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51. The Last Shoot - shoot - 595 plays
The Last Shoot
Link: Play
An aim and shoot at the popping out guys game.

Size: 53776 Bytes

52. The Chicken ator - shoot - 492 plays
The Chicken ator
Link: Play
You're a flying chicken carrying a shotgun.

Size: 808002 Bytes

53. Tower Defence - shoot - 550 plays
Tower Defence
Link: Play
Shooter / clicker. Click and throw enemies away from tower. Use powerups.

Size: 413264 Bytes

54. Turkey Shooter - shoot - 428 plays
Turkey Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the turkeys.

Size: 445503 Bytes

55. Tactical Tank - shoot - 697 plays
Tactical Tank
Link: Play
Destroy enemy tanks and turrets before they destroy you.

Size: 653581 Bytes

56. Tank Patrol - shoot - 485 plays
Tank Patrol
Link: Play
Fire at the enemy tanks before they are able to fire at you.

Size: 2897873 Bytes

57. Tank Assault - shoot - 469 plays
Tank Assault
Link: Play
Shoot the tanks on multiple levels. Feels like a shooting gallery.

Size: 409565 Bytes

58. The Village - shoot - 467 plays
The Village
Link: Play
A paintball shooting gallery game.

Size: 349310 Bytes

59. The Whites of Their Eyes - shoot - 458 plays
The Whites of Their Eyes
Link: Play
Take the lead role in this classic black and white shooter.

Size: 230586 Bytes

60. Terrorist Kill - shoot - 656 plays
Terrorist Kill
Link: Play
Kill the terrorists and show them whose parking garage this is.

Size: 1075569 Bytes

61. Tetes Brulees - shoot - 620 plays
Tetes Brulees
Link: Play
Shoot down as many airplanes and helicopters as you can within timelimit.

Size: 256093 Bytes

62. TIE Fighter Shooter - shoot - 429 plays
TIE Fighter Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot down as many tie fighers as possible.

Size: 81898 Bytes

63. Target - shoot - 426 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the moving target as many times as possible.

Size: 10477 Bytes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies as they pop out of doorways and on rooftops.

Size: 237390 Bytes

65. Toxic Cave - shoot - 547 plays
Toxic Cave
Link: Play
Shoot the green balls in the cave. Shoot down cave walls to proceed.

Size: 1228803 Bytes

66. Training Targets - shoot - 477 plays
Training Targets
Link: Play
Shoot the targets as accurate as possible. Different game modes.

Size: 343298 Bytes

67. The Assassin - shoot - 857 plays
The Assassin
Link: Play
A short game of sniping and shooting stick men.

Size: 245544 Bytes

68. Toon Crisis - shoot - 387 plays
Toon Crisis
Link: Play
A cartoon character shooter in a real life environment. Great looking game with real footage.

Size: 493161 Bytes

69. Turret Defence - shoot - 404 plays
Turret Defence
Link: Play
Destroy anything that tries to get near your turret. Destroy trucks before stickmen get out.

Size: 3676792 Bytes

70. The Gun Spirit - shoot - 450 plays
The Gun Spirit
Link: Play
Shoot the floating spirit and shoot the exploding barrels by it.

Size: 450466 Bytes

71. The Portal Guardian - shoot - 328 plays
The Portal Guardian
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming forces and keep them from getting to the portal. Includes item upgrades.

Size: 119882 Bytes

72. Thing Thing Arena 2 - shoot - 2123 plays
Thing Thing Arena 2
Link: Play
The Thing Thing series continues in this new sequel to the bloody original.

Size: 5717331 Bytes

73. The Atonement - shoot - 492 plays
The Atonement
Link: Play
Shoot the bats and zombies as you run, jump, and flip over them.

Size: 1111983 Bytes

74. Targets - shoot - 385 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the targets as they popup. Be quick about it as they disappear fast.

Size: 1353492 Bytes

75. Targets 2 Christmas Style - shoot - 371 plays
Targets 2 Christmas Style
Link: Play
Shoot the failing Christmas decorations.

Size: 1570732 Bytes

76. The Handy Man - shoot - 600 plays
The Handy Man
Link: Play
Hide behind the car, then pop out and blast the people in the windows with 3 different weapons.

Size: 2914709 Bytes

77. The BLAMinator - shoot - 386 plays
The BLAMinator
Link: Play
Shoot the hamburglars before they kill you.

Size: 610979 Bytes

78. Toon Crisis 2 - shoot - 630 plays
Toon Crisis 2
Link: Play
Blast away the toons that have infiltrated the real world by using your fingers. Cool sequel!

Size: 577461 Bytes

79. The Cyborg - shoot - 460 plays
The Cyborg
Link: Play
An amazing looking shooter with moving around and shoot baddies from the Doom videogame.

Size: 2100463 Bytes

Tom And Jerry in Refriger Raiders
Link: Play
Two different games, if you play as Tom you throw water balloons, Jerry you drop cheese to Nibbles.

Size: 886956 Bytes

81. The Last Stand - shoot - 2486 plays
The Last Stand
Link: Play
Stand behind the barricade and shoot the zombies as they approach. Blow their brains out!

Size: 4469320 Bytes

82. The Damned - shoot - 515 plays
The Damned
Link: Play
Blow the zombies away by putting a bullet between their eyes as they rush toward you in the swamp.

Size: 2113030 Bytes

83. The Enforcer - shoot - 496 plays
The Enforcer
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies that pop up from different locations. Don't shoot any hostages and reload quick.

Size: 3147032 Bytes

84. Terror Action - shoot - 440 plays
Terror Action
Link: Play
Shoot the bad guys as they pop up from behind desks, computers, and doorways.

Size: 176406 Bytes

85. The Flood - shoot - 500 plays
The Flood
Link: Play
Shoot the Halo enemies that are coming to attack you from all sides. Stay away from them to live.

Size: 897824 Bytes

86. Time Mission - shoot - 828 plays
Time Mission
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemies from all different times of the world. Upgrade weapons in shop.

Size: 663826 Bytes

87. Totally Spies Shooter - shoot - 567 plays
Totally Spies Shooter
Link: Play
Shoot the things that popup. Hurry, they disappear fast. Shoot them in order of appearance to get em

Size: 452447 Bytes

88. Terri Irwin's Revenge - shoot - 387 plays
Terri Irwin's Revenge
Link: Play
Shoot down all the sting rays before they they hit you with their stingers.

Size: 735623 Bytes

89. The Furr Twins - shoot - 248 plays
The Furr Twins
Link: Play
Throw pies as the animals cross the room.

Size: 472351 Bytes

90. Triangles Flash Game - shoot - 502 plays
Triangles Flash Game
Link: Play

Size: 321.3 KB

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