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51. Snail Bob 5 - logic - 1011 plays
Snail Bob 5
Link: Play
Snail Bob is finally coming out of his shell! Unfortunately, his path to true love is paved with peril but he must not be led astray. Falling in love with a celebrity isn't just for humans – it happened to snail Bob, too. Although in his case, reaching his beloved singing snail superstar means more than wrestling with bodyguards. This puzzle adventure includes avoiding monsters, getting trapped in crab-filled sand pits and stung by bees, so snail need all the help he can get. And wouldn't you like to help two young snails live happily ever after? Bob moves on his own until you stop him, either by clicking on him or pressing the Space bar key, and you can control his speed and direction by clicking 1,2 number keys or the two action buttons in the upper right corner. Make sure Bob reaches his love by manipulating all sorts of buttons, platforms and other contraptions and finishing all twenty-five fun-packed levels. Every level has three stars you can find, and this time round they seem even more fiendishly hidden than before. Uncovering them is a challenge in its own right, especially because they unlock mini-games, an all-new, all-cute side feature. You can also use your Mouse to control your Bob snail.

Size: 9980836 Bytes

52. Great Halloween House Escape - logic - 1053 plays
Great Halloween House Escape
Link: Play
Great Halloween House Escape is new point and click room escape game. You are trapped in the Halloween house again. It's even more haunted than before. Do you think is it possible to escape? Use your Mouse to play and try to escape from this Haunted House by collecting clues and solving puzzles.

Size: 740203 Bytes

53. Escape From Melakka - action - 730 plays
Escape From Melakka
Link: Play
You are a wizard and you awake in a dungeon. You can’t remember anything, but your body feels like you had a drink too much or have been teleported… or maybe both. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to move and your Mouse to aim and shoot. Even if you don’t know what has exactly happened, try to find clues, solve puzzles, use your wizards power, shoot enemies and escape from Melakka. Use your Space bar key to see your character screen, statistics and your achievements. Press P key to buy upgrades of your health, speed or fire rate.

Size: 2516950 Bytes

54. Cannon Basketball Fun - logic - 1577 plays
Cannon Basketball Fun
Link: Play
Shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. The game combines classic cannon play with competitive puzzles to give you the challenge you’ve never faced thus far. You will have to find unlocking mechanism for clearing your way to the basket first before you should put a ball into it. Use your Mouse to shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. On some stages, you will have to use a teleporter to reach the basket. The game becomes more addictive as you climb up the level ladder and open new puzzles and new ways of reaching the basket.

Size: 4131405 Bytes

55. Honey Tree Defence - shoot - 575 plays
Honey Tree Defence
Link: Play
Play as a hired gunman and defend the honey from incoming bears. Protect the bees treasure nest from hungry bears flying with balloons and try to save the bee nest with the good honey. Upgrade you weapons and also have a small army of bees to help you out to fight the bears. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot. Better you abilities for your combat and shoot enemies in 25 levels.

Size: 745807 Bytes

56. Fun Bubble Girl Dressup - fun - 544 plays
Fun Bubble Girl Dressup
Link: Play
Have you ever been obssessed with a fun toy just like this cute girl is fascinated by this bubble? So search her wardrobe and choose the most beautiful clothes so that she could look perfect for her date later today. Use your Mouse to dress up and create a makeover. Try different dresses, clothes and outfit garments so the cute girl is happy.

Size: 725227 Bytes

57. Space Defenders - skill - 1049 plays
Space Defenders
Link: Play
Space Invaders is one of the all time classic video games and kickstarted the modern games industry. It introduced the world to... fighting aliens. In this game, the aim is opposite. You are the Space defender and you have to destroy the all humans and the earth. The aim is to defeat humans in several levels. Use your Arrow keys to move, dodge, and avoid counter missiles. Human race will send tanks, bazookas, rockets, mine planes and they will even build shields to kill you and reach victory. Who will win this battle. Will human kind extinct?

