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51. Music Catch 2 - skill - 507 plays
Music Catch 2
Link: Play
Just a simple, relaxing game. Under the pleasant music, you need to collect the notes right colors and shapes.

Size: 5744929 Bytes

52. Mah Balls - skill - 525 plays
Mah Balls
Link: Play
The aim of this game is to run around pushing the balls of different sports as they start bouncing,

Size: 579692 Bytes

53. Milk Panic - skill - 801 plays
Milk Panic
Link: Play
The cows in the field have eaten something strange and now they are giving off milk, instantly!

Size: 340737 Bytes

54. My Diamond - skill - 458 plays
My Diamond
Link: Play
Dodge lasers while nabbing diamonds.

Size: 295920 Bytes

55. Mario Bounce - skill - 791 plays
Mario Bounce
Link: Play
Bounce on the turtle as many times in a row as possible.

Size: 335393 Bytes

56. Mili & Tary Hand Grenade - skill - 568 plays
Mili & Tary Hand Grenade
Link: Play
Hit the grenade as far as possible.

Size: 567717 Bytes

57. Mordor Mountain Madness - skill - 434 plays
Mordor Mountain Madness
Link: Play
Dodge the falling rocks to stay alive.

Size: 208730 Bytes

58. Ma Balls - skill - 563 plays
Ma Balls
Link: Play
A top down dodgeball game.

Size: 579692 Bytes

59. Mole Catcher - skill - 450 plays
Mole Catcher
Link: Play
Hit the numpad keys where the smile appears.

Size: 41541 Bytes

60. My Leaves - skill - 439 plays
My Leaves
Link: Play
Grab as many leaves as possible while dodging the apples.

Size: 298672 Bytes

61. Mini Skears - skill - 417 plays
Mini Skears
Link: Play
Click on the purple boxes but avoid the red ones or you lose.

Size: 172649 Bytes

62. Mini Skears 2 - skill - 415 plays
Mini Skears 2
Link: Play
Click on the purple boxes but avoid the red ones or you lose.

Size: 250929 Bytes

63. Mini Skears 3 - skill - 382 plays
Mini Skears 3
Link: Play
Click on the purple boxes but avoid the red ones or you lose.

Size: 426554 Bytes

64. My First Mausland - skill - 502 plays
My First Mausland
Link: Play
Turn the wheel listen to the sound and guess what it is.

Size: 264958 Bytes

65. Mad Dash - skill - 463 plays
Mad Dash
Link: Play
Move from level to level gaining the most points possible.

Size: 2676574 Bytes

66. Missing in Action - skill - 396 plays
Missing in Action
Link: Play
Fly over to troops on the ground and rescue them in your hot air balloon.

Size: 326574 Bytes

67. Manole - skill - 631 plays
Link: Play
See how far you can get the guy to fly before stopping.

Size: 472589 Bytes

68. Moron Marathon - skill - 438 plays
Moron Marathon
Link: Play
Run and stop before running full speed into the wall.

Size: 2470094 Bytes

69. Mosquito - skill - 645 plays
Link: Play
Can you control the mosquito and still gather blood and more?

Size: 824744 Bytes

70. Mayhem In The Skies - skill - 462 plays
Mayhem In The Skies
Link: Play
Save the babies falling from the sky, launch cannonballs at falling bombs.

Size: 1994422 Bytes

71. Mountain Frog - skill - 411 plays
Mountain Frog
Link: Play
Eat the flys in this sidescroller, by grabbing the flys with your tongue.

Size: 647149 Bytes

72. Monster Munch - skill - 493 plays
Monster Munch
Link: Play
Eat as many snowflakes as possible, while doding snowballs and icicles.

Size: 336048 Bytes

73. Manta Claus - skill - 392 plays
Manta Claus
Link: Play
Dodge oncoming vehicles and throw presents to houses. Throw presents at Santa.

Size: 3203518 Bytes

74. Music Stomp - skill - 373 plays
Music Stomp
Link: Play
How long can you dodge the ceiling blocks trying to fall down and crush your music note?

Size: 400056 Bytes

75. Marine Bomb - skill - 515 plays
Marine Bomb
Link: Play
One or two players. Dodge the falling bombs and don't get hit even once or your dead.

Size: 1057833 Bytes

76. Moolga - skill - 422 plays
Link: Play
A strange game of a floating cow that drops milk onto fish to make them dive back under water.

