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101. Shaun of the Dead - shoot - 805 plays
Shaun of the Dead
Link: Play
Those records at zombies. Hard to actually hit them.

Size: 239222 Bytes

102. Scope Assault - shoot - 528 plays
Scope Assault
Link: Play
Shoot the guys that popup around the whitehouse.

Size: 211844 Bytes

103. Stranded - shoot - 367 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies as the all approach you.

Size: 1542691 Bytes

104. Splash - shoot - 522 plays
Link: Play
Splash the workers that aren't working.

Size: 229170 Bytes

105. S.W.A.T. - shoot - 512 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the zombie clowns coming at you through the fog.

Size: 505186 Bytes

106. Skyd en kendt - shoot - 532 plays
Skyd en kendt
Link: Play
Shoot the person and try to fill up the bag full of blood.

Size: 298731 Bytes

107. Shoot The Mellon - shoot - 332 plays
Shoot The Mellon
Link: Play
Shoot as many floating mellons as you possibly can before time runs out.

Size: 31556 Bytes

108. Star Wars JawaShoot - shoot - 403 plays
Star Wars JawaShoot
Link: Play
Shoot the Jawa running across the screen.

Size: 90251 Bytes

109. Shoot UFOs - shoot - 354 plays
Shoot UFOs
Link: Play
Shoot the UFOs as they fly by on the screen. Aim through clouds.

Size: 18622 Bytes

110. Snake Shooter - shoot - 544 plays
Snake Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the poorly drawn snakes and other wild life.

Size: 66240 Bytes

111. Shooter - shoot - 403 plays
Link: Play
Quite the dull and simple shooter. But how fast can you shoot?

Size: 108702 Bytes

112. Stickman Madness - shoot - 896 plays
Stickman Madness
Link: Play
BOOM! Stickman headshots rock!

Size: 5083893 Bytes

113. SebShooter beta - shoot - 511 plays
SebShooter beta
Link: Play
Shoot the guys that popup as fast as possible. Simple.

Size: 78453 Bytes

114. Space Ambush - shoot - 408 plays
Space Ambush
Link: Play
Keep the enemy troops away from your turret.

Size: 1070749 Bytes

115. Sudden Threat - shoot - 456 plays
Sudden Threat
Link: Play
Shoot them in the chest and face to make them pay.

Size: 2395301 Bytes

116. Storm the House 2 - shoot - 3275 plays
Storm the House 2
Link: Play
Shoot the troops of stickmen as they approach your base. Gets difficult.

Size: 305229 Bytes

117. Streets of Valhalla - shoot - 485 plays
Streets of Valhalla
Link: Play
Shoot the approaching vehicles and blow the crap out of them.

Size: 5054311 Bytes

118. Shootin Sushi - shoot - 528 plays
Shootin Sushi
Link: Play
Shoot the Sushi and other objects off the conveyor belt without missing.

Size: 151497 Bytes

119. Shooting Gallery - shoot - 547 plays
Shooting Gallery
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies that pop out from behind corners and the roof. Pickup powerups.

Size: 141176 Bytes

120. Skeet Shoot - shoot - 384 plays
Skeet Shoot
Link: Play
Shoot the discs as they fly by you.

Size: 345212 Bytes

121. Shooting Range - shoot - 437 plays
Shooting Range
Link: Play
Shoot the targets quickly before they change. Has multiple levels.

Size: 356289 Bytes

122. Skeet Shooting - shoot - 355 plays
Skeet Shooting
Link: Play
Shoot the discs as they are thrown up into the air from different directions.

Size: 231776 Bytes

123. Shooting Fish In A Barrel - shoot - 362 plays
Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Link: Play
A short game of shooting a blue fish in a barrel.

Size: 149698 Bytes

124. Sniper Global Mercenary - shoot - 660 plays
Sniper Global Mercenary
Link: Play
Like Sift Heads and Tactical Assassin, only harder.

Size: 1517008 Bytes

125. Shoot Zombies - shoot - 519 plays
Shoot Zombies
Link: Play
Shoot the zombies in this top-down view keyboard shooter.

Size: 1414815 Bytes

126. Stick Arena Lite - shoot - 1024 plays
Stick Arena Lite
Link: Play
Stickman shooter. Multiplayer ONLY. Other people on the internet playing in the game.

Size: 2659300 Bytes

127. Snowman Attack - shoot - 347 plays
Snowman Attack
Link: Play
Shoot the attacking snowmen with your turret. Buy weapon upgrades.

