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       36 skill games starting with J
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1. Jonny Backflip - skill - 1131 plays
Jonny Backflip
Link: Play
Help the motorcycle enthusiast reach the flag by performing aerial stunts as he rides his bike across the dirt covered hills. Do flips to get nitro boost. Save gas by making bigger jumps and try to get as far as you can. Dive to make a perfect landing. 6 stages in 3 locations. Each stage generates terrain randomly and new track on every play. Press your WASD or Arrow keys to steer your motorbike by leaning backwards or forwards. Left and Right or A and D keys to lean, Down/S/Space bar key to dive. Spend experience points at the mechanics shop to kit out your scooter with new upgrades to improve fuel consumption, a better ramp, tuned engine revamp or a smooth gear transmission.

Size: 6815990 Bytes

2. Jelly Hop - skill - 598 plays
Jelly Hop
Link: Play
Physics based skill game where you grab all the orbs in correct order by leaping from each of the numbered blocks in the sky. Press your Arrow keys on your keyboard to move or jump. Be careful, blocks have a numeric sign indicating how many times you can bounce on them, once that number reaches zero it will fall down. You have to collect orbs in valid order. Be careful and do not fall off the screen. After completing the level, use Space bar key to continue to the next round.

Size: 2370329 Bytes

Jelly Tower – Four Seasons
Link: Play
Jelly tower for spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. Four seasons, four series of challenges. Build a tower with the limited balls that you have. Challenge your intelligence and skills. Watch and learn in-game tutorial how to build a tower. Use your Mouse to build with balls step by step.

Size: 261668 Bytes

4. Johnny Upgrade - skill - 2422 plays
Johnny Upgrade
Link: Play
Johnny Upgrade is a cartoon super hero with no powers at all! Collect coins to be able to upgrade your skills and to master a big arcade level and its boss in this action/upgrade game mashup! Arrows or WASD to jump and run, Space to shoot, mouse to upgrade your skills.

Size: 3960081 Bytes

5. Jumping Box 2 - skill - 598 plays
Jumping Box 2
Link: Play
Guide this cute small robot like box to his destinattion! Use environment to reach the next level, watch out for spikes, avoid touching red boxes and do not fall off the screen. Use the mouse to drag the small box and set the direction. Release the left mouse button in order to throw him in the desirable direction! Make sure that the box will reach the finish!

Size: 2589394 Bytes

6. Jack In A Golden Trap - skill - 808 plays
Jack In A Golden Trap
Link: Play
In the times of Gold Rush Jack was one of the gold miners. He found so much gold that he was ready to go back home and live a wealthy life. Unfortunately, he met a bad gnom, who wanted all his treasure for himself. Sneaky gnom trapped poor Jack in a gold mine. Now, Jack has to escape as fast as he can buying upgrades from the gnom. Colorful launch game with interesting story, lots of upgrades, many achievements to win and statistics to check and nice music and sound effects. Use mouse to control the game, move left/right for steering, click left mouse button to launch, click and hold to use rocket engine. Collect jewellery, gold and treasure chests, avoid falling stones, gnomes and dust. Send Jack back home as fast as you can to compete for the highscores.

Size: 3786128 Bytes

7. Jump, Goober, Jump!! - skill - 763 plays
Jump, Goober, Jump!!
Link: Play
Guide Goober through 30+ levels of non-stop platforming action. Climb up tall towers of obstacles as fast as you can reunite and with as few deaths as possible. Pull your hair out as you repeatedly try and conquer each level. Avoid dangerous obstacles to survive to the top. Face enemies and take advantage of power ups in the later worlds. But the fun doesn’t just stop there: try the online level database where you can create and share levels with players from throughout the world! Use Arrow keys to move up, jump against walls to climb to the top. You can jump with Sspace or Up key. Your time and deaths are indicated at the top right of the screen.

Size: 8432846 Bytes

8. Jurassic Bug - skill - 478 plays
Jurassic Bug
Link: Play
Help Jurassic Bug to set a new jumping record. Jump from platform to platform to reach the biggest distance possible. Don't fall into the acid water or you won't survive. Some platforms are static, some lets you bounce and other keep you rolling! Press and hold the left mouse button to set the power and release it to jump! For a big jump load the bar completly, but be careful, the bar jumps back to zero if you hold down the left button too long.

Size: 2157524 Bytes

9. Jack in the Box - skill - 1013 plays
Jack in the Box
Link: Play
Life is hard for Jack. Help him to get to the box. Keep an eye on other Jack too. Sometimes you control several clowns. Some of them have special abilities, such as fly or go in the opposite direction.

Size: 2453795 Bytes

10. Jail Break Rush - skill - 1578 plays
Jail Break Rush
Link: Play
You are in a jail and you have to escape from it in any way. You have a plan to escape, but guards are watching you. Proceed when they are not looking, and try to get to another level.

