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51. Free Fall - skill - 430 plays
Free Fall
Link: Play
You're falling. Dodging the strange lego shaped balls that come at you.

Size: 171037 Bytes

52. Flingo Flango - skill - 414 plays
Flingo Flango
Link: Play
You're a flying squirrel. Land on the other squirrels to win.

Size: 441889 Bytes

53. Fish - skill - 438 plays
Link: Play
Eat the smaller fish, get big and start to eat bigger fish. Don't get eaten by bigger fish.

Size: 18281 Bytes

54. Franky The Fish - skill - 837 plays
Franky The Fish
Link: Play
Eat smaller fish than yourself, but dodge larger fish. As you grow, start eating bigger fish.

Size: 253517 Bytes

55. Fly Further - skill - 529 plays
Fly Further
Link: Play
Fly the plane into good boxes and not bad. Make your flyers enjoy their flight.

Size: 334143 Bytes

56. Fairy Fishing - skill - 381 plays
Fairy Fishing
Link: Play
Grab the fairys with your hook. Bing up enough fairies in the limited time.

Size: 495847 Bytes

57. Flying Spaghetti Monster - skill - 382 plays
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Link: Play
Touch the people to make them followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Size: 942873 Bytes

58. Frog Zen Pond - skill - 423 plays
Frog Zen Pond
Link: Play
Aim your tongue at the insects and grab as many as you can. Has mulitple levels.

Size: 888239 Bytes

59. Flying U.F.O. - skill - 450 plays
Flying U.F.O.
Link: Play
Dodge the missles that are trying to shoot down your UFO. Has a gliding control that makes it harder

Size: 230171 Bytes

60. Freezer Lifter - skill - 675 plays
Freezer Lifter
Link: Play
Rescue the frozen people and bring them back to base. Don't crash!

Size: 352003 Bytes

61. Freddy's Shank Fest - skill - 494 plays
Freddy's Shank Fest
Link: Play
You're a hobo, time to shank some innocent people.

Size: 261136 Bytes

62. Feeding Birdy - skill - 401 plays
Feeding Birdy
Link: Play
Eat smaller flying creatures than yourself. Don't eat green dragon flys. Dodge bigger birds.

Size: 107928 Bytes

63. Friends Chase - skill - 436 plays
Friends Chase
Link: Play
Run around and bump into other people wearing the same color clothes as you.

Size: 1098345 Bytes

64. Fatboy Frogger - skill - 639 plays
Fatboy Frogger
Link: Play
Hey fatboy! Get running and watch out for those manholes. Grab the energy drinks and dodge the beer.

Size: 2258494 Bytes

65. Fly Sui - skill - 397 plays
Fly Sui
Link: Play
Catch as many flies as you can with your chopsticks.

Size: 184307 Bytes

66. Flippy Attack - skill - 620 plays
Flippy Attack
Link: Play
Dodge the bullets for as long as possible.

Size: 174827 Bytes

67. Flip Out - skill - 358 plays
Flip Out
Link: Play
Move your mouse to flip over all the tabs. Use skill to move fast!

Size: 498475 Bytes

68. Floss Floss Dance and Toss - skill - 535 plays
Floss Floss Dance and Toss
Link: Play
DDR similar game with live action dancers. Can you keep up?

Size: 5031948 Bytes

69. Fetch - skill - 374 plays
Link: Play
Throw the ball as far as you can while keeping it in range of the dog fetching it.

Size: 468578 Bytes

70. Feed Lindsay Lohan - skill - 588 plays
Feed Lindsay Lohan
Link: Play
Lindsay Lohan is starving. Catch the fatty food for her.

Size: 500528 Bytes

71. Float - skill - 403 plays
Link: Play
Move the mine back and forth between air and water and grab the stars.

Size: 136237 Bytes

72. Fat Santa - skill - 399 plays
Fat Santa
Link: Play
Control what Santa eats. In with the sweets and out with the healthy food. Make Santa as fat!

Size: 643592 Bytes

73. F2Jam 2.0 Beta - skill - 468 plays
F2Jam 2.0 Beta
Link: Play
Tap the keys and the music waves pass the line. Very advanced with multiple game modes (9.3MB)

Size: 9611631 Bytes

74. Frat Boy Beer Pong - skill - 801 plays
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Link: Play
Toss the ball into the cups. Play different players as you make it in all the cups.

Size: 2246322 Bytes

75. Fruit Chimp - skill - 442 plays
Fruit Chimp
Link: Play
Catch only the fruit. Eat other stuff and chimp gets sick and dies a horrible and painful death.

Size: 632950 Bytes

76. Flight Of The Hamsters - skill - 587 plays
Flight Of The Hamsters
Link: Play
Hit the hamsters just right to send him flying threw the air and hitting rockets to get farther.

Size: 1223524 Bytes

77. Formation - skill - 358 plays
Link: Play
Control not 1 but 4 balls and keep them from hitting other incoming balls.

Size: 335718 Bytes

78. Fishing Game - skill - 399 plays
Fishing Game
Link: Play
A harder than most fishing game. This time the game is sped up, but more points are required.

Size: 226435 Bytes

79. Fart - skill - 616 plays
Link: Play
Fart as cars pass by, but don't let bystanders hear you let it rip.

Size: 590615 Bytes

80. Fish Tales - skill - 514 plays
Fish Tales
Link: Play
A huge fish gobbling game where you eat smaller fish. A bunch of levels.

Size: 455622 Bytes

81. Fish Flight - skill - 459 plays
Fish Flight
Link: Play
Pick the strength and angle at which the airplane is launched. Watch angle of aircraft carrier too.

Size: 1013116 Bytes

82. Football Header - skill - 626 plays
Football Header
Link: Play
Bounce the soccer ball on your head as many times as possible. Grab bonuses and try to beat friends.

Size: 191342 Bytes

83. Flight - skill - 404 plays
Link: Play
Use your skills to keep the helicopter flying. Multiple game modes to keep those skills in check.

Size: 2134971 Bytes

84. Flash Dribbler - skill - 476 plays
Flash Dribbler
Link: Play
Keep the soccer ball away from the soccer players for as long as possible.

Size: 132609 Bytes

85. Fresh Catch - skill - 547 plays
Fresh Catch
Link: Play
Throw the fish into the right piles using the right amount of power. Meet your fish quota.

Size: 684671 Bytes

86. Firework Frenzy - skill - 469 plays
Firework Frenzy
Link: Play
Click the fireworks as soon as they appear on screen for the maximum points. Miss one and it's over.

Size: 578725 Bytes

87. From Russia With Love - skill - 533 plays
From Russia With Love
Link: Play
Grab the stars and dynamite without scraping the edges of the level too much with your helicopter.

Size: 2814588 Bytes

88. Frog Pond - skill - 404 plays
Frog Pond
Link: Play
The aim is to raise up local frogponds population by assisting them in their daily lives... Shoot flies when there over the LilliPad to feed froggy.

Size: 120 KB

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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