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51. Kawa - logic - 986 plays
Link: Play
A puzzle game where you click the sides of the box you're in.

Size: 1437619 Bytes

52. Klax 3D - logic - 658 plays
Klax 3D
Link: Play
Can you follow the rules and grab the most points possible?

Size: 81822 Bytes

53. Klotsik - logic - 718 plays
Link: Play
Click groups of balls, you can click one ball but rows rise faster.

Size: 16038 Bytes

54. Krdzd - logic - 760 plays
Link: Play
Your in a prison cell. Try to escape and then to survive.

Size: 736989 Bytes

55. Kakuro Champion - logic - 595 plays
Kakuro Champion
Link: Play
Good with numbers? Why not play a little number game similar to Sudoku.

Size: 1149700 Bytes

56. Knut - logic - 662 plays
Link: Play
Give directions to the penguin on which way to go to complete each level.

Size: 445151 Bytes

57. Khrome - logic - 789 plays
Link: Play
Send your chrome ball flying to grab the stars. If you miss it on your first pass it gets very hard.

Size: 3715378 Bytes

58. Konnectors - logic - 612 plays
Link: Play
Make a road for the van to get to the house. Maps are randomly generated for a continuous challenge.

Size: 747931 Bytes

59. Kirby Puzzle Adventure - logic - 539 plays
Kirby Puzzle Adventure
Link: Play
Kirby is traveling one direction. Place the arrows to change his path to complete each level.

Size: 605843 Bytes

60. Kim Possible Rufus Recall - logic - 618 plays
Kim Possible Rufus Recall
Link: Play
Match the pieces quickly as they're rising and keep them from touching the top.

Size: 293162 Bytes

Kim Possible Super Villain Face Off
Link: Play
A game similar to Bubble Bobble. Fire the balls next to other balls with the same enemy face on them

Size: 223756 Bytes

62. Kill Santa - fun - 691 plays
Kill Santa
Link: Play
Select your weapon and find a way to punish santa for the bad things he's done.

Size: 607354 Bytes

63. Kozo Dance - fun - 753 plays
Kozo Dance
Link: Play
Kozo the purple hippo dances.

Size: 1367188 Bytes

64. Kwik Shot - shoot - 559 plays
Kwik Shot
Link: Play
Shoot the targets as they change throughout the levels.

Size: 150447 Bytes

65. Killer Crocodiles - shoot - 561 plays
Killer Crocodiles
Link: Play
Shoot the crocs and don't let them attack your boat.

Size: 157045 Bytes

66. Kindergarten Killer - shoot - 858 plays
Kindergarten Killer
Link: Play
Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids with your shotgun avoid getting k

Size: 1636261 Bytes

67. Kill Osama - shoot - 892 plays
Kill Osama
Link: Play
Shoot Osama, but watchout for Bert.

Size: 1114972 Bytes

68. Kill Stick Figures - shoot - 808 plays
Kill Stick Figures
Link: Play
Shoot the flying stick figures before they attack.

Size: 43046 Bytes

69. Knife Throw - shoot - 1004 plays
Knife Throw
Link: Play
Throw the knife and try to hit the bullseyes around the lady.

Size: 204469 Bytes

70. Kamikaze Frogs - shoot - 707 plays
Kamikaze Frogs
Link: Play
Shoot the frongs before they reach you and explode.

Size: 189222 Bytes

71. Kill The Rats - shoot - 619 plays
Kill The Rats
Link: Play
Shoot all the rats as fast as possible.

Size: 296178 Bytes

72. Kill a Kitten - shoot - 641 plays
Kill a Kitten
Link: Play
Shoot the kittens as they cross the screen and watch them explode.

Size: 223018 Bytes

73. Killer Bob - shoot - 794 plays
Killer Bob
Link: Play
Shoot Bob as he pops up out of the snow.

Size: 231305 Bytes

Kill The Dog From Duck Hunt
Link: Play
Shoot the dog from Duck Hunt whenever he pops out.

Size: 295911 Bytes

75. Killer Dolls - shoot - 751 plays
Killer Dolls
Link: Play
Shoot the killer dolls that are surrounding you quickly. Watch the radar and turn to face the dolls.

Size: 312340 Bytes

76. Kill Field - shoot - 641 plays
Kill Field
Link: Play
Shoot the incoming enemies. You have to have your cursor on them to kill them, not just line it up.

