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51. Star Fighter Duel - action - 501 plays
Star Fighter Duel
Link: Play
Play against computer or play, upgrade weapons, speed and battle using lasers with your ship .

Size: 1572749 Bytes

Star Fly 2 Cosmic Gladiator
Link: Play
Fly in your space ship in the galaxy shoot at other ships with lasers.

Size: 1449341 Bytes

53. Soulmech Shinobu - action - 449 plays
Soulmech Shinobu
Link: Play
Time to slice and dice in this ninja action game.

Size: 1155748 Bytes

54. Stickman Sam 2 - action - 646 plays
Stickman Sam 2
Link: Play
A Stickman sidescroller adventure game.

Size: 1353631 Bytes

55. Super Mario Flash - action - 688 plays
Super Mario Flash
Link: Play
It's a me, Mario in flash! (again)

Size: 853677 Bytes

56. Super Soldier - action - 548 plays
Super Soldier
Link: Play
A super soldier that shoots pink exploding balls. Beware!

Size: 292777 Bytes

Super Mario Sunshine 64 Demo
Link: Play
Play as Mario with a water jet pack.

Size: 610433 Bytes

58. Super Mario X - action - 804 plays
Super Mario X
Link: Play
A Mario with a graphics overhaul.

Size: 2453895 Bytes

59. Super Mario Bros Level 1 - action - 703 plays
Super Mario Bros Level 1
Link: Play
One of the best Mario looking flash games out there.

Size: 1003040 Bytes

60. Super Mario Bros Level 2 - action - 706 plays
Super Mario Bros Level 2
Link: Play
The 2nd level of this good looking Mario game.

Size: 490108 Bytes

61. Shark Attack! - action - 518 plays
Shark Attack!
Link: Play
A quick game of dodging sharks in the water.

Size: 245506 Bytes

62. Super Walkland - action - 505 plays
Super Walkland
Link: Play
A hot robot woman running around in an action game.

Size: 633122 Bytes

63. Synj Sneak Attack - action - 468 plays
Synj Sneak Attack
Link: Play
Run while slicing and dicing and spiting fireballs.

Size: 479438 Bytes

64. Shino Beat - action - 478 plays
Shino Beat
Link: Play
Slice and dice and jumpto dodge enemy attacks.

Size: 412902 Bytes

65. Sonic Flash - action - 812 plays
Sonic Flash
Link: Play
Another Sonic game to keep you busy with new levels.

Size: 677304 Bytes

66. Sk8 Prison - action - 527 plays
Sk8 Prison
Link: Play
A Donky Kong like game, but much harder.

Size: 97968 Bytes

67. Shop Lifter - action - 490 plays
Shop Lifter
Link: Play
Steal the goods from the stores without being caught.

Size: 595647 Bytes

68. Silent Death - action - 643 plays
Silent Death
Link: Play
If Splinter Cell was a flash game, this would be it.

Size: 1360874 Bytes

69. Super Mafia Bros - action - 885 plays
Super Mafia Bros
Link: Play
A remake of Mario with a gun.

Size: 1231847 Bytes

70. Super MPCorp Land - action - 462 plays
Super MPCorp Land
Link: Play
A game that resembles Super Mario. Rescue your friend Jbeu kidnapped by the evil creatures.

Size: 342081 Bytes

71. Splat 'em - action - 807 plays
Splat 'em
Link: Play
Splat food all over the people you really hate.

Size: 849294 Bytes

72. Swordsman - action - 615 plays
Link: Play
Kill as many ninja warriors as possible without dieing.

Size: 113621 Bytes

73. Sheep Color Balls - action - 417 plays
Sheep Color Balls
Link: Play
Help Rambo the sheep protect his farm from the different colored wolves by shooting them!

Size: 307332 Bytes

74. Shore Acres 2 - action - 392 plays
Shore Acres 2
Link: Play
Walk about this odd looking island looking for weird occurances and find out strange things.

Size: 1479593 Bytes

75. Schnappi - action - 436 plays
Link: Play
Help schnappi the alligator get through many levels while eating flies.

Size: 348326 Bytes

76. Space Xuttle - action - 358 plays
Space Xuttle
Link: Play
Fly your space ship over a distant planet and collect fuel cells to stay afloat without crashing.

