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51. Cat Around The World - logic - 1335 plays
Cat Around The World
Link: Play
Make a pretty healthful holiday trip around the world together with bushy furry cat! Meow! Enjoy The Fun! Use left mouse button to play this game. Click on the ice cubes to break them. Click on a spring to activate it. Stone blocks cannot be clicked.

Size: 4083242 Bytes

52. Covert Front 4 - logic - 1708 plays
Covert Front 4
Link: Play
Kara returns for the epic finale of the game series. The final episode of Covert Front series leads Kara to Lisbon in search for the elusive Karl von Toten. Before you can start the actual journey you have to repair your airplane. Use the mouse to interact with the scene, clicking on an area when the icon changes to a hand to indicate you can do something there, or that there is something to be picked up. Some scenes are wide, and can be scrolled over by moving the cursor to the sides of the play screen. Kara's inventory is stored at the bottom of the screen, and clicking on an item will either activate it, or ready it for use.

Size: 12136980 Bytes

53. Creative Kill Chamber 2 - logic - 1152 plays
Creative Kill Chamber 2
Link: Play
Infiltrate the evil Creative Kill Chamber corporation so that you can rescue Kenji - your one and only best friend. Your friend has been kidnapped by the organization. Can you rescue him in this 3 minute point-and-click adventure? Use your Mouse to instruct your stickman to perform certain actions, such as sniping with a high velocity rifle or breaking into a highly sophisticated computer terminal. Sometimes you may come face to face with a security guard, shoot him quick before he pumps you full of bullets. You'll need fast reactions if you want to succeed.

Size: 2186257 Bytes

54. Clear Vision 5 - logic - 4466 plays
Clear Vision 5
Link: Play
Tyler is an ordinary guy whose patience gets pushed too far. After getting fired as a supermarket cleaner he begins a violent career as a professional assassin. This, however, is also the beginning of social decline, false friends and a spiral of deception. Watch out, you can´t trust anyone… Take the role of an assassin and eliminate your targets without harming civilians. Completed assignments will give you money, which you can spend on more powerful and accurate weapons. Use your Mouse to aim, Left-click to shoot, R to reload.

Size: 16045732 Bytes

55. Canary - skill - 1128 plays
Link: Play
Deep underground, there's a busy canary with an important job to do. Explore the mines using your laser cannon to carve through the rocks. Control the canary with your mouse. Click and hold to fire your laser and cut through rocks to find your way through the risky cave!

Size: 49798 Bytes

56. Crystal Story - rpg - 912 plays
Crystal Story
Link: Play
Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters with a different weapon class (swords, bows, maces, and staffs) and configure what skill sets they learn along the way. You can earn equipment upgrades that will help you traverse through Evil Cave by destroying monsters or playing minigames. Loads of sidequests to do to keep you busy and with the randomly generated dungeons, you will have more than enough to do. MOUSE to interact, 1-4 number keys to use commands, Escape to cancel.

Size: 20697245 Bytes

57. Clickplay Rainbow 2 - logic - 1756 plays
Clickplay Rainbow 2
Link: Play
The play button just doesn't quit playing hide n' seek! Find it and click it, sounds easy right? Interact with each scene and figure out a way to reveal the play button to progress to the next level. Use the mouse to click, drag, pull, rotate or anything else you think of to achieve the task.

Size: 5957976 Bytes

58. Crash Them All - fun - 1129 plays
Crash Them All
Link: Play
Create total carnage as you drive head first into traffic at breakneck speed! Go for maximum destruction. Drive your car into traffic & cause massive amounts of damage, then trigger your car bomb for more. Arrow Keys to drive, use your bombs with X key to earn wicked combo's. Use arrow keys to release bomb in your desired direction.

Size: 6017419 Bytes

59. Clockwork - logic - 2999 plays
Link: Play
A puzzle game in which all pieces move in synchronized paths and patterns. In Clockwork, players must unlock the golden gear from the center of each puzzle by rearranging the pieces, which move all at once in synchronized patterns. Only by studying these patterns can the player use a proper series of movements to solve each level. Pieces are controlled using the Arrow keys or the on-screen buttons. Press Space to launch the golden gear.