Size: 174943 Bytes

77. Kaboom - retro - 846 plays
Link: Play
This is an old atari game that has been moved online. Save the world from a mad bomber!

Size: 110513 Bytes

78. Kakato Otoshi - skill - 692 plays
Kakato Otoshi
Link: Play
Hit the "bricks" on their center or the woman will become off balance.

Size: 323409 Bytes

79. Kitten Cannon - shoot - 3384 plays
Kitten Cannon
Link: Play
Shoot the kitten as far as you can without hitting death traps.

Size: 340615 Bytes

80. Kill Kenny - skill - 986 plays
Kill Kenny
Link: Play
Dodge the knives and stay alive as long as possible.

Size: 162047 Bytes

81. Koala Lander - skill - 550 plays
Koala Lander
Link: Play
Dodge the floating lobsters. No really.

Size: 278646 Bytes

82. King's Win - shoot - 608 plays
King's Win
Link: Play
Shoot the kings targets before he shoots yours.

Size: 248065 Bytes

83. Kobe Bryant v2.0 - erotic - 1712 plays
Kobe Bryant v2.0
Link: Play
Go around the court and hump the hot cute girls that go by but avoid the ugly old women or lose poin

Size: 1282122 Bytes

84. Kumite - fight - 799 plays
Link: Play
A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful animation and merciless killing!

Size: 214378 Bytes

85. Killer Sprouts - skill - 858 plays
Killer Sprouts
Link: Play
Squish the sprouts before they hop in your mouth.

Size: 342215 Bytes

86. Kid Canyon's Cunning Stunt - skill - 900 plays
Kid Canyon's Cunning Stunt
Link: Play
Drive your motorcycle over a canyon. Watch out for objects though.

Size: 575008 Bytes

87. Kirby Minigame - skill - 615 plays
Kirby Minigame
Link: Play
Catch the eggs, but not the bombs.

Size: 147937 Bytes

K.T.'s Impossi Bubble Adventures
Link: Play
Collect the coins and above the floating bombs.

Size: 1160314 Bytes

89. Kaboom - skill - 575 plays
Link: Play
Bounce the letters and bombs as they're thrown out the window.

Size: 76661 Bytes

90. King of Buttons - skill - 625 plays
King of Buttons
Link: Play
Push the button as fast as possible. Different game modes.

Size: 444968 Bytes

91. Kundgebung - shoot - 606 plays
Link: Play
Throw eggs, rockets, firecrackers, and flame cocktails at police.

Size: 447809 Bytes

92. Kookin' Kidz - skill - 583 plays
Kookin' Kidz
Link: Play
Grab the pesky kids and drop them into your boiling vat of goo.

Size: 85586 Bytes

93. Kamikaze Fighter - skill - 959 plays
Kamikaze Fighter
Link: Play
Keep flying, don't run out of gas. Reach enemy boss.

Size: 488203 Bytes

94. Keep Ups 2 - skill - 630 plays
Keep Ups 2
Link: Play
Keep the soccer ball up in the air for as long as possible by clicking it.

Size: 286153 Bytes

95. KissMat 2 - fun - 757 plays
KissMat 2
Link: Play
Kiss for as long as possible while the adults aren't looking. Reach your kissing quota or it's over.

Size: 981956 Bytes

96. Krakken Attack - shoot - 706 plays
Krakken Attack
Link: Play
Fire at the Krakken as you change from super hero to super hero on each level. A little repetitive.

Size: 393391 Bytes

97. Kore Karts - race - 706 plays
Kore Karts
Link: Play
Race your mini-car around the 3 circuits as you try and complete the race in first position! Be care

Size: 589568 Bytes

98. Krazy Kar - race - 789 plays
Krazy Kar
Link: Play
Race the clock, pickup more clocks to increase time limit.

Size: 287384 Bytes

99. Knugg Rally - race - 826 plays
Knugg Rally
Link: Play
Race around the course against a PC opponent.

Size: 573792 Bytes

100. King of Power - race - 563 plays
King of Power
Link: Play
Race around different courses in this 3D boating racing game.

Size: 685502 Bytes

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action casino fight fun erotic logic race retro rpg shoot skill sport strategy tetris
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