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51. PlanetX - logic - 422 plays
Link: Play
Fly around and collect items to pass the level.

Size: 439050 Bytes

52. Plumber - logic - 610 plays
Link: Play
Line the pipes up to let the water flow through them without spilling.

Size: 37685 Bytes

53. Plumber 2 - logic - 755 plays
Plumber 2
Link: Play
A tricky puzzling pipe game. Much like the 1st version, but only without a timer. Click the pipes to rotate them and create a continuous pipeline from the tap to the outlet. Then turn the tap to make the water flow.

Size: 250276 Bytes

54. Proximity - logic - 466 plays
Link: Play
Beat the computer in a interesting numbers game.

Size: 130876 Bytes

55. Poux - logic - 499 plays
Link: Play
Click the matching jewels and don't let them reach the top.

Size: 77634 Bytes

56. POL - logic - 491 plays
Link: Play
Dodge items while continuing to progress in levels.

Size: 700432 Bytes

57. Palantir - logic - 511 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the different colored balls match them up to remove them.

Size: 144359 Bytes

58. Panic Puzzle - logic - 669 plays
Panic Puzzle
Link: Play
Type in the letters and solve the puzzle before the letters get taken away.

Size: 603058 Bytes

59. Peg Puzzle - logic - 429 plays
Peg Puzzle
Link: Play
Jump pegs over each other horizontally, vertically, and diagnolly to end up with one remaining.

Size: 10395 Bytes

60. Penguin Push - logic - 539 plays
Penguin Push
Link: Play
Move the blocks around into the proper spot.

Size: 174874 Bytes

61. Pipe Mania - logic - 462 plays
Pipe Mania
Link: Play
Lay down pipes before water starts flowing and make it reach the drain.

Size: 139386 Bytes

62. Push It - logic - 387 plays
Push It
Link: Play
Move around blocks and push them into the square they must land at.

Size: 646542 Bytes

63. Puzzled - logic - 512 plays
Link: Play
Complete this nice puzzle of a blue ocean and light house with cottage.

Size: 87068 Bytes

64. Plops - logic - 434 plays
Link: Play
Continue to create Plops without them escaping.

Size: 163919 Bytes

65. Puzzle Clicker - logic - 562 plays
Puzzle Clicker
Link: Play
Can you figure it out by clicking?

Size: 204425 Bytes

66. PuzzleLand - logic - 446 plays
Link: Play
Click items in the right order to progress.

Size: 909848 Bytes

67. Piggy - logic - 728 plays
Link: Play
Run around catching lunch boxes but don't drop them.

Size: 31557 Bytes

68. Parabola - logic - 461 plays
Link: Play
Toss the ball just right at the target to score.

Size: 2571489 Bytes

69. Park A Lot II - logic - 431 plays
Park A Lot II
Link: Play
Park the cars where they belong, requires a close eye and good thinking cap.

Size: 872042 Bytes

70. Puzzled Episode 2 - logic - 654 plays
Puzzled Episode 2
Link: Play
Escape from the room using your whits.

Size: 102621 Bytes

71. Parking Zone Madness - logic - 1090 plays
Parking Zone Madness
Link: Play
Get the cars to their circle where their color belongs.

Size: 76728 Bytes

72. Panda Adventure - logic - 429 plays
Panda Adventure
Link: Play
It's a puzzle just trying to figure out how to play.

Size: 176340 Bytes

73. Panic Pipes - logic - 429 plays
Panic Pipes
Link: Play
Harder then hell pipes game. Very little time to make pipe for water flow. 10 Levels.

Size: 472594 Bytes

74. Pirates - logic - 391 plays
Link: Play
A game like Worms only with pirates where you aim at each other and fire. 1P or 2P.

Size: 3366834 Bytes

75. Plops Tournament DX - logic - 340 plays
Plops Tournament DX
Link: Play
How many times can the Plops increase without going off the screen?

Size: 4672595 Bytes

76. Piss Drunk - logic - 702 plays
Piss Drunk
Link: Play
Aim and don't piss outside of the toilet.

Size: 395173 Bytes

77. Playing With Fire 2 - logic - 1047 plays
Playing With Fire 2
Link: Play
Similar to Bomberman with 1 or 2 players and up to 3 AI players.

