the room to kill all the rats. Drown, Trap, Explode and Crush these pesky rodents in this physics-based puzzle game. Just click the play button, use your mouse and enjoy watching Tasselfoot, beating Verminator.

Size: 3541359 Bytes

11. VIP - Cover Me - logic - 1418 plays
VIP - Cover Me
Link: Play
Build a cover for the yellow dude with the given pieces displayed on the top left. Use mouse to drop shapes!

Size: 2310864 Bytes

12. Vision by Proxy - logic - 2740 plays
Vision by Proxy
Link: Play
Beautiful game and you have to play it by looking through different eyes. Find the missing engine part. Use arrow to move. Collect eyes for new perspectives. Change them using number keys 1 to 4.

Size: 7546052 Bytes

13. Vicious Hunger - skill - 732 plays
Vicious Hunger
Link: Play
In this game you have to pass a zombie from one bank to another. And this requires dexterity! Imagine what will happen if one of them will fall into this bloody lake. Move the log with your mouse. Click mouse button to create another log.

Size: 718048 Bytes

14. Vinnie's Shooting Yard - shoot - 861 plays
Vinnie's Shooting Yard
Link: Play
This is the first part of a series "Vinnies Shooting Yard". It is a training platform for Vinnie - to shoot at targets and earn points. Use mouse to aim and shoot and space to reload.

Size: 616457 Bytes

15. Viper Challenge - skill - 704 plays
Viper Challenge
Link: Play
Challenge time: sit in a Viper and set a new record by collecting all the stars on the ground! In addition to the stars, the locations are scattered with traps and bonuses. To avoid getting lost, use the minimap in the right corner.

Size: 2511291 Bytes

16. Vulcan - action - 855 plays
Link: Play
Aliens do not want you to come to the finish! Choose the best strategy against them and try to destroy them! Walk over ammo box to replenish ammunition. WASD to move master chief. Hold left mouse button to shoot. Q or E to switch weapons.

Size: 1590626 Bytes

17. Vox Populi Vox Dei - action - 1534 plays
Vox Populi Vox Dei
Link: Play
Go through the platforms and kill enemies. Use arrows or combinations with space arrow. Ctrl to hide yourself. There is ingame help, so just follow advices.

Size: 234435 Bytes

18. Vindex Gladiator - rpg - 1813 plays
Vindex Gladiator
Link: Play
Step-by-step fight with bright cartoon-like graphics and a beautiful design. Just like any other RPG game, the battle in this game is a turn based mode. So you have to wait until it's your turn to make a move. Each character have their own commands, even tough there are commands that every character share altogether like items and alchemy. The fight and numina command is based on the character level and skill that he/she learnt. More level you have, more skill that you learned and of course more commands you will have. Learn each skills and use them wise to wins. To select certain comand in the battle menu, just click what command you want and click the target you want that commands to be applied to. You can buy items. But unfortunately the item shop onli lies in the city. So before you unlock and able to visit the city, you will not be able to shop any items. Numina is special skills that make your character able to summon some powerful god/goddess patrons. Numina are very powerful and consume a lot of MP points. Each patron has they own capability, some have very destructive effect and some have healing power. So you really have to know when and where you want use them. Stretegy is the key.

Size: 3998091 Bytes

19. Van - skill - 972 plays
Link: Play
The main goal of the game is to put oil spot under the wheels of cars trying to overtake you.

Size: 408289 Bytes

20. Vector Running - race - 1189 plays
Vector Running
Link: Play
In this game you will need to navigate between obstacles and collect bonus points.

Size: 1336682 Bytes

21. Visible - action - 845 plays
Link: Play
You think you see everything .. but in reality you can be wrong... Game tip: sometimes, to find out the truth, you need to look at the reflection.

Size: 824399 Bytes

22. Volcano - action - 741 plays
Link: Play
Somewhere on the small island, volcanic eruption occurs. You will have to be quick to escape from the possibility of being boiled alive.

Size: 740853 Bytes

23. Van Jellies - logic - 563 plays
Van Jellies
Link: Play
Place the jellies on the right side to keep the board balanced.

Size: 509665 Bytes

24. Viviparous Dumpling - logic - 707 plays
Viviparous Dumpling
Link: Play
Modes include time trail and staying alive as long as possible to giving birth as a microbe.

Size: 853538 Bytes

25. Valentine Word Drop - logic - 634 plays
Valentine Word Drop
Link: Play
Mixed up words slowly drop, you have to reoganize the letters to make Valentines words.

