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51. Eternal Red - strategy - 2498 plays
Eternal Red
Link: Play
Build various defenses, improve weapons and fight for their lives. Prevent the waves of shadow creeps from getting from one portal to the other. Build sentry guns, set floor traps, and arm yourself strategically to survive 70 waves of enemies. Clicking on the various floor panels and sentry mounts will bring up menus to build and upgrade your equipment. You can also click on your own character and arm him with various weapons to help defend against the oncoming enemies. A and D: Move, W: Jump, Mouse: Move cursor, Left Click: Select / Shoot, Mouse Wheel: Change weapons, E: Change Weapons.

Size: 3375942 Bytes

52. Extreme Trucks 2 - skill - 2645 plays
Extreme Trucks 2
Link: Play
Extreme racing in extreme conditions at the extreme iron horse.

Size: 1159377 Bytes

53. Escape From Orange Room - logic - 1067 plays
Escape From Orange Room
Link: Play
A typical game where you have to search hidden objects which help you to escape from the room.

Size: 56945 Bytes

54. Exorbis 2 - logic - 599 plays
Exorbis 2
Link: Play
Click on the sliders to move the orbs onto the targets in as few moves as possible.

Size: 1874166 Bytes

55. Easter Eggs Tycoon - strategy - 879 plays
Easter Eggs Tycoon
Link: Play
Here you have a hen that will lay eggs for you. Feed the hen first. Click on the feed sack and then on the hen to feed it. When a hen give you eggs paint them and sell to Easter rabbits.

Size: 1508291 Bytes

56. Escape The Eye Doctor - logic - 1194 plays
Escape The Eye Doctor
Link: Play
Well, who sits in the office of doctor? Try to find out with your mouse by clicking on objects!

Size: 1515625 Bytes

57. Evolution Squared - skill - 867 plays
Evolution Squared
Link: Play
The aim is simple - eat as many different creatures.

Size: 4081073 Bytes

58. Exit 2 - logic - 592 plays
Exit 2
Link: Play
Guide this odd looking character across the tiles, but be careful, you can only go across some tiles

Size: 326838 Bytes

59. Easy Dock - logic - 809 plays
Easy Dock
Link: Play
Park your massive cruise liner up in the right spot.

Size: 773155 Bytes

60. Easter Eggs - logic - 608 plays
Easter Eggs
Link: Play
Move around the eggs and match up four of them to remove before the time runs out.

Size: 46453 Bytes

61. Egg Maze - logic - 696 plays
Egg Maze
Link: Play
Tilt the wooden maze up down left and right to roll the egg but avoid dropping it in the holes.

Size: 209302 Bytes

62. Eliminator - logic - 659 plays
Link: Play
Use arrow keys to line up the colored balls and cluster them together to remove them within a given

Size: 74842 Bytes

63. Egg Jump - logic - 812 plays
Egg Jump
Link: Play
Try to get as many as up to the top as possible.

Size: 11176 Bytes

64. Escape from Fairy World - logic - 561 plays
Escape from Fairy World
Link: Play
Move the bat around with the arrow keys, avoid smashing into the walls, the light faeries and the bo

Size: 2997142 Bytes

65. Escape From the UFO - logic - 584 plays
Escape From the UFO
Link: Play
Click objects in the right order to escape the UFO.

Size: 674291 Bytes

66. ElComplo - logic - 714 plays
Link: Play
Click items in the right order so they are used 100%.

Size: 830327 Bytes

67. Earthbound Quiz - logic - 665 plays
Earthbound Quiz
Link: Play
A quiz based around Earthbound with 3 different difficulty settings.

Size: 446051 Bytes

68. Elements - logic - 550 plays
Link: Play
Click the numbers in the right order, gets quite hard after the first 5 levels.

Size: 623017 Bytes

69. Embryo Escape - logic - 593 plays
Embryo Escape
Link: Play
Similar gameplay to Lemmings where you control the flow to get the Embryos to the Doc.

Size: 174603 Bytes

70. Eggrun2 - logic - 702 plays
Link: Play
Aim your egg to get the sticks on each level.

Size: 280194 Bytes

71. Emerald Thief - logic - 596 plays
Emerald Thief
Link: Play
Avoid detection from cameras and robots, make it through the level and unlock a door or two.

Size: 582112 Bytes

72. Exorbis - logic - 528 plays
Link: Play
Use the sliders to slide the rows and columns so the balls lineup with their portals.

Size: 2508088 Bytes

73. Escape Series 1 - logic - 784 plays
Escape Series 1
Link: Play
Can you escape from the car using your brain and any objects you may find? Harder than it sounds.

