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Sushi Cat 2 – The Great Purrade
Link: Play
Sushi Cat and his wife are at a lovely parade. Distracted by all the fun, Sushi Cat loses his wife within the crowd. Unlock new outfits for Sushi Cat along the way by collecting golden sushi on each level. Help Sushi Cat get her back by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win. Use your Mouse to drop the blue striped moggy onto his favourite Japanese food so he can fill his empty belly up with the tasty raw fish. Collect gold symbols to unlock new outfits for the tomcat to wear.

Size: 8198369 Bytes

52. Siegius Arena - fight - 3131 plays
Siegius Arena
Link: Play
Fight in arena battles in the roman empire with gladiators in this action fight rpg game. Blood will be spilt as you fight to the death in a series of arena battles. Upgrade your gladiator and fight for your life. Buy upgrades, weapons, swords and helmets in town and collect various achievements. Use the Arrow keys or WASD keys on the keyboard to move the gladiator. Some dialogs can be operated with the Mouse cursor. Z,X keys to heavy and hard attacks. C key is for items, V key is used for spells when you them. P key to pause the game.

Size: 8985808 Bytes

53. Sift Heads Assault 3 - action - 1207 plays
Sift Heads Assault 3
Link: Play
Vinnie stickman is back again for another action packed survival shooter. Try to survive as long as you can, as waves of rivals decend upon you. New evironments, new challenges, new weapons and new kick-ass moves. Use the weapons at your disposal to survive an onslaught of enemies for as long as you can. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Use A key or D key to run, W key to jump, Space bar key to pick up items or cover, Press down or S key while running to roll or hold to move objects, Q key to change weapons, R key to reload and P key to pause the game.

Size: 4152872 Bytes

54. Sun Hop - skill - 1462 plays
Sun Hop
Link: Play
Help the blob reach his destination by getting him to bounce of planets in the solar system. Jump from island to island and ignite the suns in every level. You can jump in any direction, but you have to touch all suns. Use your Mouse or Space bar key to jump. Watch out for black holes if you accidentaly touch one, the level will reset back to it's original state. Contains a total of 24 levels, with each once getting harder as you progress.

Size: 2745110 Bytes

55. Shadow Tag - skill - 969 plays
Shadow Tag
Link: Play
You're stuck by a cabin in the woods, but you're not alone... Find your keys, get to your car, and avoid demonically possessed children. With Halloween approaching, you need to avoid trick or treat kids possessed by demons as you try to find your car keys before your torch battery runs out. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move around the maze as quickly as you can. If a kid spots you, he or she will follow you till they consume your soul. On later levels you'll have to collect other items like petrol cans.

Size: 6768610 Bytes

56. Spaceman vs Monsters - logic - 1316 plays
Spaceman vs Monsters
Link: Play
Help a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dangerous but very funny looking monsters. Use different types of equipment and weapon like bubblegun, jet pack, teleport, knife or bazooka to kill all the monsters and save your crew. Use your Mouse to choose direction and power of throw and kill all the monsters. Don't kill the member of your crew.

Size: 3901279 Bytes

57. SAS Zombie Assault TD - strategy - 2011 plays
SAS Zombie Assault TD
Link: Play
Hordes of undead are approaching! Your mission is to stop them in their tracks by deploying your SAS men and automated turrets in strategic locations throughout each area. SAS Zombie Assault returns as a Tower Defense game! Use your Mouse and click to select towers and click again to place them. Play 6 maps in Normal, Elite, Nightmare or Apocalypse modes. Pass each map to earn achievements and Awesome points, and also earn valuable SAS dollars to unlock powerful upgrades, buy helicopters, airstrikes and even nukes to help you out. Fast forward is available when you click the double arrow to toggle 3x speed on/off. Click the arrow button (or hit space bar) between waves to immediately send the next wave.