Size: 277829 Bytes

77. Space Dude - action - 412 plays
Space Dude
Link: Play
Shoot the space aliens as you progress in this side scroller action game.

Size: 352852 Bytes

78. Star Runner - action - 487 plays
Star Runner
Link: Play
Collect the stars to pass the levels. No jumping available.

Size: 136976 Bytes

79. Squawk - action - 451 plays
Link: Play
A side scrolling action and puzzle game.

Size: 321949 Bytes

80. Super Marco Level 1 - action - 568 plays
Super Marco Level 1
Link: Play
Metal Slug character in the Mario universe.

Size: 879512 Bytes

81. Super Marco Level 2 - action - 508 plays
Super Marco Level 2
Link: Play
Metal Slug character in the Mario universe.

Size: 1020097 Bytes

82. Super Marco Level 4 - action - 617 plays
Super Marco Level 4
Link: Play
Metal Slug in Mario universe.(level 3 left out due to lameness)

Size: 693572 Bytes

83. Super Marco Level 5 - action - 645 plays
Super Marco Level 5
Link: Play
Metal Slug character in the Mario universe.

Size: 1402758 Bytes

84. Super Marioworld Revived - action - 720 plays
Super Marioworld Revived
Link: Play
A good size mario game that actually starts to get difficult.

Size: 1598716 Bytes

85. Sleepless Knight - action - 412 plays
Sleepless Knight
Link: Play
A sidescrolling action / adventure game.

Size: 2414195 Bytes

86. Sleepless Knight 2 - action - 401 plays
Sleepless Knight 2
Link: Play
The side scrolling slice and dice adventure continues.

Size: 2830230 Bytes

87. Stande - action - 485 plays
Link: Play
Side action shooting with decent cartoon graphics.

Size: 2257498 Bytes

88. Super Biology Adventure - action - 529 plays
Super Biology Adventure
Link: Play
Kill, eat, evolve, survive.

Size: 2809359 Bytes

89. Sky Firefighter - action - 956 plays
Sky Firefighter
Link: Play
Pickup water and drop it on the fire.

Size: 525089 Bytes

Super Kentucky Space Battles
Link: Play
A sidescrolling flying and bombing game. Watch the cows go boom.

Size: 113664 Bytes

91. Soldier of Pain - action - 537 plays
Soldier of Pain
Link: Play
Peek around corners and shoot the bad guys in this top down action game.

Size: 3532632 Bytes

92. Samurai Jack - action - 601 plays
Samurai Jack
Link: Play
Sidescroller slicing and dicing action.

Size: 1542054 Bytes

93. Scarlet Angel - action - 526 plays
Scarlet Angel
Link: Play
Siderscolling, box jumping, platform landing, shooter.

Size: 2857977 Bytes

94. S 7OB 2 Seahawk - action - 505 plays
S 7OB 2 Seahawk
Link: Play
Destroy the enemy ships and rescue the hostages floating in the water, then return to your ship.

Size: 530785 Bytes

95. Samurai's Blood - action - 543 plays
Samurai's Blood
Link: Play
Slicing and dicing the evil forces and watching their blood spray all over.

Size: 1601376 Bytes

96. Samurai Asshole - action - 1084 plays
Samurai Asshole
Link: Play
Be an Samuari asshole and slice and dice anybody that opposes you.

Size: 318352 Bytes

97. Sonic Trip - action - 616 plays
Sonic Trip
Link: Play
A small Sonic game with decent gameplay. Gets harder as you level up.

Size: 171351 Bytes

98. Snow Fight 3.0 - action - 464 plays
Snow Fight 3.0
Link: Play
Throw snow at the other team until they fall to go to next level.

Size: 330513 Bytes

99. Snowball - action - 472 plays
Link: Play
Get your snowball bigger, start to run over dogs, people, and more.

Size: 132481 Bytes

100. Save The Earth - action - 491 plays
Save The Earth
Link: Play
Defend earth and don't let anything come near or hit it.

Size: 96967 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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