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51. Cop For This - action - 416 plays
Cop For This
Link: Play
Cheeky little platform game in the retro style of booty.

Size: 20869 Bytes

52. Curling - action - 677 plays
Link: Play
Crash the dummy and eject him as close to the target as you can.

Size: 142044 Bytes

53. Cat A Pult - action - 488 plays
Cat A Pult
Link: Play
Cat-a-Pult the cats to score points in this fun little game.

Size: 185997 Bytes

54. Chopper Challenge - action - 582 plays
Chopper Challenge
Link: Play
Get some practice in for that trip to Vegas!

Size: 20184 Bytes

55. Crab Wars - action - 441 plays
Crab Wars
Link: Play
Defend the crab territory from the attacking spiders! Help the crab to smash them with its claws.

Size: 306481 Bytes

56. Cororo The Maze - action - 424 plays
Cororo The Maze
Link: Play
Maneuver a ball through various labyrinths and collect all the stars scattered around!

Size: 245414 Bytes

57. Castle Of Cards - action - 348 plays
Castle Of Cards
Link: Play
Make castles using playing cards - Try to make pyramids, The Eiffel Tower, etc.

Size: 424161 Bytes

58. Clowns - action - 417 plays
Link: Play
Think being a clown is easy? Try to catapult your clowns and catch the balloons!

Size: 363287 Bytes

59. Corridor - action - 399 plays
Link: Play
Walk through the corridor turn left or right go through doors and kill bats zombies or other enemies

Size: 334932 Bytes

60. CastleVania Xtreme - action - 562 plays
CastleVania Xtreme
Link: Play
Attack Dracula with your choice of weapons.

Size: 1667053 Bytes

61. Castle Cat 4 - action - 470 plays
Castle Cat 4
Link: Play
scroller with good graphics, and fun gameplay.

Size: 8046977 Bytes

62. Clown Killer - action - 392 plays
Clown Killer
Link: Play
Kill all the clowns before they attack you.

Size: 169983 Bytes

63. Clown Killer 2 - action - 622 plays
Clown Killer 2
Link: Play
Shoot all the clowns in this sidescrolling sequel.

Size: 1752730 Bytes

64. Crazy Flasher 2 - action - 424 plays
Crazy Flasher 2
Link: Play
An awesome sidescrolling action game with punching and limited shooting.

Size: 2254156 Bytes

65. Cave Escape 2 - action - 438 plays
Cave Escape 2
Link: Play
Dodge the falling objects, put up force field, use anti-gravity. Gets hard by 3rd level.

Size: 984129 Bytes

66. Conan The Barbarian - action - 445 plays
Conan The Barbarian
Link: Play
A sidescrolling head bashing game as Conan.

Size: 506584 Bytes

67. Command Ops - action - 471 plays
Command Ops
Link: Play
Fight as legos. Don't actually kill anybody though because they all surrender. Truly save for kids.

Size: 368978 Bytes

68. Corpses of the III Reich - action - 732 plays
Corpses of the III Reich
Link: Play
Side scrolling action, platform jumping game with zombies and shooting.

Size: 4109661 Bytes

69. Cosmopilot - action - 456 plays
Link: Play
Build your spaceship and get it fueled to get out.

Size: 75899 Bytes

Cyborg Hefers From Outer Space
Link: Play
Sidescrolling jet shooter and dodger.

Size: 180073 Bytes

71. Crystal Island - action - 344 plays
Crystal Island
Link: Play
Grab the jewls and bounce on the blobs.

Size: 147833 Bytes

72. Captain Crastin - action - 471 plays
Captain Crastin
Link: Play
Shoot the enemy ships and don't crash into them or asteroids.

Size: 81382 Bytes

Contra 20th Anniversary Edition
Link: Play
Like the other Contra flash gamem but with an extra alien level.

Size: 1559757 Bytes

74. Critical Impact - action - 530 plays
Critical Impact
Link: Play
Shoot fireballs at asteroids, change to ghost to get through objects.

Size: 912774 Bytes

75. Cheese Hunt - action - 421 plays
Cheese Hunt
Link: Play
A sidescrolling, cheese hunting action game.

Size: 543455 Bytes

Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity
Link: Play
With your flashlight, explore and find your way around the castle.

Size: 128796 Bytes

77. Champion - action - 549 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemies with your archer. Don't take too long or you lose.