Size: 4466541 Bytes

58. Red Planet - shoot - 698 plays
Red Planet
Link: Play
Top-down alien shooter, fight waves after waves of aliens as you adapt and upgrade your weapons in this cool sci-fi game. You crash land on a strange planet. Choose your class, then destroy aliens with tons of weapon. Use Mouse to aim and shoot. Press WASD keys to move, R to reload.

Size: 7098475 Bytes

59. Alcohol and Ammo - fun - 743 plays
Alcohol and Ammo
Link: Play
We all know that alcohol can affect your aim, so take care when shooting the apple on his head with different weapons. Try to shoot into apple. Use your Mouse and when the target next to it, press Fire.

Size: 300453 Bytes

60. Samurai Asshole - fight - 656 plays
Samurai Asshole
Link: Play
Your master is dead, and you're out for mindless revenge against everyone. Avenge your masters death to the three religious leader. You have to fight with monks and dragons. Use the Arrow keys to move and walk, A key to attack, S key to jump and D key to block. Three religious have to die.

Size: 318352 Bytes

Original Free Kick Challenge
Link: Play
Now you see, the idea of the game is to score as many free-kicks in a row as you can. The more you score, the harder the game will get. See how many you can score in a row, and then challenge your chums to beat your score. In order to score a goal you will need to set the pitch, power, swerve/course/curve and direction of the shot. Use your Mouse and your skills as a football player and shoot as many goals as you can. Direct the ball towards the goal. Pitch determines the angle, bend it around the wall with the swerve gauge. Click Set to choose all the attributes the ball will travel and score the goal.

Size: 602824 Bytes

62. Smart Soccer - sport - 2491 plays
Smart Soccer
Link: Play
In this fast-paced game football you take on the role of goalie and you’ll need lightning reactions to anticipate which way that shot is coming if you’re to get there in time. Catch or save goals from going into the net to proceed onto the next level. Use the Mouse to control the gloves and try to catch or save the ball.

Size: 1550168 Bytes

63. The Real Headshot - fun - 763 plays
The Real Headshot
Link: Play
Your purpose is to help famous football player Zinedine Zidane to hit opponents with head to get red cards to gain points. Help Zidan to get as much red cards as possible. Use the Mouse to move and click the left mouse button to act. The time is limited and very short, so gain points as quickly as possible.

Size: 183013 Bytes

64. 3D Tenis - sport - 752 plays
3D Tenis
Link: Play
Show your tennis skills in this ultra realistic tennis game that makes you feel just like on the court. Your aim is to beat opponents and win the Tennis Cup. Use your Mouse to control your player who follow your Mouse pointer. Click and hold your Left Mouse button to set the power and hit the ball. The key to win this game is not to let your opponent to return your shots. So when you hold your Mouse button, move your mouse pointer to the place where you want to shoot the ball.

Size: 4432457 Bytes

65. Battleship - logic - 591 plays
Link: Play
Classic guessing game for two players. Deploy your battleships and use your mouse to select and place them on the field. Use the Space bar key to rotate a ship. Drag and drop your ships to place them on the grid and start to fire. To take the first shot click within a square on the grid to the right. If you miss there will be debris left after the initial explosion. If you hit a ship there will be a small flame until you have sunk the ship. If you hit one of your opponent's mines one of your ships will be sunk, or visa versa. There are two modes. Switch on Miss, it is your turn until your miss a shot. And Alternate Shots, where each player takes a shot after each other, regardless of whether they have hit a ship or not.

Size: 262127 Bytes

66. The Black Knight - skill - 742 plays
The Black Knight
Link: Play
Inside birds there are coins, who knew? Smash everything you see and grab the money, along with the peasants and shops. Can you grab enough gold to appease the king? Help the king collect the taxes from people and their stores by hitting them with your club and picking up gold coins. To play, use the Mouse to swing your club to knock coins out of peasants. Left mouse button or Space bar key to swing your weapon, Hold down to power up for bigger swing.