Size: 2372674 Bytes

Cubic Slingshot Hardcore – Level Pack
Link: Play
You have to hit and drop down all colored squares to pass each level. You have limited number of shots so try to aim accuratelly. Aim your slingshot and shoot with your mouse.

Size: 1295320 Bytes

61. Cybernetic - logic - 718 plays
Link: Play
In Cybernetic, you must collect keys and diamonds to reach the green exit and the next level. Beware of the lasers. Flip switches to alternate doors & lasers. Try to get all the gems in every level. This game is a puzzle platformer with 30 levels, 3 background songs, 12 achievements, and an easy learning curve. Use either WASD or the Arrow keys to move and jump, and the Space bar is used to activate switches when close enough to them.

Size: 1025888 Bytes

62. Catapult Round Trip - shoot - 624 plays
Catapult Round Trip
Link: Play
Your goal is to shoot all the knights on the screen in each stage with a metal wrecking ball, a chain, knights and the catapult. Aim to shoot all the enemy targets with the catapult! Holding the left mouse button to set the speed. Release it to shoot. Then the 2nd click draws back the chain. When the catapult is broken, reload the level.

Size: 2344632 Bytes

63. Crossbow 3D - sport - 1515 plays
Crossbow 3D
Link: Play
Aim and shoot the crossbow while trying to hit the center of the target. You get 3 attempts each round. The closer you get to the center, the more points you will score. The target moves further away and the wind gets more intense with each round, so make sure you take aim into the wind. Click your mouse and hold to aim the crossbow, then release to fire your arrow. Hit the bullseye for maximum points. Don't forget to aim for the bonus targets. They're worth 150pts.

Size: 1975543 Bytes

64. Celebrity Hunt - fun - 2613 plays
Celebrity Hunt
Link: Play
Be a paparazzi, hunt celebrities with your camera and prepare an awkward situations for them. Take a perfect scandalous front page picture, maybe you will win a prize at the end. Interact with the objects and take high priced photos of the stars! Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.

Size: 3902701 Bytes

65. Crystal Fire - skill - 1255 plays
Crystal Fire
Link: Play
Bubble shooting game with extra powers. Your goal is to clear off each level's board by matching same colored bubbles in groups of 3. Build up your powers to shoot fire bubbles! Fire balls, solve puzzles and watch explosions of colorful fireworks! Use your mouse to aim and shoot bubbles. When the fire bar is full, press Space bar to use the fire bubble. Hold left mouse button to use the special follow bonus, where flying bubbles will follow the mouse cursor.

Size: 8045 Bytes

66. Circle Flow - skill - 1391 plays
Circle Flow
Link: Play
Burst as many bubble as possible by creating chain reactions in Circle Flow. Bubbles float around the screen, wait until the best time and click on one of the bubbles. This bubble will shoot out four bullets, these bullets will hit bubbles that shrink when hit, then send out four bullets of their own. The larger the chain reaction, the more points earned. As levels progress, there will be different balls with different point amounts. Destroy as many bubbles and create as many bullets as possible. Levels become increasingly more difficult, chain reactions become more difficult or impossible to make. The amount exploded is indicated at the top left of the screen. You have to burst a minimum amount of bubbles to pass the levels. Points and amount of available clicks are indicated at the top of the screen. Control the game with your mouse and click to start a reaction.

Size: 9929 Bytes

Crash The Robot – Explosive Edition
Link: Play
Position bombs, cannons, springboards and weights to trigger chain reactions that will lead to the destruction of the robot. The aim is to destroy the robot using various mechanisms and buttons. Move objects with help of bombs. When ready, click the start button at the top. Use the mouse to click and drag objects on top of the screen to trigger a chain reaction. Hover your mouse over the triggers to reveal what they activate.

Size: 4110623 Bytes

68. Camper Wars – Desert Ops - shoot - 1849 plays
Camper Wars – Desert Ops
Link: Play
Your goal in this target shooting game is to prove you have a good marksmanship skills by shooting moving wooden targets. Try to shoot the targets as accurately as possible to gain experience points. You can buy new weapons for your hard earned experience points. There are 11 weapons total to collect and 8 levels to complete. Use the mouse to aim and shoot and Spacebar to switch from close proximity fire to sniper mode.