Size: 335204 Bytes

78. Parking Perfection 2 - logic - 893 plays
Parking Perfection 2
Link: Play
Park your car in an assortment of parking puzzles.

Size: 124894 Bytes

79. Parking Perfection - logic - 961 plays
Parking Perfection
Link: Play
Park that car fast or you gonna lose!

Size: 78093 Bytes

80. Papas Pizza - logic - 609 plays
Papas Pizza
Link: Play
Fix the pizzas as the orders come in. Gets difficult.

Size: 3072484 Bytes

81. Pretty Pretty Bang Bang - logic - 318 plays
Pretty Pretty Bang Bang
Link: Play
Explode the balls and keep your ball alive by dodging others and exploding.

Size: 348280 Bytes

82. Planarity - logic - 528 plays
Link: Play
Drag the balls so that the connecting lines don't overlap any others.

Size: 52448 Bytes

83. Providence - logic - 364 plays
Link: Play
A puzzle maze to figure out where you are going, where you want to be and then get out of the dungeo

Size: 1134115 Bytes

84. Puzzle Maniax - logic - 696 plays
Puzzle Maniax
Link: Play
Put together puzzles with different images on the pieces.

Size: 409122 Bytes

85. Pearl Hunt - logic - 332 plays
Pearl Hunt
Link: Play
Move the sliders to make the pearls drop down.

Size: 238766 Bytes

86. Plant man - logic - 570 plays
Plant man
Link: Play
Plant your tree saplings before the bad guys catch up to you or time runs out.

Size: 1367093 Bytes

87. Paths - logic - 448 plays
Link: Play
Draw the path the ball should take. Gets very difficult later on when moving parts at the same time.

Size: 1054100 Bytes

88. Pig Wars - logic - 450 plays
Pig Wars
Link: Play
Throw the bombs at the other pig right when they're going to explode.

Size: 340081 Bytes

89. Plops Preview - logic - 772 plays
Plops Preview
Link: Play
Click the plops to create the plops, keep the plops by each other.

Size: 1906319 Bytes

90. PaintBall The Game - logic - 3383 plays
PaintBall The Game
Link: Play
Draw the lines to route the ball to bounce into the red box.

Size: 2068816 Bytes

91. Pharao's Treasure - logic - 397 plays
Pharao's Treasure
Link: Play
Line up four blocks of the same color and symbol and gain enough points to level up. Gets Hard fast.

Size: 621687 Bytes

92. Puzzle Bobble - logic - 574 plays
Puzzle Bobble
Link: Play
Another Bobble game for your enjoyment.

Size: 344150 Bytes

93. Portal The Energetic Chain - logic - 326 plays
Portal The Energetic Chain
Link: Play
Click on the correct peice that will cause a chain reaction to fill the energy bar.

Size: 281421 Bytes

94. Prison Escape - logic - 632 plays
Prison Escape
Link: Play
Look for clues around the prison and try to escape from the entire prison, not just your cell.

Size: 3205398 Bytes

95. Paths 2 - logic - 491 plays
Paths 2
Link: Play
Draw a line that the ball travels on. Move obstacles that are in the way before or during gameplay.

Size: 886969 Bytes

96. Puchala Village - logic - 338 plays
Puchala Village
Link: Play
Buy houses when they are low in price, sell them when they are high and start to drop.

Size: 110647 Bytes

97. Pipol Destinations - logic - 507 plays
Pipol Destinations
Link: Play
Similar to Lemmings you dig away dirt and make a pathway to the house. Don't let them fall too far!

Size: 1186967 Bytes

98. Priests n Devils - logic - 523 plays
Priests n Devils
Link: Play
Move all the priests and devils across, but don't let them attack each other by out numbering.

Size: 423064 Bytes

99. Pass the Pint - logic - 452 plays
Pass the Pint
Link: Play
Pass the pint from leprechaun to leprechaun. Finish with only one leprechaun left.

Size: 1199537 Bytes

100. Perfect Sudoku - logic - 361 plays
Perfect Sudoku
Link: Play
Another Sudoku game. The good thing about this one is it features a tutorial and training.

Size: 918100 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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