Size: 8017226 Bytes

58. Submachine 8 The Plan - logic - 1030 plays
Submachine 8 The Plan
Link: Play
Embark on another adventure within the complicated structure as you try to find ways of opening inter dimensional portals to unknown locations. Build and defend your base from hostile forces. Command an army of elite soldiers and epic war machines. Attack in real-time with fully animated battles! The submachines are all around you, you can feel it. But you can’t really escape it… Or can you… Use your Mouse to carefully examine puzzles and objects within your immediate vicinity to find ways out. You can pick up items laying around to place into your backpack for later use. Search for items and solve puzzles.

Size: 7197223 Bytes

Space Pirate vs Alien Lobsters
Link: Play
Those mangy Alien Lobsters have taken yer sword. Use your Space Pirate skills to blast those pesky critters of the spacey sea to another dimension. Use your Mouse to aim and power up your shot, then click to blast those aliens. Play through 24 levels and try to unlock all 45 achievements.

Size: 2190369 Bytes

60. Shinobi Quest - logic - 2029 plays
Shinobi Quest
Link: Play
Guide your ninja and take out the samurai in this point-n-click adventure that will test your fast-twitch reflexes! Help the trained ninja fight his way through samurai warriors so he can reach his target within the temple. Try to find and earn all 41 achievements. Use your Mouse to select a weapon choice by clicking on the foe in front of you. If your too slow you'll end up getting sliced like a melon by the samurai's sword. Don't forget to grab bladed weapons from fallen enemies to to scale buildings with. Similar to creative kill chamber, so if you liked that you'll love this.

Size: 4047673 Bytes

61. Snake Squad - shoot - 1823 plays
Snake Squad
Link: Play
Snake Squad is a unique auto-shooter, run around the stage, pick up allies and extras as you shoot down the waves of enemies. Make your supreme squad and survive in battlefield as long as you can. Collect loot and upgrade your squad. Use the Mouse to guide the commander around, the rest of your troops will follow. Every taken soldier heals you (+ 5HP). At x10 kill combo you'll get an air-strike. The upgrades shop is only available from the main menu, not during gameplay. It contains useful upgrades like a better commander health or speed, decrease of distance between squad members, more powerful air-strikes, more squad members to begin with, better weapons and more.

Size: 4413660 Bytes

62. Shape Fold - logic - 2527 plays
Shape Fold
Link: Play
Fold connected structures into simple shapes in this physics puzzle game! Move the parts of the shape and fold it in the displayed spot. The idea of taking pieces of a shape and making the bigger shape but with this restriction of hinges which forces actual folding and manipulating around a pivot point, the idea takes on new light. Use Mouse to drag connected parts into correct places. Move or rotate the connected elements in order to fill out all the given shapes.

Size: 1060399 Bytes

63. Super Hero in 60 Seconds - logic - 778 plays
Super Hero in 60 Seconds
Link: Play
When the world is in danger and all the heroes have fallen, do you have what it takes to save the day? Go through the challenges in 60 seconds and emerge on the victorious side to be acknowledged as superhero who is faster, stronger and the next savior. 60 seconds of perfection is what separates a common man from a hero. Bring the world out of darkness by proving you have the skills to become the next saviour. Use your Mouse to participate in mini tests that will see you avoiding bullets, complete logical puzzles and perform math questions as fast as you can within one minute. Complete all 12 gruelling challenges of 5 seconds each which test your speed, accuracy, memory and dexterity of mind. Pit your final score against those that have fallen before you.

Size: 2193074 Bytes

64. Solar System Defence - strategy - 1730 plays
Solar System Defence
Link: Play
Solar System Defence is a tower defense game set in space. You have to defend all the planets from the solar system from enemies that are trying to take over the galaxy. Prove you are the hero and defeat all incoming enemies. Select the first planet and start the game. Use your Mouse to build carefully your defense line, and try to keep it upgraded to be able to destroy all your enemies. Set up your tower defense line along your roads. Use your Mouse to select a gun and place it on the side of the road. Click on the plus sign to upgrade your towers. You can sell the tower at 75% of the initial price. Kill the creeping cars and earn money for more tower defenses or upgrades to your existing tower defense units. Try to repel all the waves and keep your planet intact all the way.