Size: 2852877 Bytes

69. Coloraze - logic - 642 plays
Link: Play
Coloraze is challenging game that combines both platform and puzzle games into one colorful adventure. The objective is to roll the wheel through the mazes, colour blocks and spawn new blocks to reach the exits. A combination of color and platforming creates a colorful adventure with many special blocks. Some are not solid if you are the same color, some are spikey, portals, keys or some blocks will change your colour or boost you. Jump across 90 logic levels to finish and collect the gold medals! Use arrow keys to move and jump with the ball. You can also use Spacebar or Z to jump.

Size: 1150820 Bytes

70. CowaBoom - shoot - 3541 plays
Link: Play
It takes a strong cow to hit a bullseye. Help the cows knock down the bull towers! Start running, and take a flying leap over the fence and hit the bullseye — cowaboom! Click and hold your mouse to start running. Clear the target area and try to reach three cowbells.

Size: 5168362 Bytes

Creeper World 2 – Academy
Link: Play
Think you saved humanity…? Not so fast! On the eve of your glorious campaign to retake the galaxy a new threat emerges. Fight the Creeper in a new environment while you excavate and build your industry of war. Use new weapons as you face force fields, phantoms, and pressurized Creeper levels you never dreamed possible. Only the truly brave will prevail! Creeper World is a game with both real-time strategy and tower defense elements. Players must survive the onslaught of the titular blue mass which rises up the playing field and attempts to destroy their base of operations. This is achieved by gathering energy and using it to power weapons which stave off the Creeper long enough for the player to link the place with each level's energy totems in order to escape to the next level. Mouse to build from menu. Click drag to excavate terrain. < and > to change game speed. P to pause, but you can still queue commands while paused. See in-game help menu for more instructions.

Size: 7879458 Bytes

72. Colliding Fronts - strategy - 845 plays
Colliding Fronts
Link: Play
Colliding Fronts is tower defense game inspired by World War II theme. Aggressive German troops are trying to break through weak front lines. You must prepare and repel incoming forces. The game consists of 10 levels. Game difficulty increases as you progress through levels. There are 7 different bunkers, AA batteries, turrets to build based on WW2 military. Prepare to slay down various enemy soldiers, from fast assault grunts to slow ultimately strong guys with defending panzerschreks. Your "hot potato" cannons should be aiming at Panzer III, Panther, Tiger and even unique Maus tanks! While anti-air guns should not count crows in the sky any more, because enormous zeppelin accompanied by Luftwaffes is coming. Use mouse to build towers, 0-9 number keys for building defense, Space to send incoming enemies wave instantly, S to sell selected tower, U to upgrade, Q to change game speed. Enter in game menu for full key mapping shortcuts!

Size: 4643367 Bytes

73. Canoniac Launcher - shoot - 2462 plays
Canoniac Launcher
Link: Play
Launch your Jimmy robot mannequin as far as you can. Earn cash to buy equipment like cannons, weapons and upgrades in the shop and try again to reach even greater distances. Launch the robot into a field of contraptions that will either give the robot a boost or prevent it from traveling any further. You will receive money based on the distance, air time, height and speed of each launch. Use your mouse to play, hold down the left button to power up. Release it when the highest point is reached.

Size: 5169240 Bytes

74. Crazy Christmas - shoot - 1280 plays
Crazy Christmas
Link: Play
Help Santa restore order to the North Pole. The elves have revolted and taken all the children's toys for themselves. Armed with snowballs, bombs, and other firepower armors, Santa is leading a sleigh bell assault on the elves winter fortress. It's the same principle as in Angry Birds. Use mouse to change direction of the cannon. Click left mouse button to fire. Use different ammo for various purposes. Kill enemies, destroy buildings and collect bonuses and new bombs to complete the level.

Size: 2823526 Bytes

75. Creeper World Evermore - strategy - 2768 plays
Creeper World Evermore
Link: Play
Defend our galaxy against the Creeper in this action packed strategy game. A new Creeper World mission is available every day so you have a new challenge every time you play the game. Defend our galaxy against the Creeper cleansing nightmares of an insidious A.I. Detailed game play stats and procedurally generated missions come your way in this latest installment of Creeper World. If that isn’t enough, try the new Survival Mode and see what you are really made of! Survival Mode automatically kicks in at 60 minutes or whenever you click the “Survival!!!” button. Build your forces and when ready, click that button… then hold out as long as possible. Odin City will be lost, but history shall not forget your valiant stand! Mouse to build from menu. UP/DOWN Arrow to change game speed. P to pause (can still queue commands while paused). Play the tutorial mission for in-game instructions.