Size: 1147086 Bytes

67. Portal The Flash Version - logic - 992 plays
Portal The Flash Version
Link: Play
Portal: The Flash Version includes more than 40 challenging, portals thinking levels, which features almost every attribute the real game does. Energy balls, cubes, turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer. It also includes a console to mess around with after finishing the game, or just being frustrated by thinking with portals. Use your Left mouse button to launch a portal. Press WAD keys to move, Q key to launch blue portal and E key for a yellow portal. Press R key to close both portals and F to pick up any object. Use tilda ~ key to open up console and adjust graphics quality with O key. Escape and P key for the quick pause.

Size: 7104190 Bytes

68. Learn to Fly - skill - 1301 plays
Learn to Fly
Link: Play
It's to time to revenge on the Iceberg, which crushed our penguin's dream of flying. Grab your rockets and glider to show the world a penguin can fly. Buy upgrades, improve the ramp and smash enemies on your way. Press your Left/Right Arrow key to adjust angle, get the speed by running down a ramp and bounce off while using Space bar key for rockets. Avoid gliding for long moments in the redzone to get the extra distance you need. Try to unlock all achievements and learn to fly.

Size: 874344 Bytes

69. One Man Band - fun - 1988 plays
One Man Band
Link: Play
Create tunes by stacking instruments on the back of Mr Hackbracket, and build your own One Man Band contraption. Drag and drop instruments anywhere on the screen to build a crazy contraption. Press Play or Stop to control the music on each. You can also click buttons 1, 2, or 3 to switch between different loops.

Size: 1497124 Bytes

70. Zombie Assault - action - 1217 plays
Zombie Assault
Link: Play
Zombies are back, wave after wave. You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. How long can you hold off the horde with NO turrets, NO continues, NO barricades? Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move. Want those zombies to taste the deadly balls from your super cool gun? Just click your Mouse to aim and shoot. The more zombies you kill, the more money you get. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons spending some of your hard-earned money. The R key is for reloading and if you want to change weapons just press the key Q or E key. You need to barricade windows with F key or unlock the rooms. Walk over supply crates to pick them up. Press the G key to throw the grenades. Kill enough zombies before they finish you off and if you think this is not crazy enough, just try the apocalypse mode.

Size: 3952745 Bytes

71. Multitask - skill - 1730 plays
Link: Play
Looking for tools, ways to measure how good you are at multitasking? This is a fun way to measure your skills and challenge your friends to see who scores the most. Nothing to kill, nothing to build or nothing to guess, just a skill game success of which depends on your multitasking skills and your reflexes. There are 4 stages in the game and each stage consists of simple, individual tasks, all of them are easy to handle but when you add up all these tasks, it gets a real nightmare. You start off with a solo task of keeping a ball on a line, by regulating the line with Left and Right Arrow keys. As player trying to keep a ball balanced on a platform, another mini game soon appears, requiring players to press the Up and Down Arrow keys to move the blue colour vertically and avoid spikes coming from the left and right. The game continues in this manner, with new mini games appearing as time passes. The game ends when players make one error.

Size: 3117346 Bytes

72. Free Icecream - logic - 936 plays
Free Icecream
Link: Play
Try to get the little girl out of an evil nightmare in this creepy point and click adventure game. Escape the butchers house after you made the choice to get free icecream. Escape from the house without dying and being caught by the insane cook. Use your Mouse to find useful items and various objects which can help you with your escape and search for your friend before robot finds her.

Size: 5196864 Bytes

73. Full Moon - logic - 931 plays
Full Moon
Link: Play
The fullest moon, a rabbit with desires can bring you some satisfaction. Try to help cute bunny to find what he asks for. Explore, point, click, drag, drop to create chain reactions. Use your Mouse and click to help the bunny find the fruit or vegetable. The Rabbit will tell you what he wants and you have to figure out how to get it. Random clicks might not help you, sometimes you must click on the object until he moves out of the way. Some object can get sleepy and then later you will be able to act.

