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51. Rock Paper Scissors - logic - 493 plays
Rock Paper Scissors
Link: Play
Choose between rock, paper or scissors versus the computer on each throw.

Size: 156474 Bytes

52. Rings - logic - 475 plays
Link: Play
A hard game of rotating and organizing the balls in the pattern pictured.

Size: 118111 Bytes

53. RPS Blockade - logic - 370 plays
RPS Blockade
Link: Play
Use the Rock, Paper, Scissor formula to make blocks disappear.

Size: 2355274 Bytes

54. Rumble Ball 3 - logic - 375 plays
Rumble Ball 3
Link: Play
The Rumble Ball series continues in this ball launching, ball gathering, wall bouncing game.

Size: 147557 Bytes

55. Rumble Ball 4 - logic - 413 plays
Rumble Ball 4
Link: Play
Rumble Ball continues with the same gameplay and new levels.

Size: 283470 Bytes

56. Rainbow Web - logic - 403 plays
Rainbow Web
Link: Play
Like Bejeweled only on a web shape. Harder to spot the patterns of similar colors.

Size: 912884 Bytes

57. Rickshaw Jam - logic - 418 plays
Rickshaw Jam
Link: Play
Move the vehicles so your car can escape. 50 levels!

Size: 255271 Bytes

58. Rock Grid Rumble - logic - 352 plays
Rock Grid Rumble
Link: Play
Shoot the pieces into the pit below, finish the game with the most pieces to win.

Size: 216875 Bytes

59. Radarix - logic - 275 plays
Link: Play
Line up the rows of colors so that the radar sweeper clears them and gives more.

Size: 924381 Bytes

60. Radical Racer - logic - 411 plays
Radical Racer
Link: Play
Complete the level without running into walls or other objects. Top-down view.

Size: 202311 Bytes

61. RADIUS - logic - 326 plays
Link: Play
Use the arrow keys to control all the balls. Make the balls crash into each other.

Size: 1594313 Bytes

62. Rusty's Revenge - logic - 440 plays
Rusty's Revenge
Link: Play
Escape from the room by solving puzzles and continue your journey.

Size: 2700632 Bytes

63. Recycle - logic - 295 plays
Link: Play
White the bin highlights, select the type of garbage that goes in that type of bin.

Size: 147806 Bytes

64. Rebound - logic - 409 plays
Link: Play
Keep the ball from hitting the walls by drawing your own walls using the mouse and arrow keys.

Size: 2343012 Bytes

65. Roadies - logic - 379 plays
Link: Play
Similar to Lemmings of setting up objects so that the people can make it to the exit.

Size: 184764 Bytes

66. Railroad Ruckus - logic - 406 plays
Railroad Ruckus
Link: Play
Line the train walkway up with the train and the incoming passengers. If you don't they go splat.

Size: 1400035 Bytes

67. Rings and Sticks - logic - 323 plays
Rings and Sticks
Link: Play
Can you make the sticks grow to pass through all the rings on the level? Gets quite difficult.

Size: 107467 Bytes

68. Rings - logic - 342 plays
Link: Play
Move the rings to the pegs, then start to layer them from large to small. Hard right before losing.

Size: 505880 Bytes

69. Railway to Heaven - logic - 507 plays
Railway to Heaven
Link: Play
Escape from the cage on the railroad tracks before the train reaches you and sends you to heaven.

Size: 915873 Bytes

70. Rotazion - logic - 358 plays
Link: Play
Your bubble bar is rotating. Keep it from hitting the mines. Try hard for a challenge.

Size: 1041553 Bytes

71. Rocket Car - logic - 459 plays
Rocket Car
Link: Play
Drive and collect gas for your rocket car to complete the levels. Don't run out of gas in mid-air.

Size: 1596949 Bytes

72. Rebound - logic - 376 plays
Link: Play
Bounce your ball to grab all the ping balls and then bounce into the exit portal.

Size: 239804 Bytes

73. Ratmaze 2 - logic - 426 plays
Ratmaze 2
Link: Play
You're a rat in a maze. Run around eating food and collecting items trying to escape the maze.

Size: 2067005 Bytes

74. Ring Pass Not - logic - 377 plays
Ring Pass Not
Link: Play
Hard puzzle game with a bunch of rules to follow. Can you make it pass the tutorial?

Size: 3195162 Bytes

75. Rome Puzzle - logic - 332 plays
Rome Puzzle
Link: Play
An awesome puzzle game with some elements of building a village. New pieces come after playing more.

Size: 1971826 Bytes

76. Railroad Builder - logic - 425 plays
Railroad Builder
Link: Play
Build the railroad so that the train reaches the end of the level without crashing.

Size: 263372 Bytes

77. Rotospheres - logic - 265 plays
Link: Play
Throw the spheres and try to keep the board clean by throwing the same colors at each other.

Size: 4964807 Bytes

78. Recipe For Disaster - logic - 436 plays
Recipe For Disaster
Link: Play
Take down the robot in the kitchen by clicking on items and people that hurt the robot.

Size: 1308391 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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