Size: 4769847 Bytes

76. City Smile - skill - 1782 plays
City Smile
Link: Play
Share some love and bring back the happiness in the game of City Smile. Strategically send hearts from your happy bases to take over the neutral grey or sad blue bases. Use your mouse to assimilate all the smileys and make them happy mood. Use the spacebar to select all happy faces, ESC to cancel selection, and hold SHIFT to keep selection, M to mute, P to pause and R to restart.

Size: 4896169 Bytes

77. Cursed Dungeon - strategy - 1245 plays
Cursed Dungeon
Link: Play
A quick action RPG. Slay monsters, upgrade your equipment, learn new skills, choose your battle strategy and find the cure for your curse. You can choose one of the 3 classes to kill 24 kinds of monsters and slay 4 bosses. Do you think you can save your own life? Build up & strengthen your character as you fight in dungeons and visit towns to equip better items. Create your character and start the game. Game features original combat system and nearly 2 hours gameplay. The battle system is very simple and you just have to select an action from your action bar. Use your mouse and follow in game instructions.

Size: 5157016 Bytes

78. Codename Indigo - shoot - 661 plays
Codename Indigo
Link: Play
You are in a war zone. You must shoot enemy cars and soldiers before they can kill you. Take cover & shoot enemies in front of you. Blow up jeeps before more soldiers get out. ASD keys to move and crouch. Space to throw grenades, click left mouse button to shoot. S+A or S+D key combinations to roll and avoid bullets.

Size: 5790830 Bytes

79. Cars vs Zombies - logic - 3277 plays
Cars vs Zombies
Link: Play
Your goal is to use cars to kill all zombies in the level. You have to park all cars in the parking zone. Click the car to make it move. Stop the car in the parking area to get the medal. Do not let the car to fall down and stop it before the end of the platform. Use the red sign which changes the direction of the car. Stripped orange block can be removed by clicking it. Move the car to the red button to remove the stripped red blocks.

Size: 1193291 Bytes

80. City Siege 3 - Jungle Siege - action - 1049 plays
City Siege 3 - Jungle Siege
Link: Play
Kill the baddies and rescue the civilians. The jungle has been taken over by a hostile army. Build up and control your army to destroy the baddies and free the natives. New features include varied terrain like water, lava, swamps, bridges or volcanic levels. New Baddies including Tesla Coils, Jeeps. New Units including Molotov Guy (burn stuff down), Bomber, Jeep and Tesla Tank. There is also improved strategy and unit balancing, all together 30 new levels just as funny and explosive as before. Click on a Unit to select it. Use cursor or WASD keys to control the unit. Use your mouse to aim and lick to shoot. Baddies will only fire at you if they can see you. Collect stars to upgrade your troops. Loss of Civilian life will incure cash penalties. VIP's must be saved to complete the mission. But some objects can explode. Use in-game tutorial and training to learn the game.

Size: 4804259 Bytes

81. Clumsy Scientist - logic - 990 plays
Clumsy Scientist
Link: Play
Help the clumsy scientist prove his skills in this fun point and click adventure game. The great demand of quality chemicals at the factory gives an opportunity for the clumsy scientist to prove his skills. Help him achieve something in each level to become the new Einstein. If you are stuck, click help icon to see the video tutorial.

Size: 6742599 Bytes

82. Cowlorful - logic - 914 plays
Link: Play
One day there was a little bull. He wasn't very happy, he was so bored and he wanted blue spots. Wise old bull noticed it and send him to an exciting world adventure with many people to meet and to find some happiness. Touch scenery to color them. Color all the blocks, keep a lookout for hidden areas. Help animals to earn new abilities and hats and collect coins to buy new hats. Use a door when you are ready to continue. Press Space to leave the level, Arrow keys to jump and move, hold Up key for double jump. You respawn at the last check point when you die. Sometimes you might get stuck, but you can press reset button.