Size: 1483669 Bytes

74. Good Ol Poker - casino - 1106 plays
Good Ol Poker
Link: Play
The classic game of 5 card draw, but with some twists. Join the table and prepare to take on the greatest card-slingers in the West. The purpose of the game is to get the best score (amount of money) in a poker round. A round consists of 15 hands. The hand is a classic set of dealing, betting and drawing. To start things off, pick a character that will represent you in the game. Each character has unique attributes (like aggressiveness of play style or cheat ability) and special ability (like the ability to peek into opponents cards). You can use your character’s special ability to cheat in the game, but only when the Confidence bar is loaded to maximum. The bar loads 10% each hand and 35% when you win a hand. Use your ability very carefully, as sometimes the opponents will notice that something is wrong.

Size: 6710624 Bytes

75. Prince of Persia - action - 518 plays
Prince of Persia
Link: Play
An high paced action reflex game in the same vein of Canabalt, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a promotional game for the upcoming console game of the same name. A deadly sand army marches on and the only hope of stopping them is for you to activate four elemental fountains. Unlock the four fountains and use your special powers, your control over time, and lightning reflexes to halt the oncoming sand army. Even ye who hold the key to time can only do so much to save your brother before it's too late… addition of attacks, special powers, and limited time travel give you a great amount of freedom in conquering the obstacles set before you. Prince is automatically running and you must guide him safely to the end of each level. Running into sands will slow you down. Press Up Arrow key to jump (hold it to climb up walls, tap it to jump from wall to wall) over obstacles. Press the Space bar key to attack opposing creatures. Later on you will gain special abilities that can be used with the X key, and if you find that you've gotten yourself in a bit of trouble, you can rewind up to three seconds simply by pressing Down Arrow key.

Size: 5545338 Bytes

76. Nob War - The Elves - strategy - 2050 plays
Nob War - The Elves
Link: Play
The elves’ arrows are poised, the humans’ swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge. Lead your troops to conquer 20 castles. Battle against troops of humans, elves and centaurs. You will assume control of the elves while the humans and centaurs battle against your enemy. The green line shows where your arrows will hit. Kill all enemies on your march to the castle without losing all of your elves or flag guards. For each enemy killed, you’ll get money, which can be spent in the castle on upgrades. When done purchasing upgrades, click Map to return to the map, where you can go on to the next level. Use Left/Right Arrow key to move, Down Arrow key to Stop. Z key or 1 to Shoot Arrows, V key or 4 to Summon Humans, B key or 5 to Summon Centaurs (fast). You can buy several upgrades, while using them with X key or 2 to Fire Arrows, C key or 3 to Rapid Arrows, N key or 5 to Heal Troops.

Size: 1183239 Bytes

77. Age of War 2 - strategy - 2315 plays
Age of War 2
Link: Play
Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to lead your cavemen into futuristic era and destroy the enemy rival base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy’s. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful. Use the Mouse to build turrets and hire units to defeat your opponent. Pick a fight, and start upgrading. Spawn your cavemen to start, and progress to tanks, bots and lasers in the future - do you have the guts to fight to the finish?

Size: 11413675 Bytes

78. Staggy 2 - skill - 1103 plays
Staggy 2
Link: Play
The boy scouts are back in your forest. It's your job to slay all the camping boyscouts, now with multiple weapons and items of equipment. Use Arrow keys to move, jump and duck, and press Space bar key to attack. Press 1-7 Number keys to change weapon and P key for pause (but you only have 3 pauses per round). One round lasts for 60 seconds. Stay alive for as many rounds as possible. Earn money for killing boyscouts or by picking up chests. If you have enough money, to buy stuff simply click the item in the shop, but you can buy it only between rounds.

Size: 5092075 Bytes

79. Con Fuse Box - logic - 1569 plays
Con Fuse Box
Link: Play
The object of this puzzle flash game is simple, you must connect up all the wires on the entire board lighting up all the light bulbs with as few moves as possible. The power source is the space with the lighting bolt. Pieces that are connected to it turn yellow. To rotate pieces, hover the Mouse over the left or right side of a cell and click to turn it in either direction. Work on the edges first, as there are fewer ways pieces can be oriented there. There is always a solution to every puzzle, so do not give up.

