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51. Dungeon Escape - logic - 581 plays
Dungeon Escape
Link: Play
Click areas of the game as they glow or you die.

Size: 857743 Bytes

52. Diam - logic - 504 plays
Link: Play
A strange thinking game where you need to lineup peices to win.

Size: 612348 Bytes

53. Dragondash - logic - 518 plays
Link: Play
Keep the dragon going as fast as possible for 60 seconds.

Size: 539019 Bytes

54. Deduction - logic - 516 plays
Link: Play
Deduct the secret passcode with eight columns of color wheels.

Size: 369296 Bytes

55. Defend The Brewery - logic - 572 plays
Defend The Brewery
Link: Play
Place and move the platforms to keep the brewery and trucks safe.

Size: 310684 Bytes

56. Dice Wars - logic - 764 plays
Dice Wars
Link: Play
A thinking game of strategy and attack.

Size: 98171 Bytes

57. Delibeery - logic - 589 plays
Link: Play
Keep the bee floating and don't touch the cave walls.

Size: 698701 Bytes

58. Dodge Em 2 - logic - 771 plays
Dodge Em 2
Link: Play
Dodge other balls and complete tasks in this puzzle action game.

Size: 3195736 Bytes

59. Deal or No Deal - logic - 1075 plays
Deal or No Deal
Link: Play
Try to end the game with as much money as possible.

Size: 502705 Bytes

60. Dodge the Lines! - logic - 577 plays
Dodge the Lines!
Link: Play
Move your cursor and dodge the lines of blocks. Fairly difficult to last very long at all.

Size: 549151 Bytes

61. Disco Jungle - logic - 599 plays
Disco Jungle
Link: Play
Create the colors needed to make groups of the same disappear.

Size: 1802065 Bytes

62. Danger Wheels - logic - 852 plays
Danger Wheels
Link: Play
Like Bomberman only with cars and bombs.

Size: 927482 Bytes

63. Draw Play - logic - 718 plays
Draw Play
Link: Play
Draw the level surface for your character to walk on and reach the flag.

Size: 321101 Bytes

64. Drivers Ed Direct - logic - 1267 plays
Drivers Ed Direct
Link: Play
Different types of drivers ed tests like parallel parking and the like.

Size: 1331927 Bytes

65. Doggles - logic - 466 plays
Link: Play
Fly and make your way through the hoops. Oh yeah, your a dog too.

Size: 426923 Bytes

66. Domino - logic - 546 plays
Link: Play
The original game of Dominos for your enjoyment.

Size: 535757 Bytes

67. Dyna Miner - logic - 559 plays
Dyna Miner
Link: Play
Use the dynomite to blow away the mine walls to grab gold and more TNT. Reach the bottom.

Size: 850393 Bytes

68. Dots - logic - 676 plays
Link: Play
Draw a line from dot to dot. Once you complete a box you get a point. Gets hard near end of rounds.

Size: 11259 Bytes

69. Domino Frenzy - logic - 598 plays
Domino Frenzy
Link: Play
Place the dominos all over the map to complete objectives. Careful on turns.

Size: 2063655 Bytes

70. Down the Drain - logic - 607 plays
Down the Drain
Link: Play
Draw the pipe for the water to flow down. Reach your objective.

Size: 1125013 Bytes

71. DNA - logic - 569 plays
Link: Play
Can you connect the DNA together to help your experiment grow? Cool puzzle game.

Size: 964696 Bytes

72. Driller - logic - 555 plays
Link: Play
Drill down as fast as you can using same colored blocks to increase your drilling speed. Don't die.

Size: 111384 Bytes

73. Domino Pressure - logic - 637 plays
Domino Pressure
Link: Play
Pick which domino to tip over so that all dominos are tipped over, but so you still squish a tomato

Size: 441268 Bytes

74. Deep Sea Dive - logic - 519 plays
Deep Sea Dive
Link: Play
Another game of Bejeweled mixed up. This time move the pieces fast before you run out of oxygen.

Size: 208784 Bytes

75. Deep Digg - logic - 532 plays
Deep Digg
Link: Play
Dig through the same colored pieces and get as low as possible. Don't get squished.

Size: 311251 Bytes

76. Draw Bounce - logic - 697 plays
Draw Bounce
Link: Play
Draw the lines so that the ball bounces and rolls to the end. Later levels include powerups.

Size: 700371 Bytes

77. Drop Job - logic - 512 plays
Drop Job
Link: Play
Pop the water bubbles to share the water to all the puzzle pieces. Arcade and puzzle gameplay modes.

Size: 754708 Bytes

78. Dinner at Romeos - logic - 552 plays
Dinner at Romeos
Link: Play
Seat the people at the restaurant and deliver their food to them. Keep up with your customers!

Size: 1164308 Bytes

79. Diamond Well - logic - 518 plays
Diamond Well
Link: Play
Grab the diamonds to finish the level, don't let the gremlins eat your machine, instead eat them.

Size: 135932 Bytes

80. Darkmelt - logic - 538 plays
Link: Play
Run and jump from ice sheet to ice sheet making them thinner and thinner. Break enough to level up.

Size: 172386 Bytes

81. Dungeon Escape - logic - 485 plays
Dungeon Escape
Link: Play
Solve the mystery as you poke around the tomb. Watch out for monsters behind tomb doors.

Size: 3589503 Bytes

Daddy Day Camp Capture The Flag
Link: Play
Make your way through the maze and capture the flag. Play the game again to start in another spot.

Size: 1474157 Bytes

83. Dress Up Link - logic - 691 plays
Dress Up Link
Link: Play
Change sword shield hood hair eyes boots gauntlets and gloves on Link from Legend of Zelda game

Size: 390964 Bytes

84. Disco Jungle - logic - 728 plays
Disco Jungle
Link: Play
Disco jungle is without a doubt the most trendy club from all around. Cool atmosphere, good music and a great dance floor with colored lit tiles. Funky elephants like yourself have a very special power, thanks to your trump you can absorb de color of a tile and change it for another. Suddenly you see everything differently, the dance floor is a giant puzzle where you can earn lots of points, beat many levels and become the king of the club. Party on! Use Z to Jump. X to Absorb and Arrows to move.

Size: 1795.8 KB

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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