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101. Morph - Worlds - skill - 447 plays
Morph - Worlds
Link: Play
Move around in different environments collecting keys to unlock new places to travel. Dodge enemies.

Size: 628485 Bytes

102. Madness Reaction Time - skill - 817 plays
Madness Reaction Time
Link: Play
How fast can you react once the gun is fired? The allowed time to dodge gets shorter and shorter.

Size: 106153 Bytes

103. More Bloons - skill - 2328 plays
More Bloons
Link: Play
Use your skills to throw the dart just right. Try to pop all the balloons.

Size: 640254 Bytes

104. Mater Al Rescate - skill - 655 plays
Mater Al Rescate
Link: Play
Pick your angle and power to throw the tow line to the stuck car just right.

Size: 597080 Bytes

105. Moon War - skill - 486 plays
Moon War
Link: Play
Make your angle and fire trying to destroy the other computer or 2nd player on the moon.

Size: 593540 Bytes

106. Missile Maze - skill - 464 plays
Missile Maze
Link: Play
Keep your missile flying without hitting any walls and exploding. Do you have mouse accuracy?

Size: 203179 Bytes

107. Mouse Evader - skill - 503 plays
Mouse Evader
Link: Play
Move your cursor through the tight squeezes and finish each maze.

Size: 4509383 Bytes

108. Mo Bike - skill - 930 plays
Mo Bike
Link: Play
Adjust your speed and hit the ramp just right to make it over the objects below.

Size: 851088 Bytes

109. Moglin Punter - skill - 595 plays
Moglin Punter
Link: Play
Kick the orange furball over the caynon while making him grab the cookies and cake along the way.

Size: 953242 Bytes

110. Mili & Tary Copter - skill - 509 plays
Mili & Tary Copter
Link: Play
Click your mouse to keep the helicopter flying and dodging the parachute bombs.

Size: 1163602 Bytes

111. Music Mania - skill - 645 plays
Music Mania
Link: Play
Can you unlock multiple mini games by scoring well in all?

Size: 4525678 Bytes

112. Mulan Fire Away - skill - 498 plays
Mulan Fire Away
Link: Play
Adjust your angle and power to shoot your arrow at the targets center.

Size: 599540 Bytes

113. Monsters of Rock - skill - 943 plays
Monsters of Rock
Link: Play
Pick your characters, your difficulty and the song to play. Then strum away on your guitar.

Size: 4678385 Bytes

114. MagneD - skill - 413 plays
Link: Play
Use the mouse to attract or deflect the ball through the map into the level portal. Very hard game.

Size: 707039 Bytes

115. Mouse In Danger - skill - 622 plays
Mouse In Danger
Link: Play
You will have to avoid bad viruses, they willl capture your arrow. Get to the black exit point when viruses are hidden.

Size: 110.3 KB

116. Mango Fly - skill - 489 plays
Mango Fly
Link: Play
Make a drink for your girl. Take the mango at the tree and put it in the cup. Each mango weights from 1 - 5 measure by placing it on top of the weights. The color of the water in the cup and your score will change depends on the amount of mango that you put. Try to hit fly so it is not in the cup, otherwise you will get less points.

Size: 65.8 KB

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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