Size: 73299 Bytes

80. Kadaffi Land - skill - 559 plays
Kadaffi Land
Link: Play
Aren’t we all glad Gaddafi was found? It was not a matter of whether the Libyan rebels found him, it was a matter of when. Gadaffi is trying to escape the rebel army to Tripoli. Survive for as long as possible, shoot your way through the gaddafi land and try to survive your enemies attack and other dangerous obstacles. Collect medicine boxes on your way and find out how long you can escape from those pesky rebels. Try to defeat your opponents, use Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar key for shooting.

Size: 1146780 Bytes

81. Swapster - logic - 771 plays
Link: Play
Nasty monsters are running rampant across the laboratory after the accident with green chemicals. Time to take ‘em out one by one. Remove all nasty purple boxes from the screen by using a teleporter gun to swap their places with other shapes. Swapster still provides a surprisingly smart and challenging experience thanks to thoughtfully crafted levels that will engage your brain and your reflexes. Here your task is to swap the good smiley yellow boxes with bad purple boxes to make the bad boxes fall down or disappear. You have a limited number of moves, thus you will have to think a bit to solve all the brainteasers. Remember you have to get rid of all bad monsters and they must not stay on the screen. Use Mouse to aim and swap monsters with the teleport gun. In later levels you can use bombs to explode them.

Size: 8942226 Bytes

82. Shape Fold 2 - logic - 966 plays
Shape Fold 2
Link: Play
Move and fold various shapes to complete each picture. You need to make the figure from the individual pieces. The further you will pass the more details you will need to put in their place. Use your Mouse to combine the pieces into different shapes in the least steps possible. The quicker you do it, the more points you will get. Every new level is much more difficult and complex. Use reset button to start the shape again.

Size: 2211421 Bytes

83. Legor 2 - logic - 658 plays
Legor 2
Link: Play
Awesome little lego puzzle game. See if you can match all the legos in place to make the puzzle complete Click and drag the shape to move it, press Sace bar key to rotate it. Try to fill all the empty slots.

Size: 1974453 Bytes

84. Paintball Racers - race - 945 plays
Paintball Racers
Link: Play
A mini car racing contest, with some paintball elements. Play paintball with the racing cars. Go through the obstacles and use your gun to stop the enemies. Can you beat all racers while being bombarded with paint balls? Drive fast and complete all challenges in this fast Paintball racing game. Use your WASD or Arrow keys to control your car, Space bar key to shoot paint balls, Z key for activating boost and X key for jump. Beat and shoot your opponents with a special paintball gun and try to slow down their speed. Collect items and coins on your way to get additional bonuses such as bombs, boosters and even new cars.

Size: 10622185 Bytes

85. Stunt Driver 2 - fun - 669 plays
Stunt Driver 2
Link: Play
Dave Fearless in Stuntdriver 2 brings back the bravest or dumbest stunt driver in the world for a second run. Crash your car over and over again and create a camera footage in this ramplified launch game that pits your health and well-being against gravity and the rapidly approaching pavement. Many cars were harmed during the making of this game. Jump in the air with your car and reach long distances. To gas up hold your Space bar key, release it on time and see your car fly in the air. Use your Left and Right Arrow keys to control your car in the air and maintain the meter in the green or yellow area for best launch. Collect money, earn upgrades like bigger fuel tank, better engine, improved ramp or safety cage. Unlock all achievements and film the most expensive movie in Hollywood history.

Size: 4587300 Bytes

86. Dynetzzle - logic - 699 plays
Link: Play
Dynetzzle is an original mind bending mathematical puzzle game. Player have to imagine dice from given nets to solve puzzles. Every new level is more difficult for your thinking. You should fill the faces of the cube with numbers in order that the sum of all numbers on each side was the same. Wherein you shouldn't use the same number twice. On the cubes, cycle through different numbers with your Mouse, that for all dice opposing sides equals to the same number.

