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51. Counter Strike Flash - shoot - 854 plays
Counter Strike Flash
Link: Play
To progress you have to kill certain amount of enemies and get headshots.

Size: 673633 Bytes

52. Combat Instinct 1 - shoot - 594 plays
Combat Instinct 1
Link: Play
Shoot down and kill any alien forces that attack you.

Size: 1910297 Bytes

53. Combat Instinct 3 - shoot - 685 plays
Combat Instinct 3
Link: Play
Shoot those aliens down as fast as you can once again is this sequel.

Size: 3881052 Bytes

54. Crazy Battle - shoot - 500 plays
Crazy Battle
Link: Play
Shoot the enemy soldiers as they pop up to shoot you.

Size: 145954 Bytes

55. Coco Shoot - shoot - 646 plays
Coco Shoot
Link: Play
Shoot the coconuts before they hit the ground.

Size: 74523 Bytes

56. Circus Targets - shoot - 580 plays
Circus Targets
Link: Play
Gain as many points as possible by shooting circus targets and everything else.

Size: 96975 Bytes

57. Clay Kitten Shooting - shoot - 636 plays
Clay Kitten Shooting
Link: Play
Shoot the clay kittens as they are launched into the air.

Size: 316491 Bytes

58. Cockroach Dream - shoot - 667 plays
Cockroach Dream
Link: Play
Kill the cockroaches before they get onto the sleeping guy.

Size: 414709 Bytes

59. Chicken Attack - shoot - 819 plays
Chicken Attack
Link: Play
Shoot the chickens before they attack your castle.

Size: 698016 Bytes

60. Clash N Slash Worlds Away - shoot - 478 plays
Clash N Slash Worlds Away
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies before they reach the planet. Great graphics.

Size: 812494 Bytes

61. Chav Hunter - shoot - 656 plays
Chav Hunter
Link: Play
Great sniper action just like Sift Heads.

Size: 756978 Bytes

62. Cowboy Billy Boom - shoot - 559 plays
Cowboy Billy Boom
Link: Play
Shoot the evil cowboys at the saloon, but be quick about it.

Size: 504495 Bytes

63. Crazy Shooter - shoot - 516 plays
Crazy Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the targets on the monsters as fast as possible.

Size: 326458 Bytes

64. Call to Arms Normandy - shoot - 572 plays
Call to Arms Normandy
Link: Play
Simply shoot the Nazis as they pop out.

Size: 388608 Bytes

65. Cemetary - shoot - 637 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the zombies in the cemetary from your sniper perch in your house. Gets harder as more rise up.

Size: 1794441 Bytes

66. Chernobil Rabbits - shoot - 544 plays
Chernobil Rabbits
Link: Play
Shoot the rabbits before they become too toxic. Multiple weapons.

Size: 353954 Bytes

67. Call of Duty 2 - shoot - 869 plays
Call of Duty 2
Link: Play
With a Call of Duty 2 backdrop, shoot the enemies that pop out.

Size: 417147 Bytes

68. Cemetary 2 - shoot - 564 plays
Cemetary 2
Link: Play
Keep up with the all the zombies coming out of the Cemetary. Shoot their brains out.

Size: 1511823 Bytes

69. Crazy Castle 2 - shoot - 440 plays
Crazy Castle 2
Link: Play
Buy your weapons and protect the castle by blasting away the incoming hords of little creatures.

Size: 428446 Bytes

70. Chairlift Challenge - shoot - 540 plays
Chairlift Challenge
Link: Play
Throw the snowballs and try to hit the skiers down below. Difficult game of leading targets.

Size: 767732 Bytes

71. Chicken War 2 - shoot - 537 plays
Chicken War 2
Link: Play
Shoot the chickens before they shoot you or throw eggs at you.

Size: 607228 Bytes

72. Call of Duty - shoot - 781 plays
Call of Duty
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies as they popup in this Call of Duty game clone. Stay alive for as long as possible.

Size: 288226 Bytes

73. Cigarette Killer - shoot - 675 plays
Cigarette Killer
Link: Play
Shoot the Cigarettes with your water gun and put them all out before the time runs out. A quick game

Size: 366261 Bytes

74. Cute Shooter - shoot - 558 plays
Cute Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the face as it floats around the screen. How long can you last before it kills you?

Size: 3769748 Bytes

75. Clone Commando - shoot - 630 plays
Clone Commando
Link: Play
Shoot the clones as they pop up out of the base camp. Don't die from the cowboy that pops up.

Size: 325001 Bytes

76. Chaotic Creature Scanner - shoot - 580 plays
Chaotic Creature Scanner
Link: Play
Scan as many creatures as possible to rack up as many points as you can.

Size: 355998 Bytes

77. Commissar Betrayal - shoot - 613 plays
Commissar Betrayal
Link: Play
Time to shoot some bad guys and dodge their fire. Can you dodge the fire from multiple enemies?

Size: 2242588 Bytes

78. Cure Lohan - shoot - 905 plays
Cure Lohan
Link: Play
Cure Lohan by shooting needles at her. Careful not to run out of meds.

Size: 2863058 Bytes

79. Coast Guard - shoot - 549 plays
Coast Guard
Link: Play
Destroy the kamikaze suicidal floating bomb rafts and other boats trying to destroy your oil rig.

Size: 273306 Bytes

80. Cannon Ball - shoot - 573 plays
Cannon Ball
Link: Play
Set angle and power to shoot out of your cannon and destroy the other person's castle.

Size: 173768 Bytes

81. Color Rabbit - shoot - 439 plays
Color Rabbit
Link: Play
Change your backpack color and shoot it at the falling spike balls.

Size: 1161901 Bytes

82. Cannon - shoot - 537 plays
Link: Play
Aim and shoot down airplanes before they can drop bombs on your cannon.

Size: 288974 Bytes

83. Colored Balls - shoot - 510 plays
Colored Balls
Link: Play
Shoot the colored balls next to other balls of that same color.

Size: 89424 Bytes

84. Child Services - shoot - 577 plays
Child Services
Link: Play
Throw items at child services as they try and grab your pile o' crap.

Size: 1196790 Bytes

85. Cupids Adventure - shoot - 551 plays
Cupids Adventure
Link: Play
Couples are roaming around the park, as Cupid it's your job to shoot them to make them feel the love

Size: 2101287 Bytes

86. Critter Cannon - shoot - 617 plays
Critter Cannon
Link: Play
Launch critters from the cannon and get them as far as possible without hitting item to slow you.

Size: 884451 Bytes

87. Catch a toy - shoot - 539 plays
Catch a toy
Link: Play
Catch a toy - Try and catch that toy that you have always wanted! You don't need to worry about how much change yo

Size: 504166 Bytes

88. Cat Vac - shoot - 663 plays
Cat Vac
Link: Play
Cat Vac - As the Cats fall, try to bounce them into the vac, before the dog eats them

Size: 172020 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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