Size: 14377 Bytes

26. Video Game Music Challenge - logic - 818 plays
Video Game Music Challenge
Link: Play
Can you answer all the questions right about older video and console games? Some based on music.

Size: 5155424 Bytes

Video Game Trivia Challenge
Link: Play
Can you answer the video game questions correctly? You need to have some knowledge of classic games.

Size: 5242119 Bytes

28. Vivid Bricks - logic - 667 plays
Vivid Bricks
Link: Play
Shoot the colored bricks that appear from the left side and make them disappear by shooting groups.

Size: 471868 Bytes

29. Virtual Keyboard - tetris - 819 plays
Virtual Keyboard
Link: Play
Wow! A virtual keyboard! Learn how to play classic themes such as Mario, Tetris, Zelda and much much

Size: 1379109 Bytes

30. Vehicle Survival Test - fun - 805 plays
Vehicle Survival Test
Link: Play
An animation of stick men getting hit by a car.

Size: 888499 Bytes

31. Virtual Drum Set - fun - 904 plays
Virtual Drum Set
Link: Play
Bang on the drums all day long.

Size: 879104 Bytes

32. Victory Is Ours - shoot - 13811 plays
Victory Is Ours
Link: Play
You're Stewie Griffin in this awesome shoot 'em up game and you've got to shoot the members in your

Size: 506903 Bytes

33. Virtual Cop - shoot - 762 plays
Virtual Cop
Link: Play
Shoot the lifeless enemies without them killing you.

Size: 2563562 Bytes

34. Virus Hunter - shoot - 692 plays
Virus Hunter
Link: Play
Shoot the viruses before they reach the computers.

Size: 333744 Bytes

35. Velt - shoot - 630 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the spinning snakes before they reach you.

Size: 21573 Bytes

36. Viking Attack - shoot - 671 plays
Viking Attack
Link: Play
Shoot the vikings as they popup from all sorts of places.

Size: 995572 Bytes

37. Vermilion Archetype - shoot - 645 plays
Vermilion Archetype
Link: Play
Race down the tube blowing up the enemies as they approach your vehicle.

Size: 4476390 Bytes

38. Virtual Police - shoot - 663 plays
Virtual Police
Link: Play
A 3D shooter where you low away the bad guys.

Size: 3910950 Bytes

Virtual Police: The Genome War
Link: Play
A great well done shooter with robbers and hostages. (8.5 MB)

Size: 8721704 Bytes

40. Vex Arena: 02 - shoot - 705 plays
Vex Arena: 02
Link: Play
Shoot bad guys in the face in this first person shooter as you walk the hallways.

Size: 1614647 Bytes

41. Vermilion Prototype - shoot - 565 plays
Vermilion Prototype
Link: Play
Aim with your keyboard as you go down the tunnel shooting robots.

Size: 6218861 Bytes

42. Vina Army - shoot - 691 plays
Vina Army
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming soldiers on the boats. Don't let a single soldier reach you or it's game over.

Size: 54747 Bytes

43. VR Squad - shoot - 649 plays
VR Squad
Link: Play
Shoot the blurry characters and don't let them hit you. They shoot you, you lose a life.

Size: 942058 Bytes

44. Venus Fruit Trap - skill - 573 plays
Venus Fruit Trap
Link: Play
Snatch up the fruit, but not the insects.

Size: 382925 Bytes

45. Virtual Knee Surgery - logic - 888 plays
Virtual Knee Surgery
Link: Play
Make realistic decisions on patients and then begin cutting.

Size: 1420405 Bytes

46. VXRacer - race - 1097 plays
Link: Play
Race around a small track and try to win.

Size: 601268 Bytes

47. Velocity - race - 667 plays
Link: Play
A cool racing game with weapons and multiple courses. Set up laps and number of opponents. Nice!

Size: 2845362 Bytes

48. Viroidz - retro - 628 plays
Link: Play
Asteroids remixed once again. Try playing the game is a smaller area this time around.

Size: 290245 Bytes

49. Valencia Surehunter - fight - 634 plays
Valencia Surehunter
Link: Play
Slice and dice the creatures while jumping over the pits when they appear. Pretty good for a girl.

Size: 778913 Bytes

50. Video Poker - casino - 732 plays
Video Poker
Link: Play
A game of video poker.

Size: 185087 Bytes

       79 games starting with V
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