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51. Art Thief - logic - 606 plays
Art Thief
Link: Play
Guess the access code by getting higher and lower hints to the inserted number.

Size: 658464 Bytes

Another Smart Stick Adventure 1
Link: Play
The first stick man adventure game. Click in the right spot or die some more.

Size: 388664 Bytes

53. Angry kid Choir Boy - logic - 615 plays
Angry kid Choir Boy
Link: Play
Gameplay similar to Simon Says only with Choir Boys that light up. How far can you get?

Size: 745199 Bytes

54. Abba's On A Mission - logic - 479 plays
Abba's On A Mission
Link: Play
Get as high as possible by jumping on moving platforms.

Size: 313175 Bytes

55. Atomica Atoms - logic - 515 plays
Atomica Atoms
Link: Play
Line up the atoms by the same color of atoms. Fairly difficult.

Size: 43854 Bytes

56. A Maze ing - logic - 623 plays
A Maze ing
Link: Play
Mazes are randomly created so each maze is new. Mazes get larger.

Size: 3882607 Bytes

57. Artificial Beauty - logic - 646 plays
Artificial Beauty
Link: Play
Given a few seconds to pick out lips, hair, etc. for the girl then rated on her beauty.

Size: 249242 Bytes

58. Arctic Quest - logic - 699 plays
Arctic Quest
Link: Play
As the peices drop, place them where they will fit, gets difficult near the end.

Size: 884799 Bytes

59. A Pencil Odyssey - logic - 493 plays
A Pencil Odyssey
Link: Play
Pick the best path to get your ant to the pencil before any other ants.

Size: 1237641 Bytes

60. Arrival In Hell - logic - 803 plays
Arrival In Hell
Link: Play
Explore your jail cell and figure a way out in this mystery puzzle game.

Size: 4623191 Bytes

61. Aquacubes - logic - 532 plays
Link: Play
Slide the rows of blocks to make similar colors disappear. Work on getting large bonuses.

Size: 1755437 Bytes

62. A!bat - logic - 466 plays
Link: Play
use your bat radar to reveal walls that you need to dodge. Careful, the radar reveals them quickly.

Size: 721097 Bytes

63. Automaton - logic - 549 plays
Link: Play
Can you get out of the room you're in and escape to another room to escape from again and again?

Size: 6906484 Bytes

Attack of The Big Green Munchy Things
Link: Play
Draw lines to move your UFO from one path to another and dodge the munchy things. Rescue people.

Size: 1073618 Bytes

65. Away 2 - logic - 502 plays
Away 2
Link: Play
Sift through all the blocks and find the one hiding underneath all of them.

Size: 4884515 Bytes

66. Arcane Islands - logic - 562 plays
Arcane Islands
Link: Play
Do simple puzzles bore you? Well than prepare yourself for a challenge beyond anything you've played

Size: 2424427 Bytes

67. Atome - logic - 548 plays
Link: Play
Join the atom pieces together so that all pieces connect to all other pieces. Harder than it sounds.

Size: 97782 Bytes

68. Angel Bobble - logic - 660 plays
Angel Bobble
Link: Play
Pull the colored balls down from one area and throw them back up to another and make them disappear.

Size: 882006 Bytes

69. Amazon Quest - logic - 535 plays
Amazon Quest
Link: Play
Side 3 or more jewels to clear the spots that are sitting on a spot with a background texture.

Size: 435865 Bytes

70. Aengie Quest - logic - 477 plays
Aengie Quest
Link: Play
Move around grabbing keys and moving boxes to get through doors.

Size: 181181 Bytes

71. Absolut - logic - 492 plays
Link: Play
Find 82 bottles in the large image within 2 minutes. Challenge friends to find them faster.

Size: 2083229 Bytes

72. Atlantis Quest - logic - 461 plays
Atlantis Quest
Link: Play
Another Atlantis based Bejeweled-like game. Drop the main pieces to the bottom to level up.

Size: 777102 Bytes

73. Age Of Japan - logic - 566 plays
Age Of Japan
Link: Play
Another Bejeweled remix with your dropping pieces and stone blocks you need to clear to level up.

Size: 593696 Bytes

74. Astrum - logic - 422 plays
Link: Play
As the ball rotates click and hold your mouse to make the ball go in the direction it was headed.

Size: 1137948 Bytes

75. Attractors 2 - logic - 521 plays
Attractors 2
Link: Play
Play around with the particles, gravity balls and platforms. Gravity playing freestyle.

Size: 375853 Bytes

76. Attractors 3 - logic - 499 plays
Attractors 3
Link: Play
Play with gravity and platforms as balls bounce around the level. Drag gravity balls and platforms.

Size: 736898 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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