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51. Obversity - logic - 615 plays
Link: Play
As the blocks fall, clear the blocks of the same color. This game is hard from the beginning.

Size: 1571342 Bytes

52. Obnoxius - logic - 580 plays
Link: Play
You control two boxes at the same time at opposite sides of the map. They must reach the other sides

Size: 377943 Bytes

53. Orbis Impetus - logic - 718 plays
Orbis Impetus
Link: Play
Grab the circles. Grab them fast enough to score combos. Avoid stars.

Size: 429015 Bytes

Opposite Squares Extra Levels
Link: Play
Move the squares around the map as both move at the same time. Get both squares to their exits.

Size: 559590 Bytes

55. Overkill - fun - 1192 plays
Link: Play
Watch some stick figure overkill in this non-interactive cartoon.

Size: 4005114 Bytes

56. Optical Illusions - fun - 1165 plays
Optical Illusions
Link: Play
Can you see the optical illusions?

Size: 450358 Bytes

57. Optical 2 - fun - 608 plays
Optical 2
Link: Play
Focus on the "X" and the blinking colors appear to change.

Size: 34413 Bytes

58. Optical Illusions - fun - 895 plays
Optical Illusions
Link: Play
A bunch of optical illusions all compiled together to mess with your mind.

Size: 4236680 Bytes

59. One Soldier - shoot - 691 plays
One Soldier
Link: Play
You're one soldier. Your fellow soldiers turned their backs on you, and now you're facing some tough

Size: 258881 Bytes

60. Overrun - shoot - 631 plays
Link: Play
Shoot down the orcs invading your castle by using your bow and arrow to fire shots and kill them.

Size: 747540 Bytes

61. Onslaught - shoot - 708 plays
Link: Play
You are an archer, protect your castle. Use keyboard.

Size: 1569977 Bytes

62. Overrun II - shoot - 597 plays
Overrun II
Link: Play
Rotate your turret and shoot down the invading robots, creatures and people coming towards you.

Size: 5162238 Bytes

63. Obsoleter - shoot - 568 plays
Link: Play
Shoot as many flying items as possible.

Size: 100569 Bytes

64. Office Getaway - shoot - 789 plays
Office Getaway
Link: Play
Shoot the enemies AFTER they pop out. (Shots don't register until popout animation is done)

Size: 86236 Bytes

65. Onslaught - shoot - 739 plays
Link: Play
Shoot the attacking soldiers that are trying to invade your beachhead.

Size: 1138219 Bytes

66. Office Boredom v3.0 - shoot - 692 plays
Office Boredom v3.0
Link: Play
Shoot other coworkers with your rubberbands, don't take too long or they take down health.

Size: 5006624 Bytes

67. Old Lady And Fly - fun - 726 plays
Old Lady And Fly
Link: Play
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she will die?

Size: 792915 Bytes

68. Orange & Black - action - 626 plays
Orange & Black
Link: Play
A bunch of Halloween games combind all into one.

Size: 3458204 Bytes

69. Oggy Moshi - strategy - 676 plays
Oggy Moshi
Link: Play
Similar to The Sims where you take care of a cat and his everyday life tasks.

Size: 1338634 Bytes

70. ORGANise - skill - 632 plays
Link: Play
Put the patients in their beds and then put their new organs in them before they or the organ dies.

Size: 165582 Bytes

71. Odd Bods - logic - 589 plays
Odd Bods
Link: Play
One of these is not like the other. Click the different creature to level up. Time gets shorter.

Size: 484670 Bytes

72. Orbtrex - skill - 627 plays
Link: Play
Don't let the strange shapes escape from the ring that you move around. Fire and grab powerups.

Size: 6197800 Bytes

73. OverSteer - race - 638 plays
Link: Play
Race your small car around a small course.

Size: 388738 Bytes

74. Orbitrax - race - 616 plays
Link: Play
Race 3 different cars around 3 different tracks. Can you complete all for 1st place?

Size: 1098965 Bytes

75. Outer Space Escape - retro - 677 plays
Outer Space Escape
Link: Play
Navigate your shuttle safely through the danger of outer space in this great game, Outer Space Esca

Size: 768751 Bytes

76. Office Blocks - tetris - 675 plays
Office Blocks
Link: Play
An office remix of Tetris. Good thing is can jump to hardest setting first.

