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51. Ragdoll Avalanche 2 - skill - 1687 plays
Ragdoll Avalanche 2
Link: Play
Move the ragdoll quickly to avoid falling stalactites that rip your body apart.

Size: 885199 Bytes

52. Road Trip - skill - 394 plays
Road Trip
Link: Play
A fun game that requires skill the faster your car goes. Don't forget to use special ability.

Size: 398746 Bytes

53. Rats vs Spears - skill - 506 plays
Rats vs Spears
Link: Play
Click to run, click to aim, click to release. Get score better than your friends.

Size: 155956 Bytes

54. Roof Jumper - skill - 415 plays
Roof Jumper
Link: Play
Jump from roof to roof. Difficulty increases with other obstacles to avoid.

Size: 47658 Bytes

55. Rudolfs Revenge - skill - 404 plays
Rudolfs Revenge
Link: Play
Kick Santa as high as possible and at the right angle to get elfs to give him a boost.

Size: 627053 Bytes

56. Rocket Tag 2 - skill - 428 plays
Rocket Tag 2
Link: Play
Fly higher and higher with your jetpack and keep from hitting birds and other objects.

Size: 2608889 Bytes

57. Rodent Tree Jump - skill - 402 plays
Rodent Tree Jump
Link: Play
Launch your rodent and get him as close to the target as possible. More than most games of this type

Size: 743344 Bytes

58. Rolley Ball - skill - 586 plays
Rolley Ball
Link: Play
How skillful are you at balancing the map so the ball rolls in the direction you want it to?

Size: 603677 Bytes

59. Rapid Reaction - skill - 595 plays
Rapid Reaction
Link: Play
How fast are you to discover what each level wants you to do? Disassemble a gun, etc.

Size: 1548727 Bytes

60. Reverse 2 - skill - 371 plays
Reverse 2
Link: Play
Your mouse directions are reversed. Can you escape the enemy block or will you run right into it?

Size: 30806 Bytes

61. Rufus and Mr. Orange - skill - 424 plays
Rufus and Mr. Orange
Link: Play
Push keys as fast as you can to prep the cannon for launch, then shoot everything once launched.

Size: 593139 Bytes

62. Red Car - skill - 16486 plays
Red Car
Link: Play
Drive the car and drift around corners without hitting anything. Make it to the end. Cool!

Size: 211327 Bytes

63. Rocket Racer - skill - 417 plays
Rocket Racer
Link: Play
A simple looking, but very hard game. Try to get to the landing pad dodging all obstacles.

Size: 26632 Bytes

64. Raven's Flight - skill - 401 plays
Raven's Flight
Link: Play
Click to keep the raven flying. Don't hit any objects like spikes or water.

Size: 351635 Bytes

65. Red Ball - skill - 627 plays
Red Ball
Link: Play
Throw the red ball and make it hit the numbered plates in the proper order. Actually pretty hard.

Size: 77419 Bytes

66. Robotic Fishy - skill - 732 plays
Robotic Fishy
Link: Play
Eat smaller fish, and don't let larger fish eat you.

Size: 1981167 Bytes

67. Rocket Rescue - skill - 369 plays
Rocket Rescue
Link: Play
Launch your rocket at the right angle to capture the astronauts. Planet gravity pulls at your ship.

Size: 676143 Bytes

68. Ragdoll Avoider - skill - 609 plays
Ragdoll Avoider
Link: Play
Dodge all sorts of things. Has a large amount of game modes to mix up the gameplay a bit.

Size: 1045252 Bytes

69. Red Team - skill - 384 plays
Red Team
Link: Play
Move two characters down tunnels individually from each other. Can you do it?

Size: 736924 Bytes

70. Remy's Ingredient Shuffle - skill - 528 plays
Remy's Ingredient Shuffle
Link: Play
Keep the ingredients from touching the floor by bouncing them. Careful, more and more keep dropping.

Size: 706285 Bytes

71. Roboz - skill - 434 plays
Link: Play
Dodge the objects flying at your morphing shape.

Size: 3776861 Bytes

72. Robo Pogo - skill - 664 plays
Robo Pogo
Link: Play
Use your skill to keep the robot balanced on the pogostick. Careful, it's harder than it sounds.

Size: 1399711 Bytes

73. Red Wire - skill - 581 plays
Red Wire
Link: Play
Move your orange ring around the red wire. Don't touch the edges. Use keyboard or mouse to rotate.

Size: 404419 Bytes

74. Roboz Gold Edition - skill - 457 plays
Roboz Gold Edition
Link: Play
Pick up the powerups and dodge the black spheres.

Size: 3795345 Bytes

75. Rock Out Rivals - skill - 324 plays
Rock Out Rivals
Link: Play
Dodge the music notes as they're shot out of the cannons. Wait for load, game is 10 MB.

Size: 10464339 Bytes

76. Rezolution DODGE - skill - 497 plays
Rezolution DODGE
Link: Play
Dodge all the objects that try to kill your stick figure by clicking on buttons when they appear.

Size: 2114839 Bytes

77. Rhythm Night - skill - 379 plays
Rhythm Night
Link: Play
Dodge the shapes coming at you from the right side. Get closer to the right to score points faster.

Size: 694906 Bytes

78. Red Wire - skill - 706 plays
Red Wire
Link: Play

Size: 554.2 KB

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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