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       99 skill games starting with P
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1. Papa's Pastaria - skill - 2452 plays
Papa's Pastaria
Link: Play
It's a destination wedding in the waterfront town of Portallini, home of Papa's Pastaria. You're in charge of Papa's newest restaurant, where you'll take orders, cook noodles, and add sauces and toppings to craft a perfect plate of pasta and serve the waiting customers. Do your best to provide the best service to earn higher tips. Customers will arrive throughout the day. Use your mouse take their excruciatingly particular orders, making sure not to keep them waiting too long, and cook everything just the way they like it. Get everything done as fast and tidy as you can, prepare and serve various meals and cool drinks and they'll give you a big tip which you can spend towards upgrading the restaurant, with everything from faster cooking to decorations.

Size: 10452814 Bytes

2. Pirates Save Our Souls - skill - 1476 plays
Pirates Save Our Souls
Link: Play
Save the souls of a bunch of pirates who have been trapped in rum bottles by the monstrous captain. You play as a well-armed parrot in this cute little physics ricochet shooter. Use your Mouse to aim and fire and try to free all of your trapped comrades souls. Don't forget that you have limited amount of projectiles. Try to shoot bottles of alcohol, skulls and treasure chests for better score.

Size: 3020155 Bytes

3. Persofishnation - skill - 841 plays
Link: Play
Can you dress a fish as a sailor, an engineer or a doctor? Only a foolish can play this game to the final level. Help fish to be appropriately dressed while listening her job wishes. Use your Mouse to click on arrows to dress the fish to her wish.

Size: 4210995 Bytes

4. Parking Hooligan 2 - skill - 1174 plays
Parking Hooligan 2
Link: Play
Use your extremely bad driving skills to plough into parked cars to incur a fine from the local authorities by causing as much destruction as possible. Destroy everything and use your car to hit everything on the road/platform, do not leave a single tree standing… Use your Mouse to set the angle and power of each launch. Try to match or exceed the fine level by causing as much damage as possible to telephone boxes, ATM cash machines, ambulances and motor cars. Keep an eye out on your fuel level, each launch decreases it.

Size: 2134883 Bytes

5. Penguin Stack - skill - 719 plays
Penguin Stack
Link: Play
Balancing based game where you add cute little arctic birds on top of one another without letting them fall of the platform or off the screen. The differently shaped penguins must be stacked stable that no one falls down and the construction stops for at least six seconds. Use your Mouse to move the animal shape onto the flat surface and then add each subsequent shapes on top. Wait for the timer to stop to mark the level as successful.

Size: 801670 Bytes

6. Park My Big Rig 2 - skill - 1296 plays
Park My Big Rig 2
Link: Play
You just acquired your truckers licence, your new drivers job as part of the cargo transport company is to drive trucks into parking zones without crashing into any trailers or objects. Park the trailer truck so as to achieve maximum points. The main goal of this game is to park truck in designated areas in a short time to pass to the the next level. To manage the most spectacular parks, you will have to use rear or side parking. Use WASD or Arrow keys to drive the truck. Keep an eye out on the the timer if it reaches zero your fired. Avoid crashing into other vehicles, fences or other obstacles. The player has a maximum of five lives. You get a bonus life each 5 levels.

Size: 3021400 Bytes

7. Pinata Hunter - skill - 2912 plays
Pinata Hunter
Link: Play
In Pinata Hunter it is your task to beat so much candy out of this cute little elephant pinata that you utterly destroy it. Collect as many candies as you can. You start out with just a paper bag to catch the candy and a stick to beat it out of with. You can then upgrade your stick to a hammer, then a morning star, all the way up to a chainsaw. The same with your bag, it gets upgraded eventually into a vacuum cleaner which sucks everything up. Test your pinata hunting skills by competing for the fastest time and submitting your time to see how you did among other players. Use the mouse to control the wooden stick, swing it back and forth but keep an eye out on your pain threshold meter at the top. Earn enough cash to purchase upgraded and more powerful weapons in the candy store.

Size: 2607368 Bytes

Pick And Dig – Episode 2
Link: Play
Pick and Dig is back with even more fiendish puzzles to solve! Grab the tools to help you get past obstacles, just watch out for the caterpillars, they're nasty creatures looking to kill you! Grab ladders, shovels, and picks to reach the keys and exit without getting stuck. Use Arrow keys to move. 1-3 Number keys or ZXC keys to use tools. If you are stuck in the hopeless situation, use R key to restart the level.

Size: 3826871 Bytes

9. Port Pilot - skill - 1002 plays
Port Pilot
Link: Play
You are the brand new harbour master and port pilot. Your job is to guide the ships into the correct docks so they can unload their cargo safely. Be careful what routes you plan for the ships as the lanes can become really busy. Use the mouse to click on a ship then drag a path to the coloured docks to unload.