Size: 546220 Bytes

77. Maggie's Rainy Ride - skill - 601 plays
Maggie's Rainy Ride
Link: Play
Grab the stars and jump over the obstacles whenever they appear. Speed up to make things harder.

Size: 1429701 Bytes

78. Martian Madfish - skill - 452 plays
Martian Madfish
Link: Play
Swim in the water and try to dive as high as possible picking up bubbles for energy and speed.

Size: 626924 Bytes

79. Monkey Island - skill - 408 plays
Monkey Island
Link: Play
Jump to islands grabbing bananas. What more do you expect from a monkey?

Size: 267088 Bytes

80. Mind Me Bloody Beer - skill - 503 plays
Mind Me Bloody Beer
Link: Play
Balance the beer as long as possible.

Size: 150656 Bytes

81. Mu Ou Zhan Ji - skill - 558 plays
Mu Ou Zhan Ji
Link: Play
Click when the action bubbles appear to attack. Miss the bubble, you die.

Size: 1993424 Bytes

82. Mega Jump - skill - 433 plays
Mega Jump
Link: Play
Time the catapult just right and launch the alien the farthest.

Size: 954663 Bytes

83. Manuvr - skill - 434 plays
Link: Play
Collect the dark blue balls before they disappear. Avoid white balls.

Size: 300921 Bytes

84. Medivoid - skill - 481 plays
Link: Play
Move your mouse cursor skillfully or you lose the game.

Size: 648848 Bytes

85. Missile Game 3D - skill - 576 plays
Missile Game 3D
Link: Play
Use your mouse to guide your way through the obstacles. Very cool.

Size: 508231 Bytes

86. Mr. Penguin - skill - 422 plays
Mr. Penguin
Link: Play
Skillfully fly through the ice cave without dying.

Size: 654325 Bytes

87. Magic Library - skill - 395 plays
Magic Library
Link: Play
The books fall and have letters on them. Type the letters as fast as possible.

Size: 2577117 Bytes

88. MemoTST Test Your Memory - skill - 402 plays
MemoTST Test Your Memory
Link: Play
Test your memory in this slow starting memory game. Once it gets going it gets harder.

Size: 356357 Bytes

89. Mouse Hunt - skill - 470 plays
Mouse Hunt
Link: Play
How long can you last? Grab the cheese and each time another cat appears.

Size: 162349 Bytes

90. Mario Lost In Space - skill - 560 plays
Mario Lost In Space
Link: Play
Try to land Mario on the platform on the randomly generated maps. They get harder though.

Size: 5427945 Bytes

91. Music Zap - skill - 439 plays
Music Zap
Link: Play
Move the music note to avoid getting hit by the laser cannons. Watch out for when they fire insanely

Size: 547882 Bytes

92. Maximus - skill - 557 plays
Link: Play
Pick your spear, then your angle. Try to hit the target dead on.

Size: 587265 Bytes

93. Music Ping - skill - 442 plays
Music Ping
Link: Play
Click on the music notes when the circle around them is small, but not gone.

Size: 740582 Bytes

94. Music Smash - skill - 390 plays
Music Smash
Link: Play
Move the music note and don't let it get smashed. This time smashers are on all sides.

Size: 440943 Bytes

95. Mouse Game 2 - skill - 545 plays
Mouse Game 2
Link: Play
Don't let the mouse cursor touch the sides of the areas or you start over.

Size: 302577 Bytes

96. Mouse Olympics - skill - 452 plays
Mouse Olympics
Link: Play
Guide your mouse through the levels without touching walls and other objects.

Size: 395330 Bytes

97. Mysterious Colors - skill - 404 plays
Mysterious Colors
Link: Play
Colored numbers float around until one disappears. Use skill to answer what disappeared.

Size: 577269 Bytes

98. Motorama - skill - 867 plays
Link: Play
AWESOME physics controlling. Generate your own maps and adjust distance, slope height and frequency.

Size: 427966 Bytes

99. Metal Ball - skill - 583 plays
Metal Ball
Link: Play
Control the speed of the ball to roll on the platform. Don't fall off the edge.

Size: 450138 Bytes

100. Mouse Breaker - skill - 587 plays
Mouse Breaker
Link: Play
Dodge and escape the red arrows while shooting white arrows at them. How long can you last?

Size: 4223589 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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