Size: 4985139 Bytes

83. Cut And Kill: Halloween - logic - 839 plays
Cut And Kill: Halloween
Link: Play
Halloween monsters are coming. Cut wood and kill monster in 36 dark and mystical levels! Save world from dark and bad monsters. Nice atmosphere physics puzzle game for everybody who love Halloween. Slash the blocks to make the monster face roll down and collect the pumpkins. To cut woods press mouse anywhere and move it. You have limited amount of cuts per level. You can cut more objects in one cut, but not everything could be separated! To complete each level you have to kill all monsters. Monster dies when it collides with spikes! Try to collect all pumpkins to earn more scores! Explosion box will explode, when you hit it hard. Control the game with your mouse and you can restart each level at any time. Don’t worry about your progress, game has autosave system for you!

Size: 1255827 Bytes

84. Crazy Old Me - action - 633 plays
Crazy Old Me
Link: Play
It is a story about Felix, a young scientist, and Pickles, his pet cat. One day Felix is going about his normal life when he is abducted by his future self, who infuses Felix with Me Enhancing technology in order to complete a deranged quest. Felix is forced to go through insanely intensive training in order to prepare for a future event in which Pickles is stuck in a tree. You have to reach your cat, but you can not jump at all platforms. You have to activate the right platform in the right time. Each level also features cat food, but getting it is optional. Control young scientist with directional keys, E key for phase shift of platforms, Escape to go back to menu.

Size: 7463282 Bytes

85. Catch The Candy Mech - logic - 1219 plays
Catch The Candy Mech
Link: Play
Catching Candy has never been so mechanical! Control the furry purple ball with your extendable sticky arm as you solve new levels with fun new mechanics based objects! Swing from a pendulum, travel around the rotating gears, swim through obstacles, move boxes and more! Hold Left Mouse Button to extend your sticky arm. Use your extendable arm to manoeuvre and interact with objects, grab onto objects, solve puzzles and reach the Candy Bull's Eye with as few clicks as possible. REFRESH, RELOAD the page and then RESET level progress on the first screen if your level is BLACK.

Size: 3343825 Bytes

Clan Wars - The Green Goblins Forest
Link: Play
After the Great Battle between the Orcs and Humans had ended the Hordes disbanded leaving behind a vast area of land that was now war torn and pillaged. Thousands of Goblins that were once slaves to the Orc Horde were released from their obligations and soon spread across the abandoned land to develop new Strongholds of their own. It was a time of great prosperity, trade was established and many Goblin Clans began to become rich and powerful. Later the other clans become rich and powerful. With riches came pride and as the pride of clans increased so did the lust for power. Soon the clans turned to challenge other clans to fight for the land again.
Clan wars is a strategy game that requires timely offense against the opposing Stronghold while defending your own at all costs. If it is destroyed then you will lose the game. There is a cannon fixed that helps you. On the other side of the river is your opponent's Stronghold and you must destroy it to win the game. Nobody wants to give in, so gather your army, improve your equipment and smash the enemy's castle. There is in-game tutorial.
It is necessary to purchase and upgrade units and your stronghold. You can earn gold by killing units. You also have small constant income this increases as your reputation for bravely kills goes up. Experience is gained when killing the other team's goblins and is required to unlock skills and units. To navigate the battle field you can either use Left/Right arrow keys or A/D or use the mouse at the edges of the screen.

Size: 3881974 Bytes

87. Crossbow Defend - shoot - 623 plays
Crossbow Defend
Link: Play
Defend your castle against the viking invaders by shooting them with your crossbow. Your castle is attacked not only by heavily armed knights, but also with various creatures and dragons. You must continually improve your weapons, hire new assistants, repair your castle and kill all enemy.

Size: 2306114 Bytes

88. Columns Master - tetris - 611 plays
Columns Master
Link: Play
Columns Master game rules are very simple. On the top tree figures fall and you must set them to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of 3 or more of the same figure. Try to make combinations of three or more crystals in a line and do not allow to fill your game field. Smile figure destroy all blocks where you show him. Use Left/Right arrow to move figures. Up arrow to change figures in column. Down arrow to move figures down fast. You can control the game with WASD keys too.