Size: 577828 Bytes

10. Popeye Time Attack - skill - 715 plays
Popeye Time Attack
Link: Play
Dear Popeye, Brutus had kidnapped Olive and you gotta bring her back! You can move left and right with the arrow keys, and if you press UP, you'll jump. But hurry, you don't have lot of time, and it's not so easy, because the path is full of different boxes and even the sharp peaks.

Size: 1869579 Bytes

11. Paper Kid - skill - 584 plays
Paper Kid
Link: Play
You have to deliver newspapers. Race down the street on a bicycle, throwing a newspaper only in the right home. Pay close attention to traffic. You must deliver at least the half of addresses, or you're be fired. the customers are very important, and easily abandone me, if they don't get his magazines. You can throw papers by pressing SPACE bar. Shot the right mail-boxes and avoid the traffic with LEFT and RIGHT arrow. Keep your customers number on high. Good luck!

Size: 5338502 Bytes

12. Popeye on the Bike - skill - 538 plays
Popeye on the Bike
Link: Play
Sailor Popeye is now interested in motorbike racing and he trains in the nature. Collect all the spinach in the level, to get to the next location.

Size: 1007188 Bytes

13. Paper Pilots - skill - 536 plays
Paper Pilots
Link: Play
Someone made a paper airplane and launched it in flight. Use the Arrow keys to control your airplane. Press the space bar to shoot missiles (when equipped). Your missile level is indicated at the bottom right corner of the screen. You should be careful not to fall off-screen and watch out for enemies. Complete levels to unlock new planes or even secret stages! Collect various power ups which grants you a lot of points.

Size: 2730971 Bytes

14. Pirate Dream - skill - 667 plays
Pirate Dream
Link: Play
Combine 3 objects to make pirate garbage disappear. The more you shoot - the harder it gets. Red pieces will destroy the whole line. Use bombs to blast the stuff around it. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Don't let the garbage sing too low.

Size: 368494 Bytes

15. Park the Car - skill - 934 plays
Park the Car
Link: Play
Park the car in the bay provided for you. Drive your car carefully, avoid hitting cars and any obstacles on the way, park it within the minimum time and earn score. Finish all levels to win the game. Use arrow keys to steer and move.

Size: 719790 Bytes

16. Power Fox 4 - skill - 1136 plays
Power Fox 4
Link: Play
Do you remember that old game in which a small nimble fox ran across the field level and drenched the enemies of a wide variety of weapons? Adventures of the fox continued. In the fourth episode of the game fox leaves on a train in India, where in Delhi it awaits its first enemy - the Indian god Shiva. Use arrow keys to jump n run! Use A to attack. Hold down arrow to jackhammer. Hit bombs and destroy boxes for items.t

Size: 9279353 Bytes

17. Penguin Skating - skill - 920 plays
Penguin Skating
Link: Play
Help penguin to reach the igloo his pair is waiting there. Do not hit on the border line and keep away from Walrus, Polar bear and penguin. Finish the level before time runs out. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to stop.

Size: 510844 Bytes

18. Pogo Swing - skill - 4743 plays
Pogo Swing
Link: Play
Kids come up with entertainment of jumping on the swing. Swing back and forth with the arrow keys. Launch with spacebar when you are at a good angle. If you're having trouble building momentum, you can also use the auto swing option.

Size: 2330813 Bytes

19. Panda Rampage - skill - 1263 plays
Panda Rampage
Link: Play
Panda is constantly starving and loosing health. The goal of the game is to kill and eat everyone on each level before panda's life runs out. You can walk around by moving the mouse or pressing the arrow keys and attack by clicking or pressing space. Hold mouse/space button longer to perform different types of attacks.

Size: 10388004 Bytes

20. Parker - skill - 1293 plays
Link: Play
Dear woman, why spend a lot of money to repair your car when you can just practice in this flash game? You have a car that you need to park at the designated place. Use arrows

Size: 1330885 Bytes

21. Pumpkin Patterns - skill - 922 plays
Pumpkin Patterns
Link: Play
You will be give a pattern to memorize for 3 seconds. You have 12 seconds to click on a piece to rotate it until it matches the memorized pattern. Try to get all gold medals in each level!

Size: 705324 Bytes

22. Puzzle bubble bros - skill - 2587 plays
Puzzle bubble bros
Link: Play
Bubbles for fans of Mario Brothers. Instead of bubbles you shoot to colored mushrooms.

Size: 733453 Bytes

23. Point & click Tom & Jerry - skill - 862 plays
Point & click Tom & Jerry
Link: Play
Point and click on the differences on two identical pictures as fast as you can. Gain score for each discovered difference. Remember! Each wrong click will reduce your score.

Size: 874381 Bytes

24. Parking Lot 3 - skill - 2520 plays
Parking Lot 3
Link: Play
Park the car in the designated location without hitting any obstacles, before the time runs out.

