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       28 skill games starting with I
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1. I Am Sticky - skill - 1152 plays
I Am Sticky
Link: Play
This black blob is not only sticky! It can also move, jump and even morph into other characters. I Am Sticky is a platform adventure game in which you will have to guide the sticky character featured in the game to the end of each level, collecting useful things and overcoming all the obstacles and dangers. Press WASD or Arrow keys to guide your blob as it travels through the land. Collect shiny stars, jump and avoid dangerous spikes. You cannot jump while moving, carefully check the trajectory before. You can also go inside of frogs and pigs to help your way through the level. Use in-game walkthrough if you got stuck.

Size: 1648236 Bytes

2. Inferno Meltdown - skill - 1133 plays
Inferno Meltdown
Link: Play
So you always wanted to be a fire-fighter? Well now’s your chance. Take on the role of a robotic fire-fighter and take on Infernos in various locations across town, from the bowling alley to the cinema to the gas-works. Features highly flammible and explosive gameplay. Includes oil barrels and petrol pumps that explode. Sprinklers to help keep the fire back. Aim the hose with your Mouse to spray water and press WASD or Arrow keys to move it. Try to cease hazardous uncontrolled fires using your portable firemans fire extinguisher. Drop sprinklers with Space bar and prevent the meltdown and stop the inferno.

Size: 2740822 Bytes

3. I Can Fly - skill - 1160 plays
I Can Fly
Link: Play
I can fly is a launch based game where you help the young angry male pig rescue his girlfriend from a nasty rat that has kidnapped and taken her to the moon. Use your Mouse to control the flying pig as he soars through the air towards the stars. Avoid electrical thunderclouds and grab fruit to replenish the piggy's spent fuel. Collect stars in the sky to spend on equipment upgrades at the shop.

Size: 3380796 Bytes

4. Into Space 2 - skill - 2145 plays
Into Space 2
Link: Play
You have reached Space! But new goal awaits – Mars!. Upgrade your rocket, complete missions and achievements to unlock new equipment and reach new heights! Complete missions, unlock achievements and purchase upgrades to send your rocket farther and farther. A/D key or Left/Right arrow to turn left/right. S key or Down arrow to turn off the engine. W key or Up arrow to use boosters. Turn off the engine for maneuvers. Speed affects damage, so if you see that you can’t avoid the obstacle, try to slow down at least. Fins greatly improve steering and also reduce the air resistance don’t forget to buy them. Speed gates give you two stackable speed buffs. One for several seconds and strong, other will last much longer, but it is weaker.

Size: 9768276 Bytes

5. Ink Battle - skill - 966 plays
Ink Battle
Link: Play
Play ink battle spelling game and enlist the help of characters from story books to fight against the darkness creeping over the library. Type your heart out to launch amazing units and trigger incredible powerups as you fight to keep literature safe from the evil ink blots! Use the keyboard to tap in letters as words appear to create mana. Type in words along the mana bar (dot, special, etc.) to summon defenders to protect your book. Earn enough coins to purchase upgrades at the bookstore.

Size: 2547003 Bytes

6. Imperfect Balance 3 - skill - 1150 plays
Imperfect Balance 3
Link: Play
The destruction continues with 45 new constructions. Try to make all the colorful blocks fall off the screen or destroy them with other means. Place the provided objects at the top on the playing field to knock colored shapes off the screen. Use mouse to pick up and drop shapes. Mouse wheel or A/D/LEFT/RIGHT rotate the shape. Press W/S/UP/DOWN for smoother rotation.

Size: 5051981 Bytes

7. I Am Flying To The Moon - skill - 1243 plays
I Am Flying To The Moon
Link: Play
One step at a time, your space program is taking off. Use the money earned from each launch to upgrade your rocket. Grab all the powerups and fuel you can while heading for the stratosphere. Avoid colliding with blimps, balloons and UFOs - they hurt! How fast can you get to the moon. Buy upgrades for your wings, engine, fuel tank or dispenser, aerodynamic, armor, radar or strength hull. Use Arrow keys to control your rocket in the air.

Size: 4345601 Bytes

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
Link: Play
Help Indiana successfully cross the river, jump across the pillars and collect the artifact. Once you have the artifact, return it to the crate. Use arrows to move.

Size: 813647 Bytes

9. It Came From The Deep End - skill - 1641 plays
It Came From The Deep End
Link: Play
The rumour up here at summer camp is that a kid-eating monster lives at the bottom of the swimming hole. And all the other kids dared me to swim across it at night. they say that the monster's lair is surrounded by the bones of its victims, so I brought my flashlight so that I can see the bottom. All I have to do is make it to the dock on the north side. Just don't steer me over the monster's lair, okay?