Size: 188117 Bytes

78. Cyber Rage - action - 525 plays
Cyber Rage
Link: Play
Put your ship together, fill it with gas, and avoid astroids all at the same time.

Size: 69551 Bytes

79. Cybernoid - action - 409 plays
Link: Play
An action and puzzle game mixed together. Reach the end of each level.

Size: 248901 Bytes

80. Chaos Faction - action - 787 plays
Chaos Faction
Link: Play
A bunch of levels, great graphics and animation and fun in this cool action game.

Size: 5758312 Bytes

81. Commando - action - 548 plays
Link: Play
Remixed Metal Slug! A side scroller with guns, grenades, air dropped enemies, tanks, and more. SWEET

Size: 77024 Bytes

82. City Surfing - action - 502 plays
City Surfing
Link: Play
Surfing while grabbing items and dodging others.

Size: 1281999 Bytes

83. Cepheus - action - 630 plays
Link: Play
Top-down shooter with spaceships and a bunch of missles.

Size: 415288 Bytes

84. Capt. Zambo - action - 483 plays
Capt. Zambo
Link: Play
Side scrolling shooter with great graphics. Watch out for mines and enemy fire.

Size: 790593 Bytes

85. Candy Cane Crisis - action - 427 plays
Candy Cane Crisis
Link: Play
A Christmas themes sidescroller where you jump on snowmen and other Christmas creatures.

Size: 4137991 Bytes

86. Christmas Attack - action - 338 plays
Christmas Attack
Link: Play
Shoot the presents until the toy comes out, then collect the toy for powerups and points.

Size: 1064329 Bytes

Console Launch: Second Shipment
Link: Play
Run with the consoles in your little red wagon and throw game items at attackers.

Size: 1774418 Bytes

88. Crazy Steven - action - 362 plays
Crazy Steven
Link: Play
Chop off peoples heads, grab money, and dodge obstacles as you ride your donkey. Lots of blood.

Size: 760232 Bytes

89. Cereus Peashy - action - 454 plays
Cereus Peashy
Link: Play
An awesomely created sidescroller. Guts squishing out and everything. Requires a somewhat beefy sys.

Size: 6877793 Bytes

90. Candy Raver - action - 409 plays
Candy Raver
Link: Play
Jump around and grab candy and finish the levels. Watch out for spinning blades that chop you up.

Size: 503925 Bytes

91. Cupid - action - 382 plays
Link: Play
A Valentine sides scroller with you playing the part of Cupid. Shoot the hearts and devils.

Size: 1628990 Bytes

92. Crusader Tank - action - 421 plays
Crusader Tank
Link: Play
An awesomely created top-down action shooter with a tank. Take out the enemy and grab pickups.

Size: 1028033 Bytes

93. Cyber Orter Flier - action - 471 plays
Cyber Orter Flier
Link: Play
A sidescrolling cyber dragon flying game. Well created and gets difficult rather fast.

Size: 2223513 Bytes

94. Crazy Flasher 3 - action - 527 plays
Crazy Flasher 3
Link: Play
A bunch of levels, and a bunch of weapons means a bunch of gameplay. Make money and beat people up.

Size: 2537695 Bytes

95. Chuckie Egg - action - 451 plays
Chuckie Egg
Link: Play
Climb the ladders and collect the piles of gold coins and golden eggs. Watch out angry birds!

Size: 406433 Bytes

96. Classic Mario Bros. - action - 714 plays
Classic Mario Bros.
Link: Play
The true classic Mario Bros. game back before it was even much of a sidescroller at all.

Size: 1268563 Bytes

97. Cave Escape - action - 408 plays
Cave Escape
Link: Play
Use your wand to create magic blocks for you to step on and get through the level.

Size: 11115 Bytes

98. Collateral Damages - action - 421 plays
Collateral Damages
Link: Play
Blow up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squish people. Setup force fields and more. Sweet!

Size: 495418 Bytes

99. Communist Bunny - action - 495 plays
Communist Bunny
Link: Play
Hammer some pigs I guess. Strange game.

Size: 4634408 Bytes

100. Cosmic Blast - action - 474 plays
Cosmic Blast
Link: Play
Shoot some small planets with strange controls. Follow the arrow to your target.

Size: 459578 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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