Size: 2567603 Bytes

128. Sniper on High - shoot - 581 plays
Sniper on High
Link: Play
Snipe the hiding stick figure as many times as possible.

Size: 480797 Bytes

129. Shoot - shoot - 279 plays
Link: Play
Shoot as many aircrafts as possible in the 60 seconds given.

Size: 91671 Bytes

130. Stormtrooper Attack - shoot - 403 plays
Stormtrooper Attack
Link: Play
Shoot as many stormtroopers as possible in this hard popup shooter game.

Size: 60823 Bytes

131. Springfield Snow Fight - shoot - 508 plays
Springfield Snow Fight
Link: Play
Throw snowballs at Simpson characters. Don't run out of snowballs and dodge the bullies snowballs.

Size: 209467 Bytes

132. Snow Trooper - shoot - 533 plays
Snow Trooper
Link: Play
Shoot your automatic snowball shooter and watch others turn to bloody mush.

Size: 692350 Bytes

133. Snowman Hunter - shoot - 359 plays
Snowman Hunter
Link: Play
Using a sniper scope shoot the snowmen in the head. Must shoot them all quickly before time runs out

Size: 673253 Bytes

134. Shootout 2 - shoot - 532 plays
Shootout 2
Link: Play
Make the best decisions on who to shoot first or it's game over in this shooter.

Size: 862264 Bytes

135. Shootout Survival - shoot - 440 plays
Shootout Survival
Link: Play
Shoot the stick enemy guys and watch as their heads explode. Good gameplay with difficult parts.

Size: 6163258 Bytes

136. Surge - shoot - 490 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the creatures as they appear and use the keyboard to dodge, use force field and other moves.

Size: 1293346 Bytes

137. Sift Heads 2 - shoot - 1114 plays
Sift Heads 2
Link: Play
You're given missions to assassinate people. Read your objective and snipe the stick figures. Cool!

Size: 2565853 Bytes

138. Sharpshooters Fair - shoot - 416 plays
Sharpshooters Fair
Link: Play
Shoot as many sea creatures as you can. Don't shoot ones carrying white flags. Yellow flag is bonus.

Size: 622896 Bytes

139. Ship Shooter - shoot - 362 plays
Ship Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot all the ships that are coming to attack you. Nice and fast gun spray.

Size: 379645 Bytes

140. Stickman Madness 2 - shoot - 696 plays
Stickman Madness 2
Link: Play
Very cool 3D stickman shooter. As the stickmen pop out, blast them away. Reload at the right times!

Size: 5132251 Bytes

141. Street Shooter - shoot - 373 plays
Street Shooter
Link: Play
As your view rolls over the street, shoot any bad guys that pop up from behind cover.

Size: 652611 Bytes

142. Starship Troopers - shoot - 635 plays
Starship Troopers
Link: Play
Shoot the bugs with 3 different weapons. Defend your military installation at all costs.

Size: 700635 Bytes

143. Skeeter Splat - shoot - 571 plays
Skeeter Splat
Link: Play
Click on the bugs to keep them from getting to the skin at the bottom.

Size: 286476 Bytes

144. StarBot 17 - shoot - 491 plays
StarBot 17
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming robots from space. Dodge and shoot them or they'll take your health away.

Size: 1217205 Bytes

145. School Invaders - shoot - 471 plays
School Invaders
Link: Play
Click where you want the kids to go. Blast the aliens before they turn you into bones.

Size: 550187 Bytes

146. Spamihilator: Anti Spam - shoot - 357 plays
Spamihilator: Anti Spam
Link: Play
Click the close button on the spam windows before they fill your screen.

Size: 351097 Bytes

147. Sponge and Leroy Assault - shoot - 425 plays
Sponge and Leroy Assault
Link: Play
Shoot down the incoming orange balls.

Size: 4035479 Bytes

148. Sousa Palooza - shoot - 518 plays
Sousa Palooza
Link: Play
You are a tuba shooting musical notes at other instruments.

Size: 1311269 Bytes

149. Star Blaster - shoot - 353 plays
Star Blaster
Link: Play
A simple game of shooting strange creatures. Cartoonish.

Size: 6412217 Bytes

150. Santa Tank - shoot - 432 plays
Santa Tank
Link: Play
Drive your Santa tank back and forth and shoot snowballs at the bats coming out of the caves.

Size: 492952 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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