Size: 191254 Bytes

10. Ice age rampage - skill - 1045 plays
Ice age rampage
Link: Play
Life is not easy in Ice Age. Therefore, our hero sits down with Jim homemade snow catapult and goes hunting. Push space to attack when you are asked.

Size: 4074413 Bytes

11. Isoblock Madness - skill - 1296 plays
Isoblock Madness
Link: Play
You must move a block to make it fit on blue places. Each level contains a certain number of phases. Don't forget to check time remaining on the upper left while playing. Use arrow keys to move the block. No empty cells moves are possible. Black cells are weak cells in higher levels. 10 levels.

Size: 557321 Bytes

12. Iron Maiden Flight 666 - skill - 1345 plays
Iron Maiden Flight 666
Link: Play
Your objective is to fly the plane around 5 different countries, dropping speakers near the local people. If the speaker lands near enough they will become a hard-core rocker! Each level requires a minimum number of rockers. If the speaker lands on a person then you have lost a possible rocker. You can upgrade your plane to help you achieve your goals. Keep an eye on your fuel level!

Size: 2886298 Bytes

13. Incredibles Mega Memory - skill - 695 plays
Incredibles Mega Memory
Link: Play
Click on a card to flip and reveal the image. Match alike cards before the time runs out to move to the next level.

Size: 319605 Bytes

14. Infinite Chamber - skill - 1136 plays
Infinite Chamber
Link: Play
Goal is to cross the bridge back and forth to power the machine. Extra life every 10 levels. Arrow keys to move, SPACE to jump, P to pause. Multiple platforms and many different obstacles.

Size: 553797 Bytes

15. Invention Suspension - skill - 767 plays
Invention Suspension
Link: Play
Manage your helicopter, you will need to deliver the necessary details to a given location.

Size: 2358343 Bytes

16. Ice Cream Sundae Rush - skill - 1170 plays
Ice Cream Sundae Rush
Link: Play
Prepare and bring game. This time playing as a seller of ice cream.

Size: 275057 Bytes

17. Its Mine - skill - 700 plays
Its Mine
Link: Play
Greed is such an odd thing! Dig out and collect the jewels.

Size: 34750 Bytes

18. Incriminati - skill - 788 plays
Link: Play
Quickly hide your bong, panties and other stuff parents shouldn't see!

Size: 317189 Bytes

19. Island Defense - skill - 609 plays
Island Defense
Link: Play
Move your mouse to control the wind. Don't let any parachuters land on your island.

Size: 364776 Bytes

20. Indestructo Tank - skill - 1036 plays
Indestructo Tank
Link: Play
Bounce your tank into enemies by making their bombs hit you. Get as many bounce combos as possible.

Size: 750888 Bytes

21. Irritating Game - skill - 821 plays
Irritating Game
Link: Play
The hardest flash game ever created. Keep one ball balanced, the other above the paddle.

Size: 31475 Bytes

22. Ice Slide - skill - 643 plays
Ice Slide
Link: Play
How far can you launch the polar animals before they slow down and stop? Try to beat friends scores.

Size: 143 Bytes

23. Interface Escape - skill - 615 plays
Interface Escape
Link: Play
Pick the right height and angle to use your jump pack to land on the next platform.

Size: 371869 Bytes

24. Infantry Covert Operatives - skill - 635 plays
Infantry Covert Operatives
Link: Play
The same gameplay that the game Worms has. Pick your weapon and trajectory. Kill other team.

Size: 547216 Bytes

25. Innards - skill - 637 plays
Link: Play
Collect the good inside and avoid the bad. Last as long as possible using your mouse moving skills.

Size: 576818 Bytes

26. Iso Infected - skill - 596 plays
Iso Infected
Link: Play
Use your keyboard tapping skills to control the ball and grab the gems. Gets very difficult.

Size: 94182 Bytes

27. Incubus Pulsum - skill - 663 plays
Incubus Pulsum
Link: Play
Move to the direction of the incoming bugs and snakes and hammer them. Similar to a DDR arrow game.

Size: 11197854 Bytes

28. In the Seabed - skill - 723 plays
In the Seabed
Link: Play
Swim in the tubes. Hold down the mouse button to go up, release to go down.

Size: 308.2 KB

       28 skill games starting with I
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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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