Size: 4601569 Bytes

65. Spunky vs Aliens - skill - 868 plays
Spunky vs Aliens
Link: Play
The aliens are invading your neighborhood and it’s down to Spunky the Dog to take the fight to the aliens and win. Your pet puppy magically becomes a flying dog which is brave, powerful and is the embodiment of righteousness. He beats the aliens and protects our homeland Mouse key to move the dog left click to shoot. Remember to collect coins.

Size: 3726398 Bytes

66. Sticky Linky - logic - 1206 plays
Sticky Linky
Link: Play
Good friends stick together, but these guys take it to the next level. Click the chains of colored blobs! Evolve and collect sticky linky creatures. 24 levels, unlockable zen mode, 15 awards, and evil fishes. Click chains of colored blobs to remove them. Click chain of 5+ blobs to evolve a creature. When creature is linked with same colored blobs you can pick it up. Every click in later levels costs 1 mana point. Killing the fish costs 2 mana points.

Size: 2183746 Bytes

67. Shadow Drifter - skill - 1549 plays
Shadow Drifter
Link: Play
The darkness is your friend and Gunbots are not, duh! Guide the Drifty Bot along the shadows and block the lights any way you can. Escape is at your hand! Originally released as a demo, “Help! It’s The Unfinished Shadow Game!”. As the title suggests, this is unfinished. Not wanting it to go to waste, packaged it up with a facile title screen and let the world have it as an eight-level demo. It’s still a playable, fun distraction with some unique stuff. Play with WASD or Arrow keys. Stars are not collected until you escape the room you are in. So make sure to actually leave the room with the last star in it to get the badge! Collect bonuses and press Escape to access menu or X to quit/restart levels if you are stuck.

Size: 4425754 Bytes

68. Star Drops - skill - 1895 plays
Star Drops
Link: Play
A quirky radial gravity game with fast paced, physics based action and a compelling upgrade system. Stardrops puts the player in the shoes of a boy looking to redeem himself for ripping his sister’s teddy bear. Use Arrow keys to move, Space bar key to jump. Space bar key while in the air to perform the shooting star ability.

Size: 5541941 Bytes

69. Stick-O-Lympics - sport - 2379 plays
Link: Play
Stick-O-Lympics is another fun on topic sports game. Get your stickman to participate in an all round athlete as a runner in track and field, weightlifting, swimming, kayaking and diving activies. Try to win against all other stickmen and get the gold medal in each achievement. Use your Arrow keys to mash your keyboard to pick up enough momentum to get your stick character to win. Complete each stage to get through to the quarter finals.

Size: 748368 Bytes

70. Sift Heads Assault 2 - action - 1284 plays
Sift Heads Assault 2
Link: Play
The sequel to the action shooter side game Sift Heads Assault with more rivals and new bloody challenges! Use A key or D key to run, W key to jump, Space bar key to pick up items or cover, Press down or S key while running to roll or hold to move objects, Q key to change weapons, R key to reload and P key to pause the game.

Size: 3516220 Bytes

71. Sky Garden - logic - 2230 plays
Sky Garden
Link: Play
Take your mind through a nature inspired puzzle. You have a grid like map with trees, water, ice, baby trees, and lava. The goal is to click all the trees turning them into water but you cannot drown the other trees. Other elements also come into play such as you have to water the tree sprouts before you can turn them into water, lava expands every turn so you have to avoid burning trees. You also can use shovels depending on the level to dig up blocks and break ice to direct the water where you want. Save trees from an arctic extinction by plucking them from the soil. Use your Mouse to grab a tree to make it disappear, each tree you remove is replaced by an icy area on the ground. Beware ice paths can irrevocably damage neighbouring trees. At later levels you'll get to use a good old shovel to dig cubes of soil away.