Size: 4797894 Bytes

89. Cardinal Quest - action - 2045 plays
Cardinal Quest
Link: Play
Cardinal Quest is an arcade-style dungeon-crawler inspired by 1980s classics such as Gauntlet, Red-Box D&D and Golden Axe. Choose your champion and begin your quest to slay the Evil Minotaur! The evil minotaur Asterion has terrorized the peaceful land of Hallemot for many years. In his underground de, he and his minions enjoy the spoils of their wicked deeds. Determined to end his regin of plunder and pillage, a single hero comes forth... You are a brave hero who decided to fight him. In the distance, you already can hear the chatter of the vile creatures that inhabit the depths of the dark domicile of the evil minotaur. Move and fight using the mouse or arrow keys.

Size: 5683711 Bytes

90. City Under Siege - strategy - 485 plays
City Under Siege
Link: Play
City Under Siege is a quite good tower defense. You have to get rid of all the monsters by placing turrets, mines and other weapons on the battlefield. Get enough money to buy turrets and to improve those you already have. Use your mouse to control your battlefield.

Size: 4466790 Bytes

91. Cut and Kill - logic - 635 plays
Cut and Kill
Link: Play
Try to kill the monsters by cutting the wooden boxes. Press left button mouse and move it to cut. Collect stars and earn points. Try to be smart so the monsters will be killed by spikes. You can also cut more objects at once and you can also restart level in any time. But you have limited amount of cuts per level. In some levels you can use exploding boxes to send monster on spikes.

Size: 1349388 Bytes

92. Chief of Sioux - logic - 3561 plays
Chief of Sioux
Link: Play
Beautiful adventure game with Sioux indians. You will now become the main chieftain of the United Sioux Tribes! However, the tribes have grown apart, and have scattered. We need you to assemble the tribes to reunite them! Hold the mouse or arrow keys to move. Hold SPACE or SHIFT keys to move slowly. This will help you to move with the same speed as the tribesmen. Press M to show map. Tasks can be taken by the bonfire with an exclamation point. The purpose of a task is to bring every tribesman to their own camp. Success before tribe's bonfire goes out and you receive a badge of the tribe. Endeavour to deserve badges of all tasks. Gate changes its state when you run through it. Opened gate will close. Closed gate will open in movement direction. Tribesman can't open gates. Scattered pieces of wood block the way and you have to grab an axe to remove it.

Size: 4314831 Bytes

93. Comic Stars Fighting - fight - 1884 plays
Comic Stars Fighting
Link: Play
Characters of the most popular comic book meet together in one arena to fight in the tournament. Try to become a best fighter. See tutorial for controls and how to fight.

Size: 4498094 Bytes

94. Cup Tennis - sport - 623 plays
Cup Tennis
Link: Play
Play tennis with standard rules. Win 6 game to win the set and win 2 sets to win the match. Use mouse to move and left button to hit the ball.

Size: 10350771 Bytes

95. Caras Magic Pocket - skill - 1006 plays
Caras Magic Pocket
Link: Play
Cara girl is collecting coins in a great maze. Use Arrow keys to control Cara and navigate the levels. Collect all the coins on each maze to complete the level. Collect the gifts to pull a bonus item from Cara's Magic Pocket. Watch for the bad guys as they are out to get you.

Size: 3686120 Bytes

96. City Darts - skill - 511 plays
City Darts
Link: Play
How good is your knowledge in European Capital Cities? Throw the darts as close as you can to city locations and beat the high score.

Size: 1703075 Bytes

97. Crazy Frencho - logic - 469 plays
Crazy Frencho
Link: Play
Help Frencho, the red rabbit across the lakes to find carrots. You can use all the junk in lakes to help the rabbit.

Size: 2979016 Bytes

98. Color Jump - skill - 462 plays
Color Jump
Link: Play
Your goal is to reach the Flag. The hero will move by himself, but you must guide him as he moves from platform to platform. You must change the color of the hero using the keys at the bottom to match the color of each platform or he will lose health!

Size: 1097582 Bytes

99. Caesar versus pirates - logic - 783 plays
Caesar versus pirates
Link: Play
You play as of Caesar, he was captured by pirates. You are locked up in the galley and have to get to the freedom, using your logic and your hand.

Size: 2893536 Bytes

100. Colliderix 2 - logic - 602 plays
Colliderix 2
Link: Play
You must destroy all pink & yellow blocks by colliding them with other blocks of the same color. You can delete orange blocks by clicking on them. You make more points if you complete the level faster.

Size: 1729949 Bytes

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