Size: 2323570 Bytes

25. Park My Plane - skill - 4345 plays
Park My Plane
Link: Play
Original and very interesting flash game! You need to park all the aircraft arriving in one of the international airports. Try not to confuse the terminals! The player can initially wager an amount of successful flow of planes through the airport. The game begins with a plane landing at the airport. Click on the plane to take over control of the plane. Use arrow keys to control the plane and park it safely at the terminal.

Size: 1672668 Bytes

26. Pirate Golf Adventure - skill - 1457 plays
Pirate Golf Adventure
Link: Play
Bring the ball up the hole, and follow a beautiful story. Move mouse to aim. Hold mouse button to shoot and hold longer for a powerful shot. You can shoot the ball anytime you want even in the air.

Size: 2407613 Bytes

27. Prison Breakout - skill - 915 plays
Prison Breakout
Link: Play
Having escaped the attention of patrolling soldiers, you can reach the next gate. Control your breakout with W,A,S,D keys.

Size: 928969 Bytes

28. Pirates blast - skill - 845 plays
Pirates blast
Link: Play
In this game you control the gun located on the ship and you shoot attacking torpedo boat in corresponding color. Use the mouse to aim and keyboard to shoot: Z red, X blue, C green, V yellow. P to pause the game. M to turn music on/off.

Size: 1295897 Bytes

29. Polinko - skill - 816 plays
Link: Play
This is a surprisingly fun game! To pass the level, you need to shoot the ball on all the red dots on the field. The amount of balls is limited, so you need to consider and find the best shots.

Size: 1047510 Bytes

30. Panda Star - skill - 665 plays
Panda Star
Link: Play
Help Panda fly across the sky and collect all the stars.

Size: 951157 Bytes

31. Panda Fruit Bounce - skill - 615 plays
Panda Fruit Bounce
Link: Play
This is a cool game where you've got to make a panda jump off the trampoline and collect fruits.

Size: 672760 Bytes

32. Paper Airplane - skill - 967 plays
Paper Airplane
Link: Play
Guide your paper aeroplane through the classroom, trying to get as many points as possible.

Size: 102941 Bytes

33. Park A Lot - skill - 861 plays
Park A Lot
Link: Play
This is a cool game where you have to park as many cars as you can to complete the level.

Size: 1281355 Bytes

34. Pee Ball - skill - 719 plays
Pee Ball
Link: Play
Use the pee button to raise the ball up and avoid the obstacle, drink more to refill your liquid.

Size: 124508 Bytes

35. Planet Gobbler - skill - 611 plays
Planet Gobbler
Link: Play
Gobble the right planets and dodge the other ones.

Size: 571890 Bytes

36. Pssst - skill - 636 plays
Link: Play
Don't let the worms attack the flower.

Size: 1617573 Bytes

37. Poom - skill - 760 plays
Link: Play
Bounce the ball as many times as possible gaining the most points.

Size: 72195 Bytes

38. Piggy Trap - skill - 620 plays
Piggy Trap
Link: Play
A hard game of trying to catch eggs in a pan.

Size: 63968 Bytes

39. Pop Picos - skill - 663 plays
Pop Picos
Link: Play
Move your mouse and pop as many picos as possible.

Size: 37541 Bytes

40. Propman - skill - 572 plays
Link: Play
grab specific icons while avoiding enemies.

Size: 175581 Bytes

41. Party Pals - skill - 590 plays
Party Pals
Link: Play
Help the party pals, a puppy and a kitty grab the gifts spread all over!

Size: 390021 Bytes

42. Pilot Flyboy - skill - 575 plays
Pilot Flyboy
Link: Play
Dodge the floating land mines by pushing space to adjust altitude.

Size: 45670 Bytes

43. Pyug - skill - 639 plays
Link: Play
Dodge the rocks and grab the shield ball to protect yourself.

Size: 141652 Bytes

44. PixelField - skill - 637 plays
Link: Play
Don't let your bouncy friends get too close to walls.

Size: 157719 Bytes

45. Pitfall Y2K - skill - 651 plays
Pitfall Y2K
Link: Play
Control the alien falling, don't let him touch the edges. Grab red balls to stay alive longer.

Size: 32966 Bytes

46. Primation and Monkey - skill - 639 plays
Primation and Monkey
Link: Play
Jump and collect as much fruit as possible while dodging the guerilla.

Size: 151301 Bytes

47. Plankton Life 2 - skill - 593 plays
Plankton Life 2
Link: Play
Dodge the big fish while grabbing floating orbs to evolve.

Size: 2370779 Bytes

48. Parking Perfection 3 - skill - 1244 plays
Parking Perfection 3
Link: Play
Park the car on multiple levels after given instructions.

Size: 160117 Bytes

49. Pest Attack - skill - 608 plays
Pest Attack
Link: Play
Crush the rats with your broom.

Size: 218798 Bytes

50. Pig on the Rocket - skill - 676 plays
Pig on the Rocket
Link: Play
Collect items and radioactive fuel for your rocket.

Size: 1593760 Bytes

       99 skill games starting with P
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