Size: 662628 Bytes

87. Tesla: War Of Currents - strategy - 787 plays
Tesla: War Of Currents
Link: Play
As you know, Tesla was a great scientist, inventor and researcher who discovered a lot about the properties of the currents. Thomas Edison was his biggest competitor. He decided to interfere Tesla's researches and built aggressive towers on his way. Help Tesla to destroy all the towers and to get to the exit from each of the levels. Guide your robotic army through a deadly maze of Edison's constructs, rescuing puppies or by contacting Martians. Use your Mouse and hire units by clicking the top-left icon. Click the arrow symbols on the map to change Tesla’s direction. You can also earn a total of three stars for each level to spend on upgrades to improve both Tesla and your various robots. Try to unlock hidden units. Open the robot management screen to upgrade any bots with cash for the duration of the level. You can also use alternative keyboard controls: Arrow keys to scroll the map, Shift key to change the game speed, Ctrl key to manage your team and Space bar key for tactic mode.

Size: 7359714 Bytes

88. Virus Wars - strategy - 1264 plays
Virus Wars
Link: Play
This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. You got the chance to control the viruses, which can inject DNA-code into a living cells. Your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war. Inspired by Phage Wars/Tentacle Wars/Civilization Wars. Your objective is about getting rid of all enemy viruses and saving the organism. Use your Mouse and drag cells from home base to invade and conquer your organisms. Protect organism from hostile invasive cells, finish more levels, collect evolution points and you will be allowed to modify your virus to improve any of these characteristic: Strength – increase virus strength; Speed – better virus moving speed; Reproduction – improve cells reproduction speed; Defence – increase cells ability for defence.

Size: 1207751 Bytes

89. Electropede 2 - Neopede - shoot - 1494 plays
Electropede 2 - Neopede
Link: Play
Electropede 2: Neopede is the sequel of the Electropede game. Who controls the grid, controls the universe. Your mission is simple: shoot everything that moves, and if it doesn't move, shoot it anyway. Move with the Mouse, you're guns fire automatically. Shoot the Neopede and do not let them get you first. You will get bonus points for combos but watch out for mines that will blow up your ship.

Size: 9398284 Bytes

90. Ethereal Masters 2 - casino - 1055 plays
Ethereal Masters 2
Link: Play
Ethereal Masters is a strategic card game in the same vein as Magic the Gathering or Yugioh, in that you compete against your opponent to overrun the game's board with your monster cards. Your card can have three types of arrows: normal arrows that capture cards next to it, ranged arrows that capture cards one tile away and shield arrows which cannot be attacked by your opponent. In addition to the features of the original Ethereal Masters, the sequel features two new arrow types, allowing you to capture cards from a distance and protect yourself from attacks. Also powerup tiles, multiplying your attack and defense potential depending on your element, holes which making an attack through it possible only with a ranged card. An improved, adaptive AI, adding much needed personality to the bosses and their strategies, with total of 7 characters and 50 cards, all drawn by the talented Conny Nordlund. Your goal is to own more cards than your opponent when game ends and all the cards have been placed on the board. You play as a newcomer in the Tournament whose goal is to rise to the rank of Champion. You and your opponent get five cards which you must place on a board. You can attack and capture the other player's cards depending on where they're placed and their attack and defense power. Your attack and defense powers correspond to top and bottom numbers on the card. At the end of each round, the player who has the most cards in his possession wins. You can get new cards throughout the game and gain experience to make them stronger.

Size: 10584501 Bytes

91. Alice In Clumsy Land - logic - 1124 plays
Alice In Clumsy Land
Link: Play
Girl Alice appeared in the Wonderland. Alice returns to Wonderland to find the Queen is at it again, and the citizens are missing some valuable items. In this gorgeous physics puzzle, with a ton of levels and challenging design, this is a familiar but formidable little game fans of the genre will love. Alice must help her new citizen friends in wonderland to collect precious items for them so they can pay taxes. In each stage, the goal is to deliver an important object to each area's Wonderland citizen by using your Mouse and clicking pieces of scenery to remove them. The watch will follow the natural path that physics and gravity dictate, and it's up to you to use other objects, like bouncy cushions, to get it into the character's hands. Each stage also has three optional stars to collect that may take a bit of extra thought and planning to nab, you may need help of other characters like mad hatter or posh caterpillar.