Size: 939931 Bytes

72. Super Adventure Pals - rpg - 2706 plays
Super Adventure Pals
Link: Play
Super Adventure Pals is a loveable action RPG platformer in which you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to track down the evil Mr B who has stolen your pet rock. But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your good friend the Giraffe! Level up along the way for new weapons and hat colours. Fight a wide range of enemies and defeat Mr B in a number of epic boss fights. Interact with non playing characters in towns and visit the shop to stock up on equipment and buy new abilities. To earn diamonds to use on shop items you need to replay levels. You will get the choice at the beginning of a new game for Arrow keys for Movement, WASD for abilities or vice versa. Potions work automatically, P or Escape fo Pause Menu, Q to change quality, M for Mute Sound.

Size: 15128052 Bytes

73. ShapeFit - logic - 2161 plays
Link: Play
Do you remember how you learned numbers from 1 to 10? Now you have to revise the material and to solve exciting puzzles while fitting pieces of wood into the slots made in a figure! Choose any level you like! Basically there are three level packs. Numbers, alphabets and symbols. And basically for each level you have the number or symbol and have to fill it in with the various Tetris blocks given to you. Use your Mouse to pick up each piece of wood and place it where you think it should go. Complete the primary number section before moving onto more difficult areas such as alphabet, icons, logos, nature, transport, super heroes and pattern packs. There is a bonus level awarded at the end if you finally complete all the previous sections.

Size: 1956443 Bytes

74. Soldier Diary - logic - 3631 plays
Soldier Diary
Link: Play
You have been captured by soldiers of red army. You have to escape and call for evacuation team to get you out of the enemy’s zone. It's up to you to find a way of reaching the extraction point so you can call for back up. Use only your Mouse to solve all the puzzles to escape. Solve each situation as you come across it by grabbing, pushing or manipulating hidden items before the red troops shoot you on sight.

Size: 2268659 Bytes

75. Simple Motions 2 - logic - 1918 plays
Simple Motions 2
Link: Play
Help the rolling creature to collect all the stars scattered in levels. Clear the way and reach the red flag to complete each of the total 35 levels. A physics game where you have to plan your route. Make sure to collect the red star before you can enter the exit and collect the other stars to get extra points. Use the items like rotation, growing, ballon flight, or drowning in the menu to succeed. Use your Mouse to select these items to place them in a level.

Size: 2204695 Bytes

76. Sketchman - skill - 1359 plays
Link: Play
Run as long as you can and then run further the next time... in this epic journey on loose leaf paper. Jump, double jump, glide and shoot your way through hordes of enemies and hazards in this new runner from miniclip! Get as far as you can. UP key to jump, Double Up to double jump, while in the air after your second jump you can press up once more... to glide! Space bar key to shoot your gun. Avoid obstacles by any means necessary.

Size: 5284610 Bytes

77. Sift Heads Assault - action - 1459 plays
Sift Heads Assault
Link: Play
In Sift Heads Assault shooting game named you must clear the waves of assailants. You will be able to upgrade your weaponry, use grenades and even increase your resistance to bullets. You can use objects as barricades and even move them around. Try to clear all waves. A or D to run, W to jump, Space bar key to pick up items, Press down (S) while running to roll or hold to move objects, Q to change weapons, R to reload and P to pause the game. Install the latest flash if your keyboard does not work. Game Cheat Codes: 90315 - Invincible, 80373 - +10000 Cash, 11075 - Run faster, 11348 - Low gravity, 105361 - Tougher enemies, 101868 - Stronger to slide objects.

Size: 2891044 Bytes

78. Stick Figure Badminton 2 - sport - 3017 plays
Stick Figure Badminton 2
Link: Play
An epic game of badminton with stick figures! Now with more playable characters! Choose your stick player and put other stickmen to shame with your badminton skills. Swing your racket to serve the birdie or return your opponent's serve. The first player to score seven points wins. Arrow keys/WASD to move, Up to jump, Space bar key or S to swing. The game can be played with one or two players on the same computer.