Size: 3485166 Bytes

11. Jelly Fish Sniper - skill - 769 plays
Jelly Fish Sniper
Link: Play
Use the goggle and spot the magical jelly bellies under the sea. Use mouse to interact.

Size: 2852067 Bytes

12. Jungle book - skill - 985 plays
Jungle book
Link: Play
Find out the objects displayed below the pictures, which are cleverly hidden. Find them in short time duration to score more.

Size: 3146842 Bytes

13. Jumper 3 - skill - 771 plays
Jumper 3
Link: Play
You are constantly moving in air. Use arrows to move in air. Jump over ball in the middle for better scoring.

Size: 1235120 Bytes

14. Jumpball - skill - 555 plays
Link: Play
Pick up the coins while avoiding the arrows hitting your ball.

Size: 80895 Bytes

15. Jaba the Zit - skill - 538 plays
Jaba the Zit
Link: Play
You are 13 years old and your acne is out of control. Here is your chance to clean up in the bathroom.

Size: 371368 Bytes

16. Joe Barbarian - skill - 491 plays
Joe Barbarian
Link: Play
Jump from platform to platform avoid dangers like mines and explosives.

Size: 54454 Bytes

17. Jumping Nutty - skill - 533 plays
Jumping Nutty
Link: Play
Bounce on the birds and get as high as possible.

Size: 195797 Bytes

18. Jungle Kid - skill - 641 plays
Jungle Kid
Link: Play
Swing from one vine to the next without falling into the water. Can use lilly pads.

Size: 56592 Bytes

19. Jukebox Hero - skill - 558 plays
Jukebox Hero
Link: Play
Drop the record so that it lands into your boxes position.

Size: 88703 Bytes

20. Jazzy Ragdoll - skill - 938 plays
Jazzy Ragdoll
Link: Play
Make the ragdoll fly around and avoid the bad items while grabbing the good items.

Size: 276699 Bytes

21. James The Deep Sea Zebra - skill - 561 plays
James The Deep Sea Zebra
Link: Play
You're a zebra underwater, grab all the starfish you can.

Size: 817449 Bytes

22. Jumping Circle Remake - skill - 685 plays
Jumping Circle Remake
Link: Play
Bounce on each step grabbing red balls. Don't go below the screen or it's game over.

Size: 760063 Bytes

23. Jumping Jelly Beans - skill - 545 plays
Jumping Jelly Beans
Link: Play
Three characters jump different heights, click on them to grab the fireflys.

Size: 678071 Bytes

24. James the Circus Zebra - skill - 533 plays
James the Circus Zebra
Link: Play
Bounce and swing around grabbing all the baby circus animals for saving. Try not to miss any.

Size: 887560 Bytes

25. Jetski - skill - 565 plays
Link: Play
The jet is pulling you on your board. Grab the Pepsi icons and avoid the skull ones. Grab 'em all!

Size: 1020728 Bytes

Jimmy the Rat in Sewer Surf
Link: Play
Surf the sewers on a turd and grab the money you can while dodging the bombs and other sewer things.

Size: 589205 Bytes

27. Jewel Thief - skill - 536 plays
Jewel Thief
Link: Play
Move your jewel thief to grab all the jewels without getting caught.

Size: 627757 Bytes

28. Juggler - skill - 520 plays
Link: Play
Bounce the soccer ball as many times as possible without dropping it.

Size: 152467 Bytes

29. Juggler - skill - 807 plays
Link: Play
Juggle the balls for as long as possible with a Pong-like paddle.

Size: 64940 Bytes

30. J&B Snowball - skill - 1138 plays
J&B Snowball
Link: Play
Use your skill to react quickly to the fast appearing snowmen and throw snowballs at them.

Size: 381948 Bytes

31. Jump - skill - 564 plays
Link: Play
Adjust your accuracy and distance just right to land from boat to boat. Careful they sink.

Size: 1019408 Bytes

32. Jewel Thief - skill - 681 plays
Jewel Thief
Link: Play
Avoid the security guards and cameras and steal the jewel. Then make your way to the exit.

Size: 619506 Bytes

33. Jellyfish - skill - 480 plays
Link: Play
Collect the fish to your tentacles. Avoid other items. Don't move too fast or they detach.

Size: 1716479 Bytes

34. Jazzy Jones - skill - 483 plays
Jazzy Jones
Link: Play
Funny Kiddie cartoon graphics, but difficult to master gameplay. Push the keys when your told.

Size: 9841652 Bytes

35. Jungle Destruction - skill - 717 plays
Jungle Destruction
Link: Play
Charge the hippos and stab them with your horn at the perfect time to spray the blood.

Size: 5987450 Bytes

36. Juggle - skill - 478 plays
Link: Play
Draw a line to bounce the ball into the stars. Keep the ball going without losing height.

Size: 456503 Bytes

       36 skill games starting with J
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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