Size: 10391336 Bytes

92. Min-Hero - Tower Of Sages - rpg - 993 plays
Min-Hero - Tower Of Sages
Link: Play
This is cool mix of strategy and RPG game. Your hero is one of the chosen. He can enter Tower of Sages and prove that he can train the most mighty creatues. Gorgeous design and a focus on simple yet satisfying combat with a whopping 101 monsters to train. Your hero can rule minions he uses this skill at the arena. First he must gain the key to the hatchery and retrieve minions' eggs. Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages. Arrow or WASD keys to move, Space bar key to interact with objects.

Size: 22889057 Bytes

93. Kingdom Rush Frontiers - strategy - 4526 plays
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Link: Play
Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp. Don’t worry, there is still all the good ol’ stuff from the last game, too. Fortify the frontier in exotic news lands - hold the line in deserts, jungles and even the underworld. Merciless boss fights, hours of gameplay with over 70 achievements. In-game encyclopedia tutorial - true warriors know their enemies... and their towers. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a game that combines Tower Defense, quirky humor and fantasy gameplay. The goal is to build many types of towers to attack incoming enemies, and stop them from getting past your defenses. Stop them from getting past your defences, earn gold by defeating enemies and use it to build more towers. Eight new specialized tower upgrades. Slice, sizzle, and stomp your foes with Crossbow Forts, Mighty Templars, Necromancers, and even Earthquake Machines - hey, we told you we were shaking things up. Over 18 tower abilities - Unleash Death Riders, pestilence clouds, or Assassins that steal and kill your enemies. Over 40 enemies with unique abilities. Stay on your toes as you fight through desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes and underground terrors. Nine legendary heroes. Choose your champions and train their abilities. Special units and features on every stage - Watch out for the Black Dragon. Classic, Iron, and Heroic game modes to challenge your tactical skills. Intoxicating charm with a rousing score, full-bodied voice-overs and lovingly illustrated cartoon art. Use 1 Number key to Select/Cancel Rain of Fire spell, 2 to Select/Cancel Reinforcements spell, 3 to Select/Cancel Hero, 4 to Select/Cancel Extra Hero. Press Space bar key to cancel any selected spell/power/rally point. The game automatically saves on the Map.

Size: 58868792 Bytes

Tower Breaker 2 - Across The Seas
Link: Play
The Great Volcano erupted, our king must relocate his kingdom. He must travel across the seas to find a new land for his people. Help him battle his way to this new land. He will encounter many foes, among them pirates and orcs. Physics shooting game with breakable objects, upgrades and a complex storyline. If you like stories don't forget to check the dialogues in the game. Your task is to help king destroy all forts and collect all gold on his way. In order to save the kingdom from invaders you need to destroy the platform on which they stand. Use your Mouse to aim the gun and test your shooting skills, terminate the platform and destroy the enemy. Click with your Left mouse button and adjust your shot and hit the target and see how far you can advance.

Size: 2550849 Bytes

95. Little Ninja - fight - 798 plays
Little Ninja
Link: Play
Villagers have always lived in peace and order, but they did not even know that a group of monks in the monastery wants to bring back to life one of the most violent and powerful demons. If they succeed the chaos will cover the village. So the villagers were killed and their houses burnt. Only one person managed to escape. He went to the monastery of great warriors for help. Your furious ninja is on the job to annihilate every enemy ninja on sight. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot, 1-3 number keys to choose between weapons and abilities like shuriken, kunai and teleport and take down enemy samurais and save the village. Try to hit your main targets, defeat ashigaru warriors with light armour, use your weapons, fast reactions and your ninja skills and smash them all.