Size: 3416930 Bytes

79. Sands of the Coliseum - rpg - 7237 plays
Sands of the Coliseum
Link: Play
Sands of the coliseum game is a turn based combat within the gladiatorial arena as you go up against some of Romes finest warriors. You level up you can use the skill points on various traits of yours (health, dexterity, strength, etc.) as well as special skills like combo strikes, throwing, and power boosts. Also as you progress through the ranks you can loot and buy better weapons and armor to help you in your quest to be the best gladiator you can possibly be. Use your Mouse to select different body parts on your opponent to deliver a devastating attack with your sword. Once you've defeated the gladiator choose whether to please the crowd and execute him or show mercy by letting him live. Finishing him or her off will reward you with more loot an bonuses. Don't forget to visit the blacksmith to forge new weapons and to upgrade your strength, dexterity, health and defense with xp earned at the skills section.

Size: 10706787 Bytes

80. Spelling Scramble - logic - 1030 plays
Spelling Scramble
Link: Play
Combine scrambled letters into words, and get the highest score possible. Compete against friends in the High Score table! Two game modes, time attack or thinking cap, and fun for all the family! Use your mouse or keyboard keys to play the game.

Size: 1488823 Bytes

81. Swindler - logic - 953 plays
Link: Play
Drop, tangle & roll your way through this action packed puzzle filled adventure. Extend your gooey cord as you grab stars, trigger buttons, avoid sticky walls, & reach the chest. Help the green blob thief work his way towards chests filled with pure gold coins to line his greedy pockets. The masked thief has a unique ability to create ropes from his body to lower himself past dangerous obstacles. Up and down arrows to climb up or down your cord Left and right arrows to rotate the world Spacebar to pick up objects. Upgrade the flash to the newest version if you have issues with rotation.

Size: 49709 Bytes

82. Sift Heads Remasterized - shoot - 2108 plays
Sift Heads Remasterized
Link: Play
This time the new mission is a series of huge assassination tasks, and the goal is hard to find. Be quick, swift and strong, the experience is unique and exciting! Join vinnie and his gang for more sniping antics in this remastered edition of the classic shooter that started them all. Use your Mouse to aim your sniper rifle at targets and Spacebar to reload bullets into the gun.

Size: 8847406 Bytes

83. Super Six Cricket - sport - 1114 plays
Super Six Cricket
Link: Play
Top down arcade cricket sport action, and brand new sports game. Bat and bowl your team to glory, and hit your opponent for six! To bat: click the mouse and draw an arrow for the type of shot you want to play. To bowl: Stop the arrow when it’s in the right zone. See the in-game tutorial for all rules.

Size: 3064634 Bytes

84. Spy - skill - 821 plays
Link: Play
Find your way out without beeing discovered. Use right arrow to go to the next stage. Don't move when you are in enemy's sight - especially don't show your feet in sight zone. Press up to climb stairs or activate the light switch. Try not to be busted by security.

Size: 943497 Bytes

85. Silly Sausage - retro - 1080 plays
Silly Sausage
Link: Play
In this puzzle game you must catch all the gems to open the door and escape. But take care of your growing tail, it's an easy target for your enemies. Watch out for dangerous obstacles and grab onto orange tiles to create a better starting point. Hold Arrow keys or WASD keys while eating the gems. Use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.

Size: 49856 Bytes

86. Sliding Cubes 2 - logic - 778 plays
Sliding Cubes 2
Link: Play
The sequel for the excellent puzzle game is here! Drag all the cubes to the correct place and fill in all the white points. At the beginning it looks easy, but going further on makes you think more and more, how to do the right moves and put the right blocks to the right places. One wrong move and you will have to start from the very beginning. See how good you are in solving complex tasks. Fill in the white area by moving blocks to the correct place. Use mouse to drag blocks.