Size: 96162 Bytes

77. Othello - retro - 636 plays
Link: Play
Place your white piece down and change the computer's black pieces to white.

Size: 20630 Bytes

78. Oida Pong - retro - 660 plays
Oida Pong
Link: Play
Play pong with yourself inside a circle where your paddle is the only thing for the balls to bounce

Size: 9513 Bytes

79. Orbit Blaster - retro - 806 plays
Orbit Blaster
Link: Play
Similar to the classic Space Invaders only with better graphics. Hold down space for rapid fire.

Size: 541767 Bytes

80. Old Angry Wizard - fight - 694 plays
Old Angry Wizard
Link: Play
Fight the appearing Ring Wraiths.

Size: 218292 Bytes

81. Orc Slayer - fight - 774 plays
Orc Slayer
Link: Play
Slay the incoming orcs for as long as possible. Attack fast when up close.

Size: 458390 Bytes

82. Outback Rumble - fight - 875 plays
Outback Rumble
Link: Play
Fight animals in a boxing style fight. Jib and jab high and low through your opponents.

Size: 1513602 Bytes

83. Operation Overdom - strategy - 665 plays
Operation Overdom
Link: Play
Pick the best time and way to avoid camera and guard detection.

Size: 294943 Bytes

84. Onslaught 2 - strategy - 1341 plays
Onslaught 2
Link: Play
Another tower defense for your pleasure. Dynamic turret placement with turret upgrades. Starts easy.

Size: 422089 Bytes

85. Operation Pedopriest - strategy - 877 plays
Operation Pedopriest
Link: Play
Keep the priests from getting caught having fun with the little children. This is soo wrong.

Size: 612738 Bytes

86. Orc Siege - rpg - 747 plays
Orc Siege
Link: Play
Attack the Orcs, but keep your character powered up.

Size: 4148706 Bytes

87. One off - rpg - 1031 plays
One off
Link: Play
Explore and find out codes on items spread around.

Size: 2781229 Bytes

88. Overhead Armageddon - skill - 705 plays
Overhead Armageddon
Link: Play
Story based game of keeping your cursor from touching the walls.

Size: 5047676 Bytes

89. Orbit - skill - 697 plays
Link: Play
Launch the orange ball and keep it out of the gravity fields for as long as possible.

Size: 177498 Bytes

90. ORB Bouncer - skill - 1152 plays
ORB Bouncer
Link: Play
Bounce the ball as you continue to float upwards. Don't let it drop.

Size: 644580 Bytes

91. Oshidama - skill - 624 plays
Link: Play
Push the circle with your cursor. Watch out for black holes. Reach the end of each level.

Size: 795304 Bytes

92. Overhead Persistence - skill - 709 plays
Overhead Persistence
Link: Play
Carefully move your mouse so that your dot doesn't touch the sides. One of the more difficult games.

Size: 3724273 Bytes

93. Orbital - skill - 625 plays
Link: Play
Use your mouse to collect the right color of orbs. Gets difficult by adding more colors later on.

Size: 2199892 Bytes

94. Ostrich Jump 3 - skill - 751 plays
Ostrich Jump 3
Link: Play
Jump and duck at the right time. Go as far as you can without hitting another object.

Size: 3683375 Bytes

95. Ollies Dance Experience - skill - 664 plays
Ollies Dance Experience
Link: Play
Push the left, right, up, and down buttons as the arrows pass over there corresponding symbols.

Size: 2604293 Bytes

96. Overhead Consistence - skill - 715 plays
Overhead Consistence
Link: Play
Guide the mouse through the multiple mazes and don't touch the edges and watch out for obstacles.

Size: 4687623 Bytes

97. Ongaku - skill - 779 plays
Link: Play
Another music game with a DDR action of pushing buttons as they flow towards your music note.

Size: 4853728 Bytes

98. Outer Space Trace - skill - 642 plays
Outer Space Trace
Link: Play
Trace and click on the stars as they appear. Go for combos by connecting multiple stars together.

Size: 2077005 Bytes

99. Ollie - sport - 682 plays
Link: Play
Like... ollie the potholes, man!

Size: 30905 Bytes

100. Out of Bounds - sport - 668 plays
Out of Bounds
Link: Play
Hit the tennis ball at the packs of Juicy Fruit.

Size: 933037 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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