Size: 5219427 Bytes

96. Where Is 2014 - logic - 1127 plays
Where Is 2014
Link: Play
Where is our New Year? You'll need to solve point-and-click puzzler to bring it around. Though short and easy provided you scour every rock and drawer, it's a cute, beautifully illustrated little point-and-clicker from the master. The aim here is to literally ring in the holiday by finding out where our New Year is hiding, so just click around to gather items and solve puzzles. Chances are it won't take you very long... Use your mouse to find the new year, electrical switches, tinker around with the old gramophone, unlock the fuse box and find the missing year 2014.

Size: 1038527 Bytes

97. Battalion Commander 2 - shoot - 2709 plays
Battalion Commander 2
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Battalion Commander 2 is the sequel of the popular vertical shooter, now with 100% more snow. Some strange activity is detected in the North so grab your guns, rockets and grenades and secure the territory. With all new soldiers, enemies and missions, this action-packed game will keep you entertained for a long time – if you don't mind slaying cute little soldiers dressed in pink.There are forty-eight (48) missions in total. Their goal is to complete missions and maybe, somewhere along the way, actually reach the enemy headquarters. They will walk and shoot on their own; all you need to do is direct them with your Mouse or WASD keys. Use the special skills by clicking or pressing the Space bar key. As in the original game, you start out with the leader and pick up team mates as you go along. Each time you start, there will be three missions to complete, and they will give you money and experience points which you'll use to reach better ranks and purchase upgrades.

Size: 5976547 Bytes

98. Candy Ride - skill - 743 plays
Candy Ride
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This boy likes candies very much. He just can't live without these sweet round dainties. Fascinating candy puzzles throughout 20 levels. Get all or most of the candy into to the hungry chubby kids mouth in each level. The more confection will be eaten, the more points you will get. Press the Right and Left Arrow or A/D key to roll the big pink sweet around. You cannot jump, so you'll have to use the various ramps, conveyor belts, teleporters, windmills, and elevators to guide the tinier candies with your momentum towards the mouth of that hungry little boy in the lower right. The bare minimum for victory is to get Big Pink to the mouth, but the higher percentage of candies consumed, the higher your score for the level will be. Use R key to restart the level, Space bar key to proceed to the next level.

Size: 3774510 Bytes

99. Snail Bob 6 - logic - 705 plays
Snail Bob 6
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Winter has come to Snail Bob's little world and, fittingly, he has to save the snail version of Santa from a particularly malicious green hamster. Snail Bob 6 Winter Story is full of silly puzzles, grumpy crocodiles and friendly ants. Santa has been kidnapped by a sinister hamster and taken deep into the woods, so Bob must travel through twenty-five puzzly levels to reach him. If you want to help your Snail Bob, you can guide him along the way. He moves on his own (and pretty quickly for a snail). Use your Mouse to click on snail, or press the Space bar key to start or stop him. Try to find all the hidden stars in each level. Watch out for dangerous traps as you travel, try to avoid wasps, unpleasant snowmen or badly behaving trolls. Press 1 number key to turn around and 2 number key to toggle your speed Up/Down. You can also use your Mouse and press the button in the upper right corner.

Size: 9936735 Bytes

100. The Great Bazooki - skill - 938 plays
The Great Bazooki
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The Great Bazooki is a magician known far and wide for... balloon popping. It's a balloon-bursting game where you play a flashy magician whose claim to fame is some truly stupendous card throwing. Killer show to impress a rich brat at his birthday party with popping balloons with cards, teleporting, using magic hats and complete with pesky rabbits to avoid saw blades, guillotines, and even rings of fire. Your job is to impress your discerning clientele by popping all the balloons on each stage with a limited number of cards. Just hold your Mouse button to aim and release to throw a card. Use the projected path as a guide to help aim. Once your reach a certain level, you can teleport between locations. Don't forget to avoid rotating saw blades, guillotines, rings of fire which can spoil your shot very easily.

Size: 6880840 Bytes

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