Size: 2710729 Bytes

87. Sichiken - skill - 732 plays
Link: Play
Collect coins and move to the exit. Collect all the coins in each level by using multiple copies of yourself and turning back of time. Move it carefully through the platform without getting destroyed by spikes. There ae two types of levels in game: single-pass levels and double-pass levels. Single pass: collect coins, move to exit, avoid spikes, handle disappearing tiles. In Double pass, time your actions, first pass – collect coins you can get, tap triggers (if any) and prepare for a second pass. In second pass – collect remaining coins, while your shadow will repeat previously recorded actions, then move to exit. Arrow Keys or WASD keys to move, Reset level or next pass with R, E or Enter.

Size: 9374946 Bytes

88. Super Villainy - shoot - 1967 plays
Super Villainy
Link: Play
Super Villain Battle Royale! Fight for the title of top super villain in this multidirectional shooter! Choose missions that will have you killing enemies, destroying structures, and trying to survive whatever is thrown at you. Completing missions will unlock missions of higher difficulty. You will keep your money whether you complete or fail a mission, so collect as many coins as possible. Money can be spent on upgrades and minions that will make it easier for you to complete the more challenging missions. Show the rest of the villains who's top dog in this awesome shooter with tons of upgrades, turrets and even minions. WASD or arrow keys to move. Use your Mouse to aim, click and hold mouse to use bullet time. Space to use special attack. P to pause.

Size: 3460694 Bytes

89. Stealth Hunter 2 - action - 1817 plays
Stealth Hunter 2
Link: Play
Sneak past guards, cameras and lasers as you uncover the secrets behind a stolen shipment of nuclear material. Collect weapons, hack computers, lock pick doors, and create distractions as you investigate who is responsible, and what their plans are. Use Arrow keys, WASD or Mouse to move. Space Bar for a Wall tap or for opening doors, to kill, attack or to interact with the envirionment. Shift to sneak, C for a snake cam or other secondary action. Esc for menu.

Size: 8201250 Bytes

90. SLIPE - logic - 1111 plays
Link: Play
The goal is to connect one or more (for high levels) pairs of arrows with the aid of pipe fragments, which can be shifted horizontally and vertically. 25 challenging levels, board editor, and users can share boards, rate them and add to favorites. Arrows are offseted to the left side, imagine them on the play field. Use the mouse to interact with the game and slide pipe fragments as you think.

Size: 3835092 Bytes

91. Starmada - skill - 1386 plays
Link: Play
Aliens learned nothing from the humiliation of defeat at the battle of Starmageddon and continue to foolishly believe they can beat people. Here they come again intent on enslaving mankind, molesting our livestock and just generally being downright rude. You know what to do soldier – give ’em hell… Shoot stuff, collect stuff ejected from the stuff you just shot and beat new boss in each level. Move your ship using either the mouse or the Arrow or WASD keys. Your guns fire automatically. Activate your repulsion-wave with the left mouse button or X or M key. The repulser functions defensively by destroying all enemy bullets it touches and blocking enemy beam weapons. It also has an offensive function, inflicting damage on all enemies in range. An upgraded repulser can be an effective means of quickly annihilating large groups of closely packed enemies. Dying enemies eject treasure worth money you can spend in the shop on upgrades, stars for extra points and power-ups which replenish health, increase lives, increase score-multiplier or activate shields. Annihilate all enemies in a formation to gain a squad-bonus worth extra points. Enemies armed with beam-weapons unleash a shockwave when they explode, similar in effect to your repulser, this can be helpful when fighting hordes of enemies.

Size: 7199511 Bytes

92. Simple Motions - logic - 1047 plays
Simple Motions
Link: Play
Help the ball to collect all stars on the level with the help of triggers and variety of powerups. Then the ball should be moved to the red flag to comlete the level. The ball should not leave the screen. Place the cursor onto the tray, click on the trigger and hold mouse button to move it. Put the trigger onto the screen. To delete a trigger you can simply move it onto the tray. Use Shift and Mouse to rotate the trigger if possible. Use the Spacebar or Start button to Start. Press the Spacebar or Edit button to edit scene again. the Edit button to edit.