Size: 293141 Bytes

74. Easy Peasy Escape 2 - logic - 875 plays
Easy Peasy Escape 2
Link: Play
Can you figure out how to escape from the room with your sanity intact?

Size: 739270 Bytes

75. Escape Series 2 The Closet - logic - 769 plays
Escape Series 2 The Closet
Link: Play
The Escape series returns with another room you must escape from. Can you solve the puzzles?

Size: 423181 Bytes

76. Escape Series 2.5 - logic - 694 plays
Escape Series 2.5
Link: Play
Escape another room or you will die in there. Solve each mini puzzle to get that much closer.

Size: 1204382 Bytes

77. Enigmatica - logic - 602 plays
Link: Play
Line up all the similar patterns on the entire board to win. VERY difficult.

Size: 624632 Bytes

78. Escape from the THK58 - logic - 841 plays
Escape from the THK58
Link: Play
The best escape game to date. You can tell this room escape has been polished. Nice!

Size: 5793629 Bytes

79. Elevation - logic - 603 plays
Link: Play
Decide the perfect time to send your robot across the floor of the building so it doesn't get hit.

Size: 447903 Bytes

80. Escape Library - logic - 760 plays
Escape Library
Link: Play
You're a nerd that got stuck in the library. Are you nerdy enough to escape or die with your books?

Size: 476922 Bytes

81. Escape The Health Center - logic - 897 plays
Escape The Health Center
Link: Play
Escape from the health center by solving the small puzzles that fit together to let you escape.

Size: 2509771 Bytes

82. Escape From Island - logic - 770 plays
Escape From Island
Link: Play
Escape from the island. Click the arrows to navigate around the island picking up items to help you.

Size: 1301640 Bytes

83. Escape - shoot - 653 plays
Link: Play
Try and escape by killing everyone! Simple as that :)

Size: 84908 Bytes

84. Escape Caper - shoot - 604 plays
Escape Caper
Link: Play
Shoot the Terrrorist before the finish line

Size: 892586 Bytes

85. Extreme Farm Simulator - shoot - 558 plays
Extreme Farm Simulator
Link: Play
Shoot down all the pesky alien spaceships as you try to stop them from abducting all the cows from y

Size: 481533 Bytes

86. Escape 3 - shoot - 1241 plays
Escape 3
Link: Play
You are a hot chick and must kill all the attacking aliens.

Size: 1340654 Bytes

87. Exofusion 2 - shoot - 615 plays
Exofusion 2
Link: Play
A great space shooter with a market place for upgrading ship.

Size: 636432 Bytes

88. Evil Balloon Siege - shoot - 647 plays
Evil Balloon Siege
Link: Play
Throw pins and pop those evil balloons invading your castle.

Size: 106848 Bytes

89. Executive Shootout - shoot - 597 plays
Executive Shootout
Link: Play
A short game of shooting smilies in an office.

Size: 191144 Bytes

90. Executive Shootout 2 - shoot - 650 plays
Executive Shootout 2
Link: Play
Shoot the police in the office building.

Size: 1067568 Bytes

91. Executive Shootout 3 - shoot - 727 plays
Executive Shootout 3
Link: Play
Time for some more first person shooting.

Size: 4059776 Bytes

92. Embassy Sharp Shooter - shoot - 599 plays
Embassy Sharp Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot as many targets as you can within the time, dont miss or you loose points.

Size: 554794 Bytes

93. Enemy Shooting 1 - shoot - 628 plays
Enemy Shooting 1
Link: Play
To shoot an enemy, use the mouse to position the crosshair over the enemy and the left mouse button

Size: 140882 Bytes

94. Escaper Caper - shoot - 597 plays
Escaper Caper
Link: Play
Shoot all the bad guys before they escape. Watch out they might shoot you too!

Size: 892556 Bytes

95. Ewok Annihilation - shoot - 646 plays
Ewok Annihilation
Link: Play
Blow the faces off all those pesky Ewoks.

Size: 748051 Bytes

96. Endless War 1 - shoot - 655 plays
Endless War 1
Link: Play
A shooter / strategy top down view game. 29 levels.

Size: 452175 Bytes

97. Endless War 2 - shoot - 858 plays
Endless War 2
Link: Play
A shooter / strategy top down view game. 30 levels.

Size: 2869237 Bytes

98. Eva Project - shoot - 576 plays
Eva Project
Link: Play
Sidescrolling space shooter with powerups and bosses.

Size: 765956 Bytes

99. Endless War 3 - shoot - 1534 plays
Endless War 3
Link: Play
The Endless War series continues with its top-down shooting and multiple levels.

Size: 1034080 Bytes

100. Excel Sheep - skill - 652 plays
Excel Sheep
Link: Play
Gather all the sheep into the bargraph sheep pen.

Size: 16947 Bytes

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