Size: 909380 Bytes

93. selFish - skill - 934 plays
Link: Play
Puzzle and skills game in witch you have to help the little fish on it's mission to rule the whole pond by eating all the other fish. Eat smaller fish in order to grow and eat bigger fish. Go through many levels, eating and become the biggest fish around. If you are too small and decide to eat a bigger fish, you will be the one to get eaten. Mouse to aim and click to swim around.

Size: 1082062 Bytes

94. Shady Tactics - action - 1200 plays
Shady Tactics
Link: Play
Extremely challenging and highly polished stealth, puzzle platform game. Guide this underground hacker through 20 stylish and moody stages of platform / puzzling fun. 20 stages, infinite lives, hidden areas that let you skip areas of the stage - but not all secret areas are helpful, some will cause instant death. Moody atmosphere, stylish graphics. Stand by terminals to hack them, the exit will then open somewhere in the level. Try to reach the exit as you avoid light rays. Use Arrow keys to move, press Up key to jump. Press the Up key again while jumping to double jump. Run into block to push it and allow access to higher areas. Be careful, you are invisible in the shadows, but high intensity lights destroy your shadow form. P-bots can't detect you in shadows, if detected, wait in the shadows until alert passes.

Size: 3610170 Bytes

95. Space Is Key 2 - skill - 774 plays
Space Is Key 2
Link: Play
Space is Key is back for some more pixel exploding madness. Repair your space bar, as it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Jump over other blocks and connect with the right triggers in Space is Key 2. You will have to jump your block at just the right time to make it over and under all the blocks on each line. Make it through all three lines to get to the next level. Smaller floating blocks are triggers that will lower or raise blocks that are too high to jump over. Beat all 20 levels to win, and 10 levels in challenge mode. Your attempt number is on the top left of the screen, and level number in the middle. Use SPACE to jump.

Size: 2456675 Bytes

96. Star Base Defense - strategy - 1572 plays
Star Base Defense
Link: Play
Defend your space station from endless waves of alien hordes in this fast-paced science fiction battle game. Place space turrets and upgrade them as you destroy all the spaceships coming in. You have upgrades which you can purchase after each round. Use mouse to select bases to build and upgrade towers.

Size: 2063467 Bytes

97. Solid Sneak - skill - 1232 plays
Solid Sneak
Link: Play
Sneak around and try to escape, but don't get caught. You better be quiet when sneaking through the rooms. Sneak around the caverns as you knock on walls to distract the guards as you make your escape. Use arrow keys to move. Stand to the wall and use Space to knock and distract the guards.

Size: 3919239 Bytes

Sports Head Football Championship
Link: Play
Go head to head against opposing soccer players in intense one minute matches. Hit bonuses that appear on the field for special powerups and earn money to purchase upgrades after each game. See if you can you beat all 10 opponents and win the Championship cup. Use Arrow keys to move, Up arrow key to jump and the Space bar to kick. Hitting the power-ups will help you win or break your leg!

Size: 1387711 Bytes

99. Sliceee - logic - 1049 plays
Link: Play
Use physics slicing to cut up shapes by dragging your mouse through them. Remove all red shapes by slicing, hitting and pushing them off the screen to complete each puzzle level. Click Left mouse button, hold and drag to select your slicing path. Release to slice.

Size: 9929 Bytes

100. SolarBall - logic - 1040 plays
Link: Play
Your aim is to lead the ball through different levels collecting hearts and scores. It is not that easy, you will need to use different portals and tubing in order to move, as well as the own power and accelerators. Use the mouse to launch the ball to get to the tube at the end of the level. Don't fall off the screen.

